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My Appointment With A Psychologist [FREE eBook]

You can download this e-book free of cost from the link provided below, please share the stuff to help others also.

Hello, friends sorry for the delay in sharing a very helpful e-book  “My Appointment with a Psychologist” by Krish Nair and Anoop T. Unnikrishnan (Authors).

This e-book is very helpful to make you understand your mistakes in the SSB  during Psychological testing, also you can learn a lot of things from this e-book to improve your Psychological test during SSB interviews. You can download this e-book free of cost from the link provided below, please share the stuff to help others also.

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My Appointment With A Psychologist [FREE eBook]

Psychology focuses on the study of personality, utilizing the life story of an individual as its fundamental unit. It’s impossible to examine every human experience or every individual. Humans respond to stimuli, with each reaction shaped, to some degree, by the residual effects of past experiences.

The specific field of psychology that primarily explores human lives and the factors shaping their trajectories, investigating individual variations and personality types, may be better referred to as ‘Personology’ rather than the lengthy and redundant term ‘Psychology of Personality’. This book is entirely founded on Personology principles.

Alterations in Personality are not typically sudden or dramatic. If such changes do occur, they are often temporary, with the individual reverting back to their original persona under stress. Hence, it is unrealistic to expect an immediate transformation in your personality. Any significant change is a gradual process and, in most cases, enduring. There’s no doubt that human nature is designed for continuous improvement, given the necessary motivation.

This book features numerous highlighted words and repeated concepts. This is a deliberate strategy to help embed the book’s message into the reader’s subconscious. Readers are encouraged to pause at these highlighted words, grasp their meanings and implications before moving forward. The primary aim of this book is to provoke a shift in the reader’s mindset.

The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.

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  1. Thax sir ur book How to prepare for AFCAT by chandresh Agarwal was of good help for me which i bought from flipcart as this site directed me to flipcart after clicking…
    Now please suggest me some books for SSB and also if any academy providing short time coaching for it. thax again sir

  2. Respected sir…

    I have recently appeared 4 8th sem exams in BE in civil branch n have also applied 4 CDSE II dis year. My name was not in the list which u uploaded 2day at 4:10 AM. I jst want 2 know dat if I crack CDSE exams and am selected for SSB interviews and at dat time if my backlogs (I am having 8 backlogs) r not yet cleared then can i appear for the interview or not??

    Sir let me tell u that I am having a strong feeling that I will be selectedand recruited in ARMY. Wat we say “ANDAR KI AWAZ” is wat i m feeling and am also feeling like the reason why i am born is somewhere related with speciffically ARMY…………..neither NAVY nor AIRFORCE.

    I have also posted on president’s secretariat that I want 2 join ARMY and also wrote in other suggestion that make ARMY training compulsary for every citizens in INDIA. Will all these play a role apart from my performence??

  3. Respected
    I am dried with regular entries three yrs back.I am already working in national security. After prolonged battle with dept,got permission to apply for TA commission.which coaching classes are best in mumbai?

  4. Sir, Myself Amar from Thane District place virar,myself 13 times conference out for army.In my 14th(last) attempt i was screened out, that was in 2009.After a gap of three yrs i am again in battle field.I have applied for TA commission and wanted to start with basics. Just tell me from where to start and with what?
    looking for your guidance and support.

  5. Thanks alott sir,I hope this book will give me good direction to clear SSB.Sir, i would like to bring to your notice that i am screened out for 3 times and conference out for four times.My game is not over yet,I am still working for victory.I want to know how should i tackle this question in my SSB ” Why i failed in previous attempts?”.


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