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28 Phrases to Sound Professional During Group Discussion

It is a healthy discussion and coming to a well cooperated ending that matters in the group discussion task. Hence try to contribute precise, well structured as well as logical points using your time effectively.

The group discussion happens twice in the SSB: firstly after the PPDT and then, as the first task in the GTO. Your performance in every task is observed and requires you to be productive and hence methodical in your approach. Afterall, they are looking for the officer like qualities in you and assessing whether you deserve to be in the forces or not.

Your words hold as much importance as your body language and the points you make. Hence, let’s look at a few helpful phrases that will help you put your point forward with ease.

Firstly, when you initiate a discussion, that not only shows your confidence but you also your ability to lead the group in the right direction. But it’s important that you give logical points while speaking first. The phrases you could use include:

  • “With due respect, I would like to put forward the point that…”
  • “Good morning ladies and gentleman, I would like to begin/start by saying that….”
  • “I would like to begin by stating my view of the matter…”

Most of all, throughout the group discussion, it is necessary to keep in mind that the objective of this task is cooperation and a practical conclusion. It is essential that you make your point while respecting other’s views and opinions. Some phrases are:

  • “I totally agree with….”
  • “As a matter of fact, X is right by saying that…”
  • “I think you are absolutely right”
  • “I have to side with X on this one”
  • “There can be no doubt that…”

While agreeing is a positive deed, disagreeing, if not done appropriately could sound almost rude and impolite. The following phrases will help you to disagree politely.

  • “With due respect, I believe it would be wrong to…”
  • “With due respect, I would only partly agree to that…”
  • “I feel it wouldn’t be right to….”
  • “Though I agree with…. it seems to me that…”

Suggesting your opinion
Firstly, your points must be such that they are convincing and assertive. Moreover, putting your idea into comprehensible sentences is necessary. Therefore the following phrases will help you through the same.

  • “My honest opinion would be that…”
  • “The way I see it….”
  • “The point I would like to make is that…”
  • “I would like to say that..”
  • “I am of the opinion that…”

Asking for clarification
While a point is made, it is necessary that the entire group gets the gist of it. In case you don’t understand a view of someone, it is advisable to ask them to repeat it. Moreover, it will show your interest and eagerness to participate in the discussion. Some phrases are:

  • “I’m sorry but could you please make it more clear…”
  • “If you don’t mind, could you please repeat that again…”

Interrupting Politely
Sometimes, there occur situations where you have to interrupt because you want to add a valuable information to the already made point. Therefore, here are some phrases to use in such situations.

  • “Sorry to interrupt, but …”
  • “I would like to add here that…”
  • “Is it okay if I add something here….”
  • “If I may interrupt, I would like to add that..”

Other Useful Phrases

In addition, to the already mentioned phrases, here are a few more to be used in specific situations.

  • Relating to ground reality: “In today’s world..”
  • Stating popular facts: “As a matter of fact…”
  • Thanking someone, before making your point: “Thank you for asking my opinion…”
  • Giving a chance to someone: “What do you think about this, X?”
  • Quoting someone popular: “As X had once said….”

In conclusion, it is a healthy discussion and coming to a well cooperated ending that matters in the group discussion task. Hence try to contribute precise, well structured as well as logical points using your time effectively.

Rushali Prasad
Rushali Prasad
A pragmatist, writer, fitness enthusiast and a defence aspirant. Pursuing Bachelors in Tourism and Hospitality Management.
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