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Meet Manik Turan NDA 2 2020 AIR-4 Topper

Since I knew from the very beginning that I have to take the NDA exam, I prepared myself well. I made proper notes since the start of my 11th standard so I did not have the burden that the syllabus is vast.

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Manik Turan from Karnal has achieved AIR-4 in NDA 2 2020 examination. He has scored 605 marks in the NDA written exam and 457 marks in his SSB interview. Manik is a cadet of RIMC Dehradun and belongs to a defence background. In an interview with SSBCrack, Manik has shared the life experiences that he has gained during his schooling and NDA preparation.

SSBCrack: Manik, tell us something about your family background?

Manik: I belong to Karnal, Haryana. My father’s name is Mr. Satbir Singh Turan. He is an ex-servicemen. He served in the Army Education Core of the Indian Army. He retired at the rank of Naib Subedar. Currently, he is a govt teacher in Karnal, Haryana. My mother’s name is Mrs. Sunita Rani Turan. She is also a govt teacher in Karnal. My father has 3 brothers. Two of them are also ex-servicemen. One retired at the rank of Subedar from Signals. Another served in the Indian Air Force.

SSBCrack: Tell us about your educational background?

Manik: I completed my primary education from SB Mission School, Karnal. It is not a school with very good infrastructure. But I believe that the level of education in this school was very good and it formed my base for the RIMC entrance exam. I cleared the RIMC exam in my third and final attempt. I joined RIMC on 20 July 2016. I appeared for 10th Boards from RIMC, Dehradun, and secured 90 % marks. Afterward, I prepared for my NDA written and SSB and made it in my 1st attempt.

SSBCrack: What was your motivation to join the RIMC and NDA?

Manik: At a very young age, I was not very sure about what I should become our do in the future. My father told me to appear for RIMC exam so that I can get a feel of the competitive exams. So I wanted to do well in the exam as I had always done in my school. So that was my motivation to work hard and clear it. So it was after I came to RIMC that I saw the environment in the forces, the things and opportunities forces have to offer, the friends we make, the people we come across, and of course the price of wearing the uniform. So I developed an interest in the forces. I also realized that this was my chance to further my family’s legacy by becoming the first officer in the family. Also, it was my parent’s dream to see me in the uniform. All these things were my motivation to work hard. I made it my goal to fulfill my parent’s dreams.

SSBCrack: Tell us about your preparation for NDA and SSB?

Manik: Since I knew from the very beginning that I have to take the NDA exam, I prepared myself well. I made proper notes since the start of my 11th standard so I did not have the burden that the syllabus is vast. I did my preparation gradually and consistently, step by step. I made daily schedules for myself, set up short-term goals, and revised regularly. So that was enough for the written exam. Now I did not exactly do any specific preparation for SSB. My preparation started the day I joined RIMC. I did all the things which my seniors and teachers told me properly. Now I just had to assemble and organise all things that I had learned in RIMC. I only practiced a few psych tests. And I had made it a routine to read the newspaper after my written exam was over. So in SSB, I performed well and got through. 

SSBCrack: What is your choice of service and why?

Manik: When I joined RIMC, I only knew that I had to join defence forces, which one? I did not know. This choice was made later in my senior terms. After meeting many officers, I decided Navy since I am good at studies, and it’s something different. I did want to join the air force but as a pilot. But it was not possible because I knew I will have medical issues. So I came to the Navy as a conclusion. 

SSBCrack: What are your message for the defence aspirants and future warriors?

Manik: Many people ask me and the others that hour much time we should study when we should study, what should we study. I would like to tell them they every person is different. Every person understands things differently. Some may understand a thing at once while others may time. What they need to realise is that they have to introspect and find out what is good for them not for others. Yes, they can take inputs but the decision has to be made by them. And planning is very important along with consistency. There is no shortcut to success. They have to give their all. They need to make plans which suit them and follow them religiously, improvise. And SSB is a gradual process. We can’t change ourselves in 10 days. It takes time and sincere effort. We have to take inputs from our teachers, parents, and friends. We have to be receptive and work on its grey areas. If we do so, there is nothing that can stop us. Finally all the best to everyone for their upcoming exams.

SSBCrack: It was nice talking to you, any word for Team SSBCrack?

Manik: I would only say that teams like you help the defence aspirants to achieve their aim and you provide them with the required motivation through your posts and Stories. It is an amazing task. So, all the best for the future ahead.

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The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.
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