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100 Idioms And Phrases For AFCAT 1 2019

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AFCAT exam is the best opportunity for the dedicated IAF aspirant that opens the gates for the candidates to join the IAF in specific fields. The AFCAT exam consists of 100 questions having 4 sections – General Ability, Mathematics, English, and reasoning. All the sections have the questions of different types to check the basic mental ability of the aspirants and selecting the suitable candidates for the next level of the selection procedure.

Talking about English section, the section contains comprehension, synonyms, antonyms etc. From last 2 years, the section contains some question from idioms and phrases, which require precise knowledge. To help the candidates, below are the idioms and phrases asked in the AFCAT exams to get a hint of them.

100 Idioms And Phrases For AFCAT 1 2019

  1. In a jiffy – Very soon or suddenly
  2. Up to the hilt – Completely fully or entirely
  3. Man of letters – A literary person
  4. Sangfroid – The ability to remain calm in difficult situations
  5. A curtain lecture – A private scolding of a husband by his wife
  6. Square peg in round holes – People in the wrong jobs or places
  7. In weal and woe – In both good and bad times
  8. Globetrotters – Travel around the world
  9. Tickled pink – Greatly pleased
  10. Split one’s side – To laugh a lot
  11. Building castles in the air – Making impossible plans
  12. At the drop of the hat – Willingly and immediately
  13. Airy – fairy – Not practical
  14. Be given the axe – To lose job
  15. To go like a bomb – To move fast
  16. Bolt from the blue – Unexpected
  17. Able to use both hands alike – Ambidextrous
  18. A written account of the life of an individual – Autobiography
  19. The identification of a disease by its symptoms – Diagnosis
  20. Prolongs inability to sleep – Insomnia
  21. A style in which a writer makes a display of his knowledge – Pedantic
  22. All agog – Full of interest and excitement
  23. To the manner born – Place of one’s birth
  24. Lose one’s marbles – Lose something dear to you
  25. Bolt from the blues – Complete surprise
  26. Be like the bear with the sore head – Powerful and Arrogant
  27. A snake in the grass – Hidden enemy
  28. Rain cats and dogs – Rain heavily
  29. A man of straw – Mean person
  30. To break the back of – To make anything weaker
  31. A mare’s nest – False invention
  32. Black and blue – To beat mercilessly
  33. Dime a dozen – Very simple
  34. Jumped out of my skin – Surprised
  35. Turn up one’s nose – To reject
  36. To pull off pieces – To rebuke/scold
  37. Faux pass – Mistake
  38. A gala day – A day of happiness
  39. Summer friends – Friend of good days
  40. Elbow room – To give freedom
  41. To make a fortune – To be rich
  42. From pillar to post – To make efforts
  43. Jack of all trades – To have knowledge of all areas/ subjects
  44. Fire and fury – With full enthusiasm
  45. Rat race – Boring task
  46. Hang in balance – Undecidable situation
  47. Set teeth on edge – To irritate someone
  48. Out and out – Totally
  49. In a jiffy – Suddenly
  50. All geek and Latin – Hard to understand
    Current Affairs questions will be from last 5-7 months (for AFCAT, NDA, CDS, TA)
  51. Narrow circumstances – Days of poverty
  52. Break up – Terminate or stop
  53. Call off – Suspend
  54. Call up – To contact
  55. Look on – To see like a spectator
  56. Pull down – To demolish any structure
  57. See off – To escort
  58. Run into – Come across
  59. Stand by – To support
  60. Take after – Similar or resembling
  61. Talk over – To discuss
  62. Round up – To arrest
  63. Makeover – Convert
  64. Outset – Beginning
  65. Back stair influence – By unfair means
  66. Over head and years – Excessively or heavily
  67. Odds and ends – Scattered things
  68. Once cup of tea – Thing of one’s liking
  69. Live in fool’s paradise – In a false hope
  70. Mend one’s fence – To bring peace
  71. Pay off old scores – Taking revenge
  72. Pell Mell – Big confusion
  73. Queer fish – Strange person
  74. Rank and file – Common man
  75. Red herring – To distract
  76. Show white feather – Showing cowardice
  77. Shot in the arm – To encourage
  78. Up and doing – To be active
  79. Writing on the wall – Warning
  80. Wear and tear – Damage caused by using something
  81. Throw cold water – Discourage
  82. Upkeep – Maintenance
  83. In a tighter corner – Difficult situation
  84. Off and on – Occasionally
  85. Fits and starts – Irregular
  86. Fall through – To fail
  87. Hold up – Delay
  88. At sea – In a loss
  89. Stick to guns – Stay on own opinion
  90. Wind up – To complete or to bring to the end
  91. Send for – Summon
  92. Put off – To postpone
  93. Look into – To investigate
  94. Carry by – To lose control
  95. Spill the beans –To give information
  96. Wary face – Disappointed look
  97. Wee hours – Dawn hours
  98. Take to heels – To run away
  99. Lion’s share – A large part or portion
  100. At stone’s throw – Very close

Conclusion – Following the pattern of last 3-4 AFCAT exams, a significant count of idioms and phrases have been asked in the English section to increase the level of the exam. The idioms and phrases are very important and the candidates must commemorate them to get a good score. The above idioms and phrases are very important and will help the aspirants in preparing for this part of the exam.

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