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Indian Navy Rushes Aid to Distressed Iranian Fishing Vessel in Gulf of Aden

The FV Ameen had suffered extensive damage, including a hull breach leading to water ingress.

Amidst a string of attacks on cargo vessels, the Indian Navy once again demonstrated its swift response as the Iranian Fishing Vessel FV Al Arifi issued a distress call.

In a timely intervention, the Indian Naval ship INS Shivalik Mission, stationed in the Gulf of Aden, extended critical medical assistance and supplies to the 18 Pakistani crew members aboard the distressed vessel.

“INS Shivalik is deployed in the region in consonance with the Indian Navy’s mandate of Maritime Security Operations under the broader ambit of the Prime Minister’s vision of SAGAR (Security and Growth for All in the Region),” announced the Indian Navy on social media.

Iranian Fishing Boat

This recent rescue mission underscores the Indian Navy’s commitment to maritime security and humanitarian efforts in the region. It’s not the first instance of the Indian Navy aiding distressed vessels.

Earlier this month, another Indian Naval ship deployed in the North Arabian Sea provided damage control assistance to the Iranian Fishing Vessel (FV) Ameen, which had six Iranian crew members onboard. Additionally, medical aid was extended to three crew members who sustained injuries.

The FV Ameen had suffered extensive damage, including a hull breach leading to water ingress.

Highlighting the Navy’s proactive stance, in January, the Indian warship INS Sumitra successfully rescued the hijacked Iranian-flagged fishing vessel Al Naeemi with a 19-member Pakistani crew off the east coast of Somalia.

Iranina fishing boat 3

Moreover, the firefighting team of INS Visakhapatnam tackled a fire onboard the merchant vessel Marlin Luanda in the same month. The Indian Navy’s swift response and seamless collaboration with the merchant vessel’s crew were pivotal in containing the fire.

These instances underscore the Indian Navy’s preparedness and commitment to maritime safety and security, not only for its own vessels but also for those in distress within the region.

Pratham Gurung
Pratham Gurung
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