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Indian Navy Sets Ambitious Goal for Aatmanirbhar Bharat

Detailing the progress made towards self-reliance in various defence sectors, Admiral Hari Kumar outlined the current levels of indigenous capability.

In a resolute declaration of India’s commitment to self-reliance in defence, Admiral R Hari Kumar, Chief of Naval Staff, announced on Monday the Indian Navy’s ambitious goal of achieving complete “aatmanirbharta” (self-reliance) by 2047.

Speaking at the inauguration of a manufacturing plant belonging to Nibe Defence and Aerospace, an MSME engaged in defence projects, in Chakan, Admiral Hari Kumar emphasized the crucial role of industry collaboration in realizing this vision.

“Self-reliance means manufacturing every ship, submarine, aircraft, and weapon system in India,” stated Admiral Hari Kumar, underscoring the comprehensive nature of the Navy’s aspiration. Minister of State for Defence, Ajay Bhatt, was also present at the event, highlighting the government’s support for indigenous defense production.

Indian Navy

Detailing the progress made towards self-reliance in various defence sectors, Admiral Hari Kumar outlined the current levels of indigenous capability.

He noted that while significant strides had been made in the “float” component, with approximately 95 percent self-reliance achieved, efforts were underway to enhance capabilities in the “move” and “fight” components, standing at 65 percent and 55 percent self-reliance, respectively.

Admiral Hari Kumar stressed the strategic significance of indigenous defence production, asserting that it was not merely an economic imperative but essential for the country’s strategic autonomy.

He emphasized the importance of manufacturing critical components such as weapons, weapon systems, sensors, radars, and missile launchers within India to bolster national security.

Highlighting the Indian Navy’s support for MSMEs, Admiral Hari Kumar commended Nibe Ltd for its contributions, particularly in manufacturing Brahmos launchers for ships.

navy ship

He also mentioned the Naval Innovation and Indigenisation Organisation’s initiatives in fostering indigenous technological solutions through platforms like webinars, aimed at addressing the Navy’s evolving requirements.

The inauguration of the manufacturing plant marked a significant step towards strengthening India’s defence industrial base and aligning with the national vision of self-reliance. With concerted efforts from the government, industry, and defence establishment, the Indian Navy aims to realize its ambitious goal of complete self-reliance by 2047, paving the way for a stronger, more resilient defence sector in the country.

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Pratham Gurung
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