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BooksLove Story of a Commando book review

Love Story of a Commando book review

There is a thing about books,one can not only live a lifetime of eternity through the pages but it also serve as soul food which enhances you as a person. Books reveal truths that reality obscure. Books are quietest of all your friends and train your imagination to think big. This is precisely the reason why we at SSB promote books and author a lot, afterall it is no less than a national service and it should be the duty of all of us to inculcate reading habits into the next generation,here authors also hold important responsibility to present right values and ethos in a manner that the youth of today imbibe the right mind set. Therefore today we are going to review Swapnil pandey latest book ‘Love Story of a Commando’ what delights us more is that she is a real Army wife herself bringing out fictions close to reality. Such military books are not only inspiring the readers for patriotism but also help defense aspirants to gain an insight about military life and generate awareness and respect toward Armed forces personnel and their kin. Such books are perfect window to gain an insight about what all extraordinary sacrifices defense personnel and their families make for us on daily basis.

Love Story of a Commando Plot

The plot revolves around a millennial Riya who is an usual engineering student and later joins her job to fulfil her corporate dreams. She has a normal life and usual aspirations until she falls for a NSG Commando Captain Virat and understands the true meaning of valour,vehemence,patriotism and supreme sacrifices. The story has several twists which depicts various security threats and national issues in a very simple manner for young readers to understand and teaches how freedom is not free.



The female protagonist of Love Story of a COmmando is Riya. One true blue feminist,full of aspirations and life. For her happiness lied in the pages of a romance novel or in a cup of tea. She carries the whole story on her shoulders and just not the female lead but also play the center character. Through her narration, author beautifully describes various national issues,security threats and the challenges a military couple face. Her transformation from a simple girl to a girl believing in principles of freedom is  portrayed incredibly by the author.

Captain Virat

Captain Virat is part of NSG or National Security Guards. Also known as Black cats,which is one of the elite counter insurgency Special Forces unit in India. He is swift,sharp and dark. there is nothing he can not deal with except his own demons. His character depicts the life of our security personnel very well and how they sacrifice their daily lives for the sake of duty and nation. The humanitarian side of a Commando and their emotions as ordinary men makes the story very interesting. We don’t get to know about it ever.


Riya is a millennial who watches Splitsvilla, worships David Guetta and sways to Ed Sheeran tunes. She believes Fifty Shades of Grey is the greatest love story, unfamiliar from the world of passion, agony, gallantry, supreme sacrifices and ‘Love’ until the day she meets Captain Virat, aka a ‘Black Cat.’ He is swift, sharp, lethal and dark. He belongs to the NSG, India’s top elite counter insurgency Special Forces unit. He’s trained all across the globe and been in blood-soaked battlefields. There’s nothing he can’t handle, except his own demons.

When Riya meets Virat at an art exhibition in Delhi, sparks fly, but Virat soon disappears, leaving her broken-hearted. She moves to Mumbai to start afresh, but danger follows her everywhere.Under the burning dome of the Taj Hotel, Riya and Virat’s lives intersect once again. But when her prince in shining armour deserts her one more time, Riya decides to leave it all behind for the remoteness of Kashmir.But peace is short-lived. The Prime Minister’s visit to the valley brings with it, violence and explosions. The gunfire creeps back into her life. And they reach behind the enemy lines in PoK, Pakistan.


Product Details

  • Publishers:- Westland-Amazon
  • Author :- Swapnil Pandey
  • Book length :- 200
  • Genre:- Military Fiction/Romance
  • Average Customer rating on Amazon :- 4.9/5  

SSB Verdict

There are many non fiction books on Military heroes or martyrs talking about same stuff and similar stuffs but what makes Love Story of a Commando to gather our attention is that it is perhaps the only Military fiction in the market which talks about personal lives of our military personnel and provide a sneak peek into their emotions which is a rare commodity. It is a proper fiction on Indian Armed Forces,perfect treat for a book lover who just wants to read a normal (extraordinary) story and enjoy his/her cup of tea on weekends. It is also the kind of book which you gift to your friends and loved ones which may later serve as coffee table book at their place.  

We will keep coming with more reviews of defense related stuff and prove a one stop solution for all your defense related queries. 

 Here is the book Link if you intend to know more 


The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.

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