11 Ways to Think More Clearly In SSB Personal Interview

Personal Interview is another test in the SSB interview process. Any personal interview might last from 30-45 minutes as per procedure and you will, most of the times, have a happy feeling about your interview. This is because it is interviewers’ job to make you feel that your interview went well.
Most of the candidates who have their interview for a long time tend to think that the interviewer might be thinking to select them. On the contrary, the interviewer just needs some more data to analyze you clearly and that is why he is asking you some more questions.

Through the personal interview, entire developmental history of a candidate is assessed. It ranges from candidates’ achievements, socio-economic background, academics, hobbies and interests, achievement, etc. Everything a candidate has been around since his childhood – the environment, the vibes and the personality developed from it is assessed in these 30-45 minutes – all based on the PIQ.

Most of the candidates tend to get nervous in the personal interview and loose the track of clarity in their thought process under stress. In this article, we will show you how to keep yourself composed and think more clearly in SSB Personal Interview:

1. KISS: This is the acronym of “Keep it Simple and Smart” that fits in any scenario. Keep your thoughts simple, yet outweigh them with others’ expectations. Sometimes, you do not need a complex approach to think something, it might be as simple as it is and your thought process makes it more complex.

2. Keep your writing short: Whenever you write something – be it your notes or grocery list, just try to keep it as minimal as possible and avoid long, complex sentences. You’ll automatically accustom your brain to shorter thoughts which will help you maintain clarity.

3. Mental List of Thoughts: We’ve all been in a position where we are having a lot of thoughts in our heads at the same time. This is what is going to happen in the SSB. Try to organize your thoughts in a mental list as you would store your documents in a folder. It makes it easier to recall – a thing most helpful in Rapid Fire question round.

4. Get Bullets: No, not the firing bullets but bullet points in writing. Try to make these tasks in bullet point in your mental notes. For the starting, you may use pen and paper, but you will soon be accustomed to it. Try to compartmentalize a big thought into main and concise bullet points.

5. Say no to incomplete thoughts during interview: Do not hold any incomplete thoughts in your mind before or during the interview. Whatever it is – just speak it out. Don’t let it stay there and haunt it for the rest of the little life that you are going to live. This will make you blunt and you will be more truthful and focused.

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6. Organize Mentally: Do this first thing in the morning – when you wake up, make a mental map that you will be going through for the day. Set priorities and sort it out in. Now, try to follow it. It will help you create a mental image of what you were to do such that even if you miss something, you would know it.

7. Simplify everything: Not just you’re thinking, but your whole life. This can reflect in how organized you can be, how clean you can keep your room, how well you can adhere to timings, how well you follow your time table – just do it. Period.

8. Sleep: Sleep is an essential part of your thought process. It directly affects your decision making ability and makes you irritated. For full coverage on how sleep will affect your SSB, read this article.

9. Breath: Most of the time, all you just need to do is – relax. Take a deep breath if you are stuck somewhere in middle. The interviewer won’t hold it against you, but he will if you utter mindless words without thinking properly. Breathing will help you and your body calm down.

10. Meditate: Heard a lot about meditation – Clears you spiritually, heals you mentally, prevents AIDS, makes you the prime minister and what not? Whatever you might have heard about meditation, that aside, one thing that meditating definitely does to you is that it clears your mind of thought processes and gives you clarity for other thoughts. A 10-15 minutes meditation twice daily is a good habit. And this directly helps you when you take long-deep breath when you’re stuck during the interview.

11. Actually follow this: If you want to feel a change, let this article bring that in you. Follow these points religiously on a regular basis. Sort things out for the day that haven’t be done yet. Think for the next day and plan it mentally. Just try this, and it will do wonders to you in the long run.
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