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NewsIndian Army's Nation Building Efforts Spotlighted through 'Know Your Army' Initiative

Indian Army’s Nation Building Efforts Spotlighted through ‘Know Your Army’ Initiative

One of the key objectives of the 'Know Your Army' initiative is to underscore the crucial role played by the Indian Army in nation building.

In a bid to foster a deeper understanding of the Indian Army’s multifaceted role in nation building among the younger generation, students from Nettur Technical Training Foundation in Gopalpur and Delhi Public School in Berhampur recently embarked on a enlightening visit to the Army Air Defence Centre in Gopalpur.

This visit was part of the ‘Know Your Army’ initiative, which aims to provide a platform for youth engagement and showcase the significant contributions of the Indian Army towards nation building.

The students, accompanied by their teachers and mentors, were warmly welcomed at the Army Air Defence Centre, where they were given a comprehensive overview of the various facets of the Indian Army’s operations and responsibilities.

Through interactive sessions, presentations, and guided tours, the students were provided with a firsthand glimpse into the diverse roles and functions of the Army, particularly in the realm of air defence.


The ‘Know Your Army’ initiative is designed to bridge the gap between the civilian populace, especially the youth, and the armed forces.

By offering students the opportunity to interact with serving personnel, witness live demonstrations, and gain insights into the challenges and triumphs of military life, the initiative aims to instill a sense of pride, respect, and appreciation for the sacrifices made by the men and women in uniform.

During their visit, the students had the privilege of interacting with officers and soldiers of the Army Air Defence Centre, who shared their personal experiences, expertise, and stories of valor with the young visitors.

From showcasing the advanced equipment and technology used in air defence operations to highlighting the rigorous training and discipline required to serve in the Army, the students gained a deeper appreciation for the dedication and commitment of India’s soldiers.


One of the key objectives of the ‘Know Your Army’ initiative is to underscore the crucial role played by the Indian Army in nation building.

Beyond its primary mandate of safeguarding the nation’s borders and defending its sovereignty, the Army is actively involved in a wide range of humanitarian, developmental, and community welfare activities across the country.

Through initiatives such as disaster relief operations, infrastructure development projects, medical camps, and educational outreach programs, the Indian Army extends its support and assistance to communities in need, thereby contributing significantly to the socio-economic development and progress of the nation.

The visit to the Army Air Defence Centre provided the students with a unique opportunity to witness firsthand the professionalism, valor, and spirit of service that define the Indian Army.


As they interacted with the brave men and women who dedicate their lives to protecting the nation, the students gained a newfound sense of admiration and respect for the armed forces.

As the students bid farewell to the Army Air Defence Centre, they expressed gratitude for the enriching experience and vowed to share their learnings with their peers and communities.

The ‘Know Your Army’ initiative continues to serve as a powerful platform for fostering closer ties between the Indian Army and the youth of the nation, inspiring the next generation of leaders and patriots to contribute towards the progress and prosperity of India.

Pratham Gurung
Pratham Gurung
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