25 Most Common Words in WAT

Word association test is one to the four tests conducted in psychological test in ssb interview. What matters in WAT is your speed of writing and thinking. WAT is a series of words, shown to candidates one by one, each word will remain on the screen for 15 secs and in this duration candidates have to think and write the sentence came in their mind.

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word association test ssb

One must be fast enough to attempt all 60 words in WAT, though it won’t cause any problem in your final performance if you miss out few words, but what matters is the quality of your responses. WAT is difficult because it gives you very less time to think or think good enough, in other words, you have very less time to manipulate your thoughts to write the best response. So, if you want to score well in WAT, only thing you can do is start practicing different WAT words.

25 Most Common Words Comes in WAT:

  1. Dark
  2. Beat
  3. Alone
  4. Organize
  5. Heat
  6. Ability
  7. Beware
  8. Bolt
  9. Boast
  10. Sputnik
  11. Award
  12. Power
  13. Defeat
  14. Lure
  15. Behave
  16. Cooperate
  17. Duty
  18. Discipline
  19. Lead
  20. Problem
  21. Wisdom
  22. Noble
  23. Luck
  24. Fear
  25. Government
These are few words which are common in most of the WAT conducted in different SSB Boards. You can write the answer for these words in the comment box below. After few days best selected responses will be posted against each words.

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