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20 Inspirational Pictures Of Women Military Police

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Let us take a look at the group of 100 young Indian women who are set to be inducted into the Indian Army in May as the country’s first Women Military Police.

  • The first batch of women Military Police recruits trained at Corps of Military Police Centre and School, Bangalore.
  • The women recruits are given training comprising Basic Military Training and Advanced Provost Training in Bengaluru.
  • Between 19 and 22 years of age, this batch comprises the top 100 selectees out of two lakh applicants across the country, explained Lt-Colonel Julee, who is in charge of the training of the cadets.
  • According to information from the Army, 21 are graduates with college degrees and 51 have experience in the military system, having been members of the National Cadet Corps (NCC).
  • Their presence has shaken up and challenged the largely male-dominated Army establishment. The precedent they have set creates opportunities for employment for women from agrarian backgrounds and lower economic strata.
  • That these women did not come from well-to-backgrounds was apparent that many in the batch were anemic when they joined, said Major Richa Chakravorty, the medical officer in charge of the training unit.
  • The sense of giving back to the community was a common theme among the young women recruits.
  • According to the Army, only three of 100 had previous experience in driving four-wheeled vehicles before joining the Army, while 41 had previously ridden motorcycles.
  • Their hair trimmed short, many of the young women were almost indistinguishable from their male counterparts, barring some difference in height.
  • Cadets have to be a minimum of 152 cm in height and during selection, have to fulfill a series of physical demands, like running for 1.6 kilometers.
  • The Army stresses that physical training requirements have only been slightly nudged down for women and that the training regimen between the two sexes is the same.
  • The salary of Sepoys is about Rs 30,000, out of which Rs 22,000 is the basic pay.
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