What Are S-400 Triumf Missiles That India Is Procuring From Russia?

India has finalized price negotiations with Russia for a nearly Rs 40,000 crore deal to procure S-400 Triumf air defence missile systems for the Indian Air Force.

Being Safe from the US’ CAATSA

Both sides are now looking at ways to insulate the deal from the sanctions announced by the US against Russia under its Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA).

CAATSA seeks to punish entities engaged in transactions with the defence or intelligence establishment of Russia.

The US had announced sanctions against Russia under the stringent law for its alleged meddling in the American presidential election in 2016.

CAATSA Will Affect the US

US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis last month appealed to the Congress to urgently provide India the national security waiver, saying imposing sanctions under CAATSA for the S-400 air defence missile deal would only hit the US.

The Deal

India wants to procure the long-range missile systems to tighten its air defence mechanism, particularly along the nearly 4,000-km-long Sino-India border.

In 2016, India and Russia had signed an agreement on the ‘Triumf’ interceptor-based missile system.

S-400 Triumf Stationed at an Undisclosed location
S-400 Triumf Stationed at an Undisclosed location

China was the first foreign buyer to seal a government-to-government deal with Russia in 2014 to procure the lethal missile system and Moscow has already started delivery of unknown number of the S-400 missile systems to Beijing.

About S-400 Triumf

This missile system can destroy incoming hostile aircraft, missiles and even dronesat ranges of up to 400 km. S-400 is known as Russia’s most advanced long-range surface-to-air missile defence system.

The S-400 air defense missile system is considered the most advanced of its kind in Russia, with a range of as far as 400 km and as high as 30 km.

The S-400 is an upgraded version of the S-300 systems. The missile system, manufactured by Almaz-Antey, has been in service in Russia since 2007.

In comparison to its predecessor, the S-300, the S-400 air defense system features an improved radar system and updated software; it can purportedly fire four new types of surface-to-air (SAM) missiles with an estimated range of 150 kilometers (93 miles), and the improved 48N6E2 missile with a reported range of 195 kilometers (121 miles).


Once inducted, the India is likely to three S-400 regiments in the west of India facing Pakistan, and two regiments in the east in close proximity to the Sino-Indian border.

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