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WAT Practice Set

WAT is the 2nd test in the psychology test that is framed to check the active response of candidate over a specific word. The candidates are given 15 seconds to read, think and write a sentence over a word displayed. The time is too short to think, which ultimately makes the candidate to write what is there in his subconscious mind. WAT is also needed to be attempted in a smart way like other tests and tasks of SSB. So there are certain tips to improve your capability to raise your performance.


. Your response should be positive.

. Keep repose short and clear.

. Practice for your writing skills.

. Keep it personality oriented.

Now, below are some WAT words that are a mixture of words, which will grease your mind in order to bring required response over a specific word.

  1. Mark
  2. Confuse
  3. Risk
  4. Conflict
  5. Indicate
  6. Reach
  7. Raise
  8. Support
  9. Weak
  10. Patient
  11. Disease
  12. Both
  13. Around
  14. Decrease
  15. Mistake
  16. Down
  17. Dull
  18. Depend
  19. Fall
  20. Suppose
  21. Indicate
  22. Optimist
  23. Exaggerate
  24. Express
  25. Decline
  26. Fear
  27. Trust
  28. Rest
  29. Fat
  30. Defend
  31. Creative
  32. Obey
  33. Flag
  34. Responsible
  35. Judge
  36. Crisis
  37. Disagree
  38. Need
  39. Careless
  40. Sink
  41. Amuse
  42. Dear
  43. Confess
  44. Fast
  45. Custom
  46. Loyal
  47. Warm
  48. Relation
  49. Lead
  50. Pardon
  51. Worship
  52. Rescue
  53. Support
  54. Practical
  55. Cute
  56. Darling
  57. Refrain
  58. Noise
  59. Bullet
  60. Alert

Conclusion – This battery of WAT will give you an idea of what kind of words are faced in the SSB, especially for the freshers. Practice these words with time limit, keeping the tips in mind. Bring out the best response of yours to keep the response positive and short. The sentence must totally convey your thoughts. Those who have bad handwriting, should practice for it and try to write in average and recognizable handwriting.

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Ravinder Tanwar
Ravinder Tanwarhttps://ssbcrack.com/
A resident of Jaipur. I am a KVian who is passionate to join Indian Defense Force. I started giving SSB from NDA. After completing my B.Tech in 2012, currently I am working as a Software Engineer in Jaipur in a private company, but the passion is still alive in my soul.
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  1. A resident of Uttar Pradesh. I am an aspirant who is passionate to join Indian Defense Force. I started SSB TGC first time during my graduation ( BTech ). After completing my B.Tech in 2021, currently I am working as a Civil Engineer in Lucknow UP, in a private company, but the passion is still alive in my soul.


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