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5 Of The Worlds Most Sophisticated Sniper Rifles

A lone sniper can turn the face of battle, stealthily taking out key military targets with cold-blooded efficiency. These highly trained, mentally equanimous, specialised soldiers embody the military saying of ‘one shot, one kill.’ These ghost warriors are aided by some of the most precise rifles ever created. This article will be highlighting five of the most advanced sniper rifles in the world. The precision rifles highlighted are in no specific order and are only a few of the best rifles designed for long-distance shots.

fantasy art soldier sniper digital wallpaper
Digital art depicting a military sniper

1.) The M40 A5 Sniper Rifle

USMC Scout Sniper
USMC Scout Sniper with the trusted M40

The M40 A5 is the latest addition to the M40 sniper family. This highly sophisticated precision rifle is a favourite among the United States Marine Corps (USMC) Scout Snipers. The deadly accurate sniper rifle is a modified version of the Remington 700 Hunting Rifle. The precision weapon is chambered with .308 Winchester 7.62X51 mm NATO rounds. The A5 variant comes equipped with a Scheider barrel and a Bender Police Marksman 114-16X 50 mm telescopic sight.

scout sniper image hr
Marine Scout Sniper aiming through the telescopic sites

2.) The M-24 Sniper Weapon System

Army sniper team Afghanistan
US Army Sniper and Spotter pair armed with an M24 Sniper rifle

Like the M40 A5, the M-24 SWS too is modelled after the famous Remington 700 Hunting Rifle. The rifle is chambered in a .308 Winchester 7.62X51 mm NATO rounds. The precision weapon dates back to 1988 and has since been used extensively by the US army. The rifle features a custom-designed four-inch Remington barrel and comes with Leupold Mark-IV M3 fixed 10X scope.

M24 being fired from prone

3.) The L115 A3 Sniper Rifle System

paul panchenko 4 sniper rifle real 00072
L115 A3 Sniper rifle image

The L11 5A3 Sniper rifle is a British made precision weapon and has been used extensively by British forces, most notably the British Army, Royal Marines and the Royal Airforce. The L115 A3 shares its ancestry with Accuracy International Arctic Warfare are Super Magnum Rifle. Unlike its American counterparts, the British rifle is chambered with .338 Lapua rounds with a five-round box magazine. The rifle uses the far heavier .338 Lapua round allows the rifle to have far superior range, giving the operator the technical ability to eliminate largest from significantly far distances. It was the L115 A3 rifle which allowed the British marksman to create a world record by eliminating a Taliban machine gun and wounded two others from a distance of 2.27 kilometres.

Brit sniper
British soldier aiming armed with an L115 A3 sniper rifle

4.) Barret M82 Sniper Rifle

The Barret anti-material sniper rifle

This rifle made names in history following legendary American sniper Carlos Hathcock, known as the White Feather executed an iconic long-range kill during his time in Vietnam. The shot in question was performed on an M2 Browning Machine Gun. Following this, the Barret firearm company, which is one of the leading firearms companies in the world, developed a .50 calibre M82 anti-material rifle. These rifles are designed to penetrate armoured and concrete structures and are not meant to be used on enemy combatants.

Marine scout sniper training on a Barret M82

5.) Zijiang M99 Sniper Rifle

Chinese sniper
Chinese snipers firing the M99 on a UN peacekeeping mission

The M99 is the standard issue sniper rifle issued to soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army, China. The M99 is a semi-automatic rifle similar to the Barret M82. The Chinese rifle operates on a gas impingement mechanism and is fed with 12.7X108 mm Soviet-era rounds. This rifle has for reasons largely unknown, have made its way into the hands of insurgents fighting in the Syrian Conflict. Analysts speculate that these precision rifles were delivered from Sudan via Qatar to be used against the Syrian Arab Army.

Syria Chinese M99
Chinese M99 being used by rebel groups in Syria

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