November 19, 2012

25 Most Common Words in WAT

common words in wat test in ssb
Word association test is one to the four tests conducted in psychological test in ssb interview. What matters in WAT is your speed of writing and thinking. WAT is a series of words, shown to candidates one by one, each word will remain on the screen for 15 secs and in this duration candidates have to think and write the sentence came in their mind.

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word association test ssb

One must be fast enough to attempt all 60 words in WAT, though it won't cause any problem in your final performance if you miss out few words, but what matters is the quality of your responses. WAT is difficult because it gives you very less time to think or think good enough, in other words, you have very less time to manipulate your thoughts to write the best response. So, if you want to score well in WAT, only thing you can do is start practicing different WAT words.

25 Most Common Words Comes in WAT:

  1. Dark
  2. Beat
  3. Alone
  4. Organize
  5. Heat
  6. Ability
  7. Beware
  8. Bolt
  9. Boast
  10. Sputnik
  11. Award
  12. Power
  13. Defeat
  14. Lure
  15. Behave
  16. Cooperate
  17. Duty
  18. Discipline
  19. Lead
  20. Problem
  21. Wisdom
  22. Noble
  23. Luck
  24. Fear
  25. Government
These are few words which are common in most of the WAT conducted in different SSB Boards. You can write the answer for these words in the comment box below. After few days best selected responses will be posted against each words. 

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  1. Sir these are the sentences that came up to mind, please correct me if what i write here isn't what officers want:

    1. Dark - Without darkness light would lose its importance

    2. Beat - you have to beat your desires inorder to succeed

    3. Alone - Being alone teaches us many lessons

    4. Organize - doing things in an organized way saves time

    5. Heat - You need to take heat from higher officers inorder to succeed

    6. Ability - Great ability always comes out of hard work

    7. Beware - beware of terrorists

    8. Bolt - teachers should be lightning bolts of inspiration

    9. Boast - self-boasting is sometimes good

    10. Sputnik -

    11. Award - Getting an award only tells you that you're doing things correctly

    12. Power - Power should be used wisely

    13. Defeat - defeat the defeat before defeat defeats you

    14. Lure - its not good to lure people for personal gains

    15. Behave - Behaviour speaks a lot about us.

    16. Cooperate - Cooperation between teammates is essential for a team's success

    17. Duty - Performing tasks dutifully is what this country needs

    18. Discipline - Life with discipline is happier than the one without it

    19. Lead - people who lead must be impartial in their decisions

    20. Problems - problems make us wiser

    21. wisdom - wisdom is the deadliest weapon

    22. Noble - People become noble when they serve the country

    23. Luck - luck is needed only when hard work is not present

    24. Fear - Fear distorts oour senses

    25. Government - When citizens are good government is good

  2. any1 have the latest lecturette topics for the AFSB Varanasi? if you have please share.

  3. Dark : dark chocolate has lots of anti-oxidants.
    Beat : coconut water is ideal to beat the heat.
    Alone : congress will face the elections alone.
    Organize : The london olympics was organized very well.
    heat : The Heats are followed by the semi finals and the final in running races.
    ability : Sincere efforts develop the ability to face tough situations.
    beware : Beware of piracy
    bolt : Usain bolt is worlds fastest man
    boast : India can boast of having the largest young population in the world.
    sputnik : Sputnik is a Russian satellite
    award : Awards recognize hard work and success
    power : Obama has come to power for the second time as the president of USA
    defeat : a defeat teaches many lessons
    lure : Money can never lure success
    behave : people always like well behaved children
    cooperate : a teams success lies in the cooperation between team mates
    duty : voting is a citizens duty
    discipline : Discipline is very important for a soldier
    lead : a captain leads by example
    problems : problems make life interesting.
    wisdom : words from elders are words of wisdom
    noble : noble men are respected everywhere
    luck : there is no luck without hardwork
    fear : fear of conscience is important
    government : governments in democracy are formed by the people.

  4. Dark: it is a good time for introspection when it is dark.
    Beat: beat the heat and cover the pace towards one's goal.
    Alone: being alone is better than being in bad company.
    Organize: an organized life is worth living.
    Heat: a heated discussion gives out refined results.
    Ability: ability to convince others is a great quality.
    Beware: beware of liars.
    Bolt: the efforts are to be bolted with sincerity for success.
    Boast: boasting may land one in trouble.
    Sputnik: sputnik is a russian sattelite series.
    Award: great men don't look for awards.
    Power: power of a man lies in his values.
    Defeat: defeat is being unwilling to try again.
    Lure: opulence lures some people.
    Behave: one's behaviour is one's introduction.
    Cooperate: cooperation within an organisation leads to efficient working.
    Duty: duty lies before self.
    Discipline: discipline is what that differentiates man from an animal.
    Lead: a true leader stands for the cause of his masses.
    Problem: corruption is the core problem of our country.
    Wisdom: wisdom is attained from experience.
    Noble: nobility is personal trait of a great man.
    Luck: luck matters less as compared to efforts.
    Fear: there are any god fearing people in our country.
    Government: government is committed to the welfare of countrymen.

  5. Dark-Never afraid of dark.

    Beat-beat your own record.

    Alone-Sometimes u have to stand alone to prove that u can still stand.

    Organize-Sucess of plan depends upon efficient organization.

    Heat-Measured in joules.

    Ability-Ability to speak in public is an important leadership quality.

    Beware-Beware of your weak points.

    Bolt-Bolt browser is a free downloadable browser.

    Boast-Be bold and boast.

    Sputnik-Satellite first launched in october of 1957.

    Award-The highest wartime gallantry award given by the military of india is the param vir chakra(pvc).

    Power-Power needs to be put in right direction.

    Defeat-India defeated srilanka in 2011 cricket world cup.

    Lure-A velvet smoothing brush.

    Behave-Our behaviour must be courteous.

    Cooperate-To act or work together toward a commom end or purpose.

    Duty-It is our duty to keep our nation clean.

    Discipline-Way of life.

    Lead-Smart work leads to success.

    Problem-Every problem has solution.

    Wisdom-Knowledge is wisdom.

    Noble-Mo Yan got the noble prize in literature in 2012.

    Luck-Diligence is the mother of good luck.

    Fear-Fearless persons can create history.

    Government-Lord mayo is the father of indian local government.

  6. Dark-india bought devices to see in dark worth 700 crores
    beat-efficient planning beats hard situations
    alone-friends company removes it
    organize-rakesh co-organized tech fest
    heat-sensible discussion cools down the situation
    ability-practice improves ability to perfom better
    beware- whole world is beware of indias exponential growth
    bolt- usain bolt is only athlete to win golds in 100,200m in consecutive olympics
    boast-boasting unnecessarily creates problem
    sputnik-satellite launched by russia
    reward-sucess is the reward of sheer hardwork
    power- democracy gives equal powers to every citizen
    defeat- enemy is defeated intelligently and courageously
    behave-behaviour is the asset of a person
    co-operate- plan executed with co-operation bring results
    duty-soldiers do their duty in any condition bravely
    discipline-disciplined life is the key to sucess
    lead-india is a global leader in IT sector
    problen-is solved by proper analysis
    wisdom-is gained by meeting different peoples and visiting different places
    luck-favours the hardworking
    fear-doing the right thing never creates fear
    government-indusced FDI in various sectors to boost economy

  7. dark :removes by lightning.

    beat :beating negitive feeling gives positivity.

    alone: youth alone bring changes.

    organise: organising things saves time.

    heaT : purest form is achieved after heating process.

    ability : continious efforts increses ability.

    bewere: bewere of suspicious things aruond you.

    bolt: fastest person.

    boast: boasting in limited manner gives confidence.

    sputnik:russian scientist made sputnik after lots of hardwork and devotion.

    award:success after hard work is award itself.

    power :sukoi 30 mki is the superior power of indian airforce.

    defeat :indian forces defeated pak in kargil war.

    lure:nver lure others for pesonal gains.

    behave:good behavior always liked by others.

    coorperate: cooperation between citizens makes country peaceful.

    duty:respect to national flag is everyone's moral duly.

    discipline:ncc teaches unity and discipline.

    lead :cpt. batra lead his soldiers towerds success bravelly.

    problem:conditions makes us strong.

    wisdom:lots of experience and practice briongs wisdom.

    noble :he saved lifes of peoples with noble spirit.

    luck :only matters with lots of hardwork.

    fear :knowledge removes fear.

    government:government is fighting against polio.

  8. Darkn:there is light after dark certainly, beat:i can beat any challenges of my life easily. Alone:dont lead a lonely life,it brings only sadness to u. Organise:everyone should finish his daily work in an well nd pre planned and organised way for the best result. Heat:there mst be heat in ur speech when u r giving an inspiring and motivating speech. Ability:your performance needs you ability witht ur ability u rnthng. Beware:beware of ur enemy in the battlefield n nevr undrestmte thm. Bolt:there is alwys a bolt in our life which helps to fix our life in a proper way. Boast:always boast the weak n disble prsn for their wrk. Sputnik:sputnik is the indo -rssn satellite n a grt scss of pillr for us. Award:do ur jjob with prpr dedicn and honesty ,life will crtnly reward u the name n fame as an awrd power: pwer and strength cms with prpr exercise and diet. Defeat:everyone defeats the bad time of thirs but the thng is how jdsly n how mch quickly u do it. Lure:leave the lure n lust of money u will see its cmng to u on its own. Behave:the way u behave with ur nbrs ,frnz n unknwns shows dpct wht u really are. Coorporate: always cooperate yur comrades for a certn victry. Duty:never avoid ur duty othrwise duty will avoid u. Discipline:discipline n responsibility followers are always a good leader. Lead: live like a lion and lead like a soldier. Problem:there is no problm in ur life if u are a respnsible n discipln lover. Wisdom:use ur wisdom no one will be able to misuse u. Noble:be noble and disciplined in front of ur seniors. Luck:never depend on luck chnge ur luck with ur efforts. Fear:fight with the fear it makes u strong. Government:always appreciate the government bcs the deeds of gvrnmnt is the deeds of ur as ur the one who mde ths gvnmnt.

    1. dear if you are writing these lengthy sentences you will never complete he test.

  9. Dark : Overcome the darkness of failure by hardwork.
    Beat : Beat the enemy tactfully.
    Alone: Friends remove loneliness of life.
    Organize : Organized work takes less time.
    Heat : The problems in Israel are heating up.
    Ability : Everyone has ability to come up in life.
    Beware : Beware all the time.
    Bolt : Ussain Bolt made world record in 100mts run during 2012 Olympics.
    Boast : Wise men never boast about anything.
    Award : Work without expecting an award.
    Power : Overpower the enemy and win.
    Defeat : Defeat the enemy intelligently.
    Behave : Good behavior is always appreciated.
    Co-operate : Co-operative group yields more.
    Duty : Everyone has a duty towards nation.
    Discipline : Disciplined student is liked by a teacher.
    Lead : A good leader loves his subordinates.
    Luck : Hard work generates luck.
    Fear : Honest people never fear.
    Government : Government has banned gutka in 14 states of india.

  10. One should always keep in mind the following while attempting the WAT:
    Your word association should always convey a positive meaning and reflect your OLQ indirectly.
    It is how you attempt the negative words that decides what you actually think or what your character is. So, i suggest to prepare for such negative words or if unprepared and doubtful then leave it.
    e.g. KILL - (one may write)1.Tigers are killed by hunters. (negative idea)
    2. Lion kills its prey first. (neutral idea)
    3. Enemy intruder is to be killed immediately. (positive- to an extent)
    4. Animal killing is deeply condemned. (positive)

  11. Dear Admin : for word 'Army' if we write -Be an Army man, Be a Winner for life- Is it right?
    I mean to say if we write any quote, puch line or words of great people etc...
    Will tht be accepted?

    1. Yes, if that comes to your mind then there is no harm in it. You can use it.

    2. Thank u so much...
      Ur blog is a great help to many of us...
      I religiously follow th info given. Right now my only aim is to Join TA... For which it's a great help.

  12. admin can we modify words to some extent to fit in sentence???
    like people have modified cooperate to cooperation and cooperated??

    1. Yes, you can do so. See its all about what comes to your mind, so write what comes whether it's a same word or just opposite.

  13. admin sahab isse evaluate karoge bhi ya ....bhool gaye ?

  14. what if two same words appear twice in test?

    1. give the same reaction to both, don't contradict yourself.

  15. Dear Admin, what are latest topics for G.D & Lecteurette.,

  16. Dark- The Child Overcame the fear of Darkness By Praying
    Beat- Beat the Fear courageously.
    Alone- No matter if we are alone our faith will help us overcome all odds
    Organize- A real leader has the ability to organize his team in any situation.
    Heat- While in controversies its very important to control one's heat.
    Ability- We should have the ability to understand our own Odds.
    Beware- One must be aware of the outcome before going ahead with any decision.
    Bolt- We should use our bolt for a positive outcome.
    Boast- We should not leave any possibility which help us to boast forward.
    Award- Getting award is every one's dream.
    Power- There is power within every woman.
    Defeat- Indian Army defeated The militants bravely.
    Behave-Good and Moral Behavior gain honour and respect
    Co-Operate- A successful team Maintained peace and co-operation.
    Duty- Giving respect to each others traditions and customs is every man's Duty.
    Discipline- Every organisation needs Discipline to Explore.
    Lead- A Good leader has the ability to lead his team.
    Luck- Our Good or bad Luck depends in our own Faith.
    Fear- Fear is the sign of weakness.
    Government- Our Government plays a vital role in the development and progress of the country.


  17. Dark: Knowledge overcomes darkness of life
    Beat:Teachers beat to improve.
    Alone:We hate being alone.
    Organize: Well organised trek is enjoyed by all.
    Heat: Eating cold increases body heat.
    Ability:Today's youth are able to take their own decisions.
    Beware: A good worker is always aware of the cautions.
    Bolt:Ussain Bolt was victorious at ondon Olympics.
    Boast: Boasting increases expectation.
    Award:Pleasure after helping is the biggest award.
    Power:The Powerful protect the weak.
    Defeat:It is impossible for Pakistan to defeat India in a conventional war.
    Behave: Well behaved children are liked by elders.
    Cooperate: Group co-operation yields better results.
    Duty: A good citizen knows his duty towards nation.
    Discipline:Lessons of discipline begin from school.
    Lead: A good leader understands his subordinates.
    Problem: Problems in life make it interesting.
    Wisdom:Mahatma Gandhi was a man of wisdom.
    Noble: A noble warrior ends the fight without a weapon.
    Luck: Hard work generates luck.
    Fear: We fear the elders due to respect.
    Government: Works for public benefit.

  18. dark: Without darkness light would lose its importance

    beat: movement of a body on every beat is dance.

    alone: company overcomes it.

    organize: director leads the organization to achieve targets.

    heat: sun provides heat and light.

    ability: an actor have ability to perform many characters.

    beware: beware of dogs.

    bolt: usain bolt change the identity of jamaica.

    boast: hitler boast to conquered the world.

    sputnik: it was the first artificial earth satellite.

    award: winning indicates by awards.

    power: power change its form to another.

    defeat: success overcomes the pain of defeat.

    lure: army uniform lure the eyes.

    behave: knowledge change the behavior.

    cooperate: teacher cooperates with student to clear his or her doubts.

    duty: excise duty applied on selling the goods in country.

    discipline: orderly way of life.

    lead: India is the global leader in IT sector.

    problem: every have its own solution.

    wisdom: wisdom tooth is so painful.

    noble: amartya sen was the first Indian who receive noble prize.

    luck: luck and hardwork leads to sucess.

    fear: courage overcomes it.

    government: it is a system to organize the states and country.