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11 Top Indian Navy Military Training Institutes

As we are aware of the fact that the Indian Navy is the fifth largest navy in the world, which has some unique capabilities of not only operating on land but also under the water and in the air too.

Hello Aspirants !!! Today we will be talking about our Indian Navy and its popular training Institutes. As we are aware of the fact that the Indian Navy is the fifth largest navy in the world, which has some unique capabilities of not only operating on land but also under the water and in the air too. The cadets inside Navy institutes are supposed to be trained with that perspective only i.e. to become the men and women who will ride the waves with duty, honor, and courage. The navy training academies are more or less technology-oriented. So, Today we will be talking about the top 11 navy training Institutes which I came across which are as follows :

1.Indian Naval Academy Ezhimala (Officers Training): The Academy is located at Ezhimala in the Kannur district of Kerala. It shares the 2,452 acres site with the naval base depot, INS Zamorin, and the naval hospital, INHS Navjivani. Nestled between the imposing Mount Dilli, serene Kavvayi backwaters, and the majestic Arabian Sea, Ezhimala is an idyllic setting for training, with its picturesque and tranquil environment. This is the premier training establishment of the Indian Navy which conducts the basic training for all officers being inducted into the Indian Navy through various schemes. Indian Naval Ship Zamorin is the Base Depot Ship for administrative and logistics support for INA. It is the largest naval academy in Asia.


2.INS Chilka (Sailors Training): INS Chilka is a premier basic training establishment for the sailor of the Indian Navy and serves to impart ab-initio software training to recruits by demanding and comprehensive training. The duration of the course run at INS Chilka is nine weeks for Artificer Apprentices/ DEDH, fifteen weeks for NMERs (MR- Matric Recruits/NMR (Non-Matric Recruits) and twenty-four weeks for SSR (SSR- Senior Secondary Recruits Entry) and the frequency of the course is twice a year. On average, 3000 raw recruits are transformed into Sea Warriors each year. The syllabus of a trainee at INS Chilka covers all basic skills that a trainee would require during his tenure at sea. On the academic front, the trainee has imparted instructions in English, Physics, Maths, General Science in the case of SSRs and English, Hindi, Maths, and General Knowledge in the case of MR/ NMRs. The endeavor is to bring all trainees coming from diverse educational backgrounds onto the same plane before undergoing professional training at various schools and establishments. Artificer Apprentices are not imparted academic instructions due to the short duration of their course.

3.INS Shivaji (Engineering Training): The establishment is located 08 km away from Lonavala . The following schools are located in the establishment:-

(a) Naval College of Engineering

(b) Centre for Marine Engineering Training

(c) Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defence NBCD School (Indian Navy operates a first damage control simulator Akshat here to train its officers and sailors on damage control on a warship at sea.)

4.INS VENDURUTHY (Seamen Training): INS Venduruthy is located on Willingdon Island, Kochi on the West Coast of India. The following schools are located in this establishment:-

(a) ASW School

(b) Diving School

(c) ND School

(d) Signal School

(e) Seamanship School

(f) Maritime Warfare Centre (MWC)

(g) Centre for Leadership and Behavioral Studies (CLABS)

(h) Naval Institute of Educational and Training Technology (NIETT)

5.INS Dronacharya ( Gunnery School): Dronacharya is located on the beachfront of fort Kochi in Kerala State situated on the West coast of India. It trains its men in small arms, naval missiles, artillery, radar, and defensive countermeasures. The action in the navy starts from this place itself.


6.INS Garuda (Air training Center): It is located in the Kochi state of Kerala. The following schools are located in this establishment:-

(a) School for Naval Aviation (SFNA)

(b) Naval Institute of Aeronautical Technology (NIAT)

(c) School for Naval Oceanography and Meteorology (SNOM)

(d) Observer School (It is the oldest operating air station of the Indian Navy)

7.INS Agrani (Leadership Training): The Establishment is located at Red Fields, Coimbatore. The sailors are trained in various disciplines of leadership training.

8.INS Mandovi (Provost and Physical Training School): INS Mandovi is located at Verem on a plateau in the state of Goa. The following schools are located in this establishment:-

(a) Naval Provost & Regulating School

(b) Indian Navy Physical Training School (This is the place where physical instructors for Naval academies are trained up)

9.INS Valsura (Electrical Training): The establishment is located amidst salt pans at Rozi Island Jamnagar The following schools are located in this establishment:-

(a) Basic Electrical School (BLS)

(b) Electrical Technology School (LTS)

(c) Centre for Advanced Technology (CAT)

(d) Centre for Electronic Engineering (CEE)

(e) Electrical Equipment School (LES)

10.INS Hamla (Logistics Training): The Establishment is located along the seashore in the North-Western part of Mumbai city. The management in logistics is taught here and the supply chain in the Navy is continued up. The better the logistics support the better the smooth and operations go.

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11.INS Satavahana (Submarine Training): It is located on the eastern seafront at the Naval Base in Visakhapatnam city, Andhra Pradesh (AP) The following schools are located in this establishment:-

(a) Submarine Training School

(b) Escape Training School

The primary role of this establishment is to impart world-class submarine and escape training to meet the stringent performance objectives and exacting standards of the Submarine Arm. It is the only integrated training establishment in the Indian Navy, as it carries out training for all branches of officers and sailors of the Submarine Arm.

So this was all about training academies of the Indian Navy. Academy/Institute is like a pressure cooker. It will push you to your limits. At times you will feel like crying. At times you will feel why the hell have you joined and why the hell are you here. The only thing you need to remember is, “This Too Shall Pass!”. But it surely gives you life-long hardships and the grit and perseverance for upcoming tasks.

Basu Tiwari
Basu Tiwari
Intern at SSBCrack. Recommended from 4 AFSB Varanasi and 19 SSB Allahabad NDA AIR-49. Secured all india rank 26,137 in JEE Mains and 18,000 in JEE advance.
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