5 Inspiring Facts About Col Sangram Singh Bhati, Shaurya Chakra, 10 PARA SF

Brave India army special forces commando Col. Sangram Singh Bhati breathed his last at 3: 30 in the morning at RR hospital. He was infected with jaundice and died because of multiple organ failures. Col Sangram Singh Bhati who earned Shaurya Chakra by his courageous acts was a very known face for the defense aspirants, SSBCrack remembers uploading his pictures on social media many times which made the defence aspirants awestruck, he indeed motivated many defence aspirants to join the Indian army and especially to go for the Special Forces.
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Here we talk about the brave personality of Col. Sangram Singh Bhati, it might take a huge time to fill this loss but we are proud of our brave commando and his personality and stories will be immortal and keep aspiring the young blood of this country for ages.

5 Inspiring Facts About Col Sangram Singh Bhati, Shaurya Chakra

  1. Col. Sangram Singh Bhati was the former CO of 10 PARA SF. 10 PARA SF, which is also known as Mustaffa of Desert Warfare and they are very special, they are just 4500 selected men out of 1.25 million Indian Army personnel. There is no direct recruitment rally for any of 10 PARA Special Forces battalions,  and men are volunteered from other units of the Indian Army. 90% of the candidates who volunteer for SF fail during probation and those who finally join the SF units are `Men apart, every man an emperor.
  2. Col. Sangram Singh was the highest order of the commando class of soldiers. He was posted at OTA Chennai as an instructor, the cadets trained under him must be proud to get a chance to learn from someone like Col. Sangram Singh. Just by looking at his uniform defence aspirants get the goosebumps.
  3. He was one of the most decorated Special Forces Commando. You can clearly see the badges and decorations on his uniform which speaks volumes about his achievements.
  4. 5 years ago while serving in 10 PARA SF he led the Operation and entered the PoK while crossing the LoC. While staying there for four days, the terrorist camp of Lashkar was eliminated. Many known soldiers like Major Gaurav Arya, Major Poonia and Col Rajvardhan Singh Rathor have expressed condolences over the demise of Col. Sangram Singh Bhati.
  5. The pictures of Col. Sangram Singh Bhati inspired thousands of Defence aspirants which itself a big achievement was and will always be a known face among the defence aspirants community.


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We lost Col Sangram Singh Bhati, 10 PARA SF ⚔️🇮🇳❤️🔥 #indianarmy Om Shanti…

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