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GTO11 Characteristics of A Team Leader In GTO Tasks

11 Characteristics of A Team Leader In GTO Tasks

The same boiling water that hardens the egg makes the potato soft. We often find ourselves trapped in situations which are not easy to tackle, of which emerges out a hero or zero. Though these situations don’t demand us to act as superheroes and save a falling building from collapse or a bunch of kids from accidents, the requirement is an approach by which good for all can be achieved. A somewhat similar trend is followed in the combat forces for which SSB conducts GTO tasks to assess candidates for the prestigious Indian Armed Forces. 

Coming to the GTO tasks which are conducted on day 3 and 4 of the 5-day process of SSB interview, comprise of a total of 9 tasks which are conducted either in groups or individual basis. Some tasks require mutual understanding and coordination and some are leadership tasks. The role of a team leader in GTO tasks is very crucial. Having said that, we now will discuss some characteristics of a good team leader in a GTO task.

Having said that, we now will discuss some characteristics of a good team leader in a GTO task.

The question before us all is what makes a candidate a good team leader. What is expected out of a team leader? And how can we thrive to be one?

An idea is always a thesis and then discussing and planning it with all the immediate reflexes and response, a rare attribute which every leader shall possess. While detailing a good idea with team efforts is intelligence, executing it with full might and right is leadership. No matter what age, color, physique you are of, as soon as you make that exciting first appointment, you have taken the first step in becoming an effective leader.

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The war is within you, remember. You lose it only from within yourself and no one else has that power over you.

Here are some key qualities that every good leader should possess, and learn to emphasize.

  1. Honesty: Whatever ethical level you hold yourself to when you are responsible for a team, it is important to raise the bar even higher. Your complete team is a reflection of yourself, and if you make honest and ethical behavior a key value, your team will follow it.
  2. Communication: A good team leader communicates articulately with his/her team; be it verbal or written so that there is no ambiguity or room for misconception among the team members. He/she even welcomes the inputs of the members and makes necessary schemes.
  3. Confidence: An efficient team leader is confident in his abilities, as well as keeps faith on the abilities of the team members. A confident and poised team leader reassures the team of his/her authority within the group and holds complete accountability for the decisions he takes.
  4.  Delegation: An effective team leader knows how to delegate specific tasks to reliable team members. Hereby to implement the planning in the suitable direction the leader is needed to know the whereabouts of his team and when to play which card effectively.
  5.  Fair:  A quality team leader treats his/her team members fairly. He is consistent with rewards and recognition, as well as disciplinary action. A good and unbiased leader ensures equality in the group.
  6.  Facilitator: An active team leader is a powerful facilitator as he/she help team members understand their goals, also assisting the team in organizing an action plan to reach the objectives more efficiently.
  7.  Influential: An influential leader motivates team members to be highly committed and can bring in necessary changes in the group by gaining the confidence of fellow members through effective decision making and communication.
  8. Integrity: An operative team leader is honest and open with his team members. Leaders with integrity easily win the trust of the team members because they will keep their words and treat others the same way they want to be treated. Hence the team delves into a community rather than a robot task force. New aspirations with greater force to serve are results of the association.
  9. Negotiation: A team leader utilizes negotiation skills to achieve results to overcome conflicts. They are problem solvers, negotiate effectively and facilitate quick decision making. As problems are inevitable to come but it’s on us how well we treat them and negate their effects.
  10. Organisation: An efficient team leader possesses great organizational skills which help him/her in setting goals and planning strategies. Thus allowing team members to perform optimally towards meeting the set goals and objectives.
  11. Respectful: An effective team leader is respectful of his team members and encourages them to put forth their valuable inputs without hesitation. With respect comes obedience and submission which is required to follow orders without question and indeed implements the plan with no ounce of confusion or doubt.

A leader is not necessarily born but we can become leaders at our will. 

Best of luck! Not to forget a leader ought to be patient. Patience is a virtue mostly required in a battlefield along with bravery.


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