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Back To The Basics: Group Obstacle Race (Snake Race)


Group Obstacle Race (Snake Race) is another fun and interesting part of the GTO task series. In Group Obstacle Race task 3-4 groups are made to compete against each other. The coordination, cooperation and team spirit of the individuals are determined using Group Obstacle Race task. It is a very high spirited task which pushes the adrenalin levels of the group.

Group Obstacle Race – PROCEDURE

  • The senior most GTO explains the rules of the task and the nature of the obstacles to all the groups.snake race group obstacle race
  • A dummy snake is given to each group which they have to carry with them all the time during the race.
  • The whole group is required to run together with the snake. Individual running is prohibited.
  • The colour rule of the PGT also applies here. The snake should not touch the ground and should be held by at least 3 group members when they are on an obstacle.
  • Otherwise the whole group must hold the snake when approaching one obstacle from another.
  • Each group is required to have a war cry for example “BHARAT MATA KI JAY”, “CHAK DE” etc.
  • The group must shout the war cry loudly in order to motivate its group members and also to spook the rival group.
  • A penalty in the form of time is imposed by the GTO if the group is found to break any rule.
  • The group which finishes first after bearing the time penalties (if any) is declared the winner. 

Group Obstacle Race – KEY POINTS

  • It is a test of cooperation and team spirit. Therefore, it is requested that you do not show any selfish motive at any point of the race.
  • Though it is a race, you must not leave your group members behind to win the race.
  • Be careful with all the rules of the task and if you have broken any rule, admit it honestly.
  • Be genuinely helpful towards your group members, do not get into squabbles with them.
  • Please shun this dogma of showing your helping nature to the GTO overtly.
  • Forget that there is any GTO checking your performance. It is really fatuous and flippant of the candidates to help others just for getting some points by the GTO.
  • The GTO is very experienced; do not look at him during the task. He is noticing everybody though he is appearing not to.
  • Motivate the group when required. Please do not listen to the people who tell you to shout the WAR CRY incessantly. It will only make your throat go sore, nothing else.
  • Remember, only genuine and veritable efforts will be rewarded, even a pang of selfish motive will get into the eye of GTO.
  • Do the task as a normal routine activity, extra pressure will only make things worse. 

Group Obstacle Race (Snake Race) Video

Well, this was all about the Group Obstacle Race. I hope you have enjoyed this article. Any kind of doubts can be posted in the comment box below.


Vardaan Parashar
Vardaan Parasharhttps://ssbcrack.com/
Apart from being a defence enthusiast, I have great zeal towards patriotic and welfare activities. I hail from a rich defence background with my dad being a retired commandant in the Indian Coast Guard. I am currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering and wish to join DRDO one day.



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