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GTOSnake Race8 Tips To Perform Better In Snake Race

8 Tips To Perform Better In Snake Race

Hello, Warriors. Snake race is an outdoor group task which is also known as Group Obstacle Race. All candidates are divided into four groups of about 8-10 candidates. Know more about the Group Obstacle Race / Snake Race here.

The objective of conducting Snake Race is to check both mental and physical power of candidates. The evaluation of a candidate of team work is also assessed.

The rules and procedure of Snake test is as follows:

  • In any condition, snake should not touch the ground.
  • The snake should be held by at least 3 persons at any time.
  • Between the obstacles and start and finish of the race, all members of the group should have held the snake.
  • Never touch the out of bound region on the obstacle.
  • The snake should not be bent or folded and kept straight.
  • Till the last candidate crosses an obstacle, the group is not allowed to move to next obstacle.
  • You can cheer up your members or/and use a war cry like ‘Jai Hind’ or “Valar Morghulis” (IYKWIM).
  • No abusing or shouting at any member at your group.
  • Keep in mind the penalties for violating the rules.


So now that you are well acquainted with the Snake Race, here are some best tips to get through this:

  1. Again, listen to the GTO carefully and follow all the instructions. Period.
  2. As it is a group task, achievement of your group is more important than your individual achievement.
  3. No showing off your individual skills to impress the GTO. Don’t be the one who always try to get a hand with the heavy objects to show the strength off to others. Remember that it’s the mental strength that is assessed at the end of dawn.
  4. In case anyone of the group members breaks the rule, then volunteer to repeat the obstacle according to the rule.snake race ssb
  5. Keep in mind the risks and outcomes of your decisions in tackling the obstacles.
  6. Always volunteer to take responsibility.
  7. Never go for next obstacle until all the group members had crossed the previous one.
  8. Help others in the group in crossing an obstacle.

With these tips in handy and a positive attitude, you can easily clear the snake test.


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