5 Inspiring Facts About Major Kaustubh Rane Who Made Supreme Sacrifice For The Nation

Major Kaustubh Prakash Rane along with Rifleman Mandeep Singh Rawat, Rifleman Hameer Singh, Gunner Vikram Jeet Singh made the supreme sacrifice for the nation while fighting terrorists in Gurez sector of Jammu and Kashmir. Friends and family of Major Kaustubh Rane were shocked beyond belief to hear the news of his martyrdom. Major Kaustubh Rane was just 29 years old and led his team bravely to face all odds and challenges during the operation. We offer our deepest condolences to the bereaved families of all the martyred soldiers. May god give them strength in this hour of grief.  Officers like Major Kaustubh Rane always motivated young blood of this country to join the defence forces and serve the nation with this great profession. Here are some inspiring facts about Major Kaustubh Rane which will motive us more.PREPARE FOR THE SSB INTERVIEW


  • Major Kaustubh Prakash Rane who, along with three Army soldiers, was martyred while fighting Pakistani infiltrators near the Line of Control in Bandipore district of north Kashmir on Tuesday, hailed from Mira Road. The soldiers, led by Major Rane, gunned down two of the eight infiltrators before falling to their bullets. He and His Soldiers were Ambushed By the group Of 8 terrorists Near Loc During Regular Patrolling at Gurez Sector. Major Rane Was Martyred After Killing 2 Terrorists.

  • Major Rane is survived by a two-year-old son, wife and parents, who live in Hiral Sagar building in Sheetal Nagar, Mira Road. He was the only son of his parents. His father Prakash Rane is a retired government employee and mother Jyoti Rane a retired deputy principal of a prominent school.Major Kaustubh Rane

  • He always wanted to join the Indian army as an officer to lead in front-line combat, he was inspired by the stories of our war heroes which encouraged him to choose defense forces as a career. On the Republic Day this year, Major Kaustubh Prakash Rane had received the gallantry award, Sena Medal.”

  • Pramod Bhatkar, a close family friend whose son, Pratik, has been Major Rane’s childhood friend, said, “I had known Kaustubh since his childhood. Pratik and Kaustaub grew up together. They went to school together, and later Kaustubh shifted to Pune for his Army training. He was a very kind person since his childhood. I am deeply saddened by his martyrdom, but he has made us and the whole nation proud.

  • A neighbour of the Rane family, said, “His father is my good friend. Major Rane was very studious as a child, a decent man and extremely good at sports. We have been shaken by the news. We have learned that his mortal remains are being brought to Srinagar before being flown to Mumbai.

    Soldiers pay tribute to Major Kaustubh Prakash Kumar Rane, Rifleman Mandeep Singh Rawat, Rifleman Hameer Singh & Gunner Vikram Jeet Singh, who lost their lives in Gurez Sector of J&K during the wreath-laying ceremony at Palam airport in New Delhi.

Soldiers like Major Kaustubh Prakash Rane, Rifleman Mandeep Singh Rawat, Rifleman Hameer Singh, Gunner Vikram Jeet Singh are the real heroes of this country, our heart goes to kids who lost their fathers. Entire life the family will struggle but we are sure will be a proud son. RIP Major May your soul rest in peace.

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