8 Things To Know Before You Join NDA, IMA, OTA, AFA, NA

There are a lot of candidates who are very eager to join the Indian Military but all their passion is no longer the same while they pass out from the military academy. Their passion is now their duty which they have to abide by. And the task of this conversion from passion to duty is entrusted with the military academies.

In this regard, we present you 10 things you must know before you join the training academies to not be surprised like this ex-LC:

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  1. ‘Life is chill after training’ – That’s a big lie

Even after you are commissioned, you will be undergoing your regiment’s specific advanced training. You cannot make mistakes now, because every mistake will cost a life.

  1. PT is mandatory

Physical Training is the primary requirement of being in the military. Be ready to push your limits. Forget walking, every time you commute, you will either be on cycle or will be running. All this is apart from the daily morning PT and drill classes, not to forget the mandatory games session in the evening.

  1. You are your own motivator

No one will motivate you to push yourself except you. You will feel low, helpless, Drill Ustad will shout and scream on you, seniors will take away your self-respect and what not? But it is you who is going to motivate yourself even before your coursemates do, because that’s what leaders do – motivate self and others.

  1. You will meet your family less

While you are in the academy, there are restrictions on you to go on leave or for your family to visit you to meet. You will be allowed to go home only during the term break and that would last for only about 1-2 weeks. So be ready to consider academy as your home away from home.

  1. You have to earn everything in the academy

Yes, you will have to earn everything in the academy – from the uniform to self-respect to pips – everything. And it will cost your sweat, determination and blood.

  1. Shut up for your initial weeks

During your initial weeks, your opinions won’t matter – hell, even you don’t matter for you are yet to earn the uniform. Be to the point and answer only what is asked, nothing less, nothing extra.OTA Chennai

  1. You will be a “government property” – with the least fundamental rights

Once you’re in, most parts of the civil rights no longer apply to you. You fall under the military law. Your law is what you are told to do and what you are ordered. Your orders are your laws and if you fail to follow orders, you can put people in danger, even get them killed. You follow orders, period.

  1. For women who are passionate

Consider all the physical burdens and its health impacts before you join. You are not expected to be treated differently just because you are a female, except you will have separate accommodation – that’s it. Be aware first, be proud later.

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