Reasons To Rise Early In The Morning and 3 Ways To Do So!

There is a reason as to why military academies all around the world have cadets waking up early in the morning; Is it a way of enforcing discipline?
Well yes absolutely, however, early rising isn’t just about increasing discipline there are a number of irreplaceable amount of mental benefits to waking up early that will benefit you in every facet of life!

No matter how disciplined or punctual you are everyone loves the comfort of their bed and waking up at 4:30 in the morning is the last thing anyone wants and when that annoying 4:30 alarm rings it gives you a choice, an internal battle “do I wake up and tackle the day? or do I hit the snooze button and squeeze another five minutes? sleep it out today and start tomorrow like most people?
An overwhelming amount of choices will present itself tempting you to go back to dreamland giving you a decision to make between your body and what feels like rational thought to continue sleeping or listen to that lone voice of resilience to get up and go for that morning run.
If you do get up you have won your first internal battle your first act of resilience at 4:30 in the morning! you will immediately feel a sense of urgency, a feeling of confidence, a drive to get things done well & the satisfaction of taking hard way versus the easy way, paving your way for the next decision, because after all, a day is nothing but a series of choices between the easy way and the path of most resistance, this will follow you throughout the day for every task you do.

you will subconsciously try to honour your decision of forcing yourself out of bed, & getting things done become a personal challenge so that you don’t mess up the day you sacrificed your comfort to get up for.

Now honestly there really no sure shot ways to get yourself out of bed in the morning different people have different ways of rousing themselves to get up however here are some methods that certainly do help you to not press the snooze button!

Wake for an early morning run:

As I had said earlier no one likes leaving their bed in the morning and no one sure as hell likes to get up to run first thing in the morning,
however, a morning run gives you a reason to start that 4:30 alarm and when you hear the alarm you remember that you have to go for a run and that a comfortable morning is the last thing that you’ll be getting.
When you go down after wearing your running shoes empty stomach (yes empty stomach, deal with it!) you will see that the buildings, houses and roads around you are dark and that most people are still sleeping while you are running,

that feeling that out of the hundreds of people around you, only you decided to wake up, skip precious food, wear those running shoes, punching comfort and convenience in the face is truly a powerful feeling and will change the way you feel about your self, bringing a drive in you!

Running in its self is one of the best ways to increase your mental grit, you’re not competing with anyone just propelling yourself past your physical thresholds mile after mile past mental thresholds, physical comfort honing your ability to press on and doing the things you don’t feel like doing at the time!

Keep your alarm away from reach:

Keeping your alarm at a place where you’ll have to get up to turn it off will automatically get you out of bed forcing you to leave your comfort zone, the bed, either that
or you listen to that non-stop annoying alarm for the next few odd hours!

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Label your alarm:

If you have sett your alarm on your mobile phone you may have the option to label the alarm, you can write things like “Do you want to give up” ‘Tujhse nahi hoga”
or go for the more profane, whatever works for you.

Understand that everything mentioned above is just ways that may help to get out of bed, but no matter how much you adhere to these or how motivated you are, there will come a day you just will not feel like it may be due to less sleep, a lot of studies, increased workload, intense training, a bad time in your life whatever it may be.

At that point the labels won’t help you, neither will getting up across the room, you just won’t feel like going for that run, the only thing that will actually get you up is your will to succeed, the determination of earning the uniform and the respect that comes with it. How bad do you want to clear this exam, how bad do you want to become defence forces officer?
can you hack it?
Because life isn’t easy and doesn’t run on how you are feeling or how your mental state is, and if you’ve chosen the life of an officer in the Indian armed forces, then you’ve already set yourself to the highest standard where the margin of error is next to none, excuses not an option and pain and misery a constant companion.
Convenience and comfort is the last thing you’ll get and the last thing you should want.

Most people don’t aspire to join the armed forces and most of who do still don’t make it.

The soldiers greatest virtue is his/her grit.

So if this is really something you want to do and I mean crave it from a cellular level then you will wake up and you won’t need any hack to do so, because no matter how bad you think you want it someone else wants it more and if you think your working hard someone else is working harder, with an inner drive so powerful you cant possibly fathom!

And if your one of those who thinks “Oh but they will train me at the academy!”

Know this, a lot of candidates give up and leave within the first few weeks and months of training at the academies because they cannot cope up with the sudden rigorous lifestyle, or injure themselves because of striving for attaining the bare minimum fitness levels required for selection.

So take that first step get out of bed, wake up to that alarm, wear your running shoes, run while everyone around you sleeps, keep winning those internal battles and tackle the day like a warrior!

& keep the josh high!

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