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50 WAT Examples With Answers

Check the latest word association test WAT examples that you will face in your upcoming SSB Interview.

Hello Aspirants, I hope you all are well. Today in this article, we will be talking a little bit about the Word Association Test and later will be discussing 50 most common WATs and sentences for them.


WAT stands for Word Association Test. It is among one of the tests that are conducted under psychological test on Day-2. The WAT is conducted for a total duration of 15 minutes. In this, candidates are shown a total of 60 words on the screen for 15 seconds each. The candidate has to read the word and write the first impression coming in his/her mind in the form of some meaningful sentences. Two short time intervals are given after the 20th and 40th word, which is for turning the pages. As the word changes, a click sound appears on the screen that informs the candidates about the next word.

The motive behind the test is basically to explore the Private world of candidates and their subconscious mind. It tells creativity, thought processes, leadership quality, social behavior, determination, courage, and many more things about the candidate in one way or another. Below are 50 common WATs and sentences for them:

  1. Attack:  Attacking with pre-planning wins battles. 
  2. Blood: Blood is a life giving fluid.
  3. Bed: Bed is a place to live a virtual life.
  4. Officer: Officers are the problem solving machines.
  5. Mother: My mother is my life.
  6. Again: Practicing, again and again, improves performance.
  7. Obey: Obeying elders show sincerity.
  8. Friend: Friends are a precious gift of God.
  9. Failure: Failure is the best teacher.
  10. Lonely: Listening to music removes loneliness.
  11. Book: Reading books enhances knowledge.
  12. Respect: Good deeds are always respected.
  13. Kiss: Kiss is a sign of love.
  14. Zeal: Zeal and perseverance provide success.
  15. Honesty: Honesty wins hearts.
  16. Child: Childhood is the best phase of life.
  17. Kill: Education kills illiteracy.
  18. Careful: Careful preparation keeps errors away.
  19. Doubts: Doubts are cleared by practice.
  20. Teacher: Teachers are our former parents.
  21. Worry: Worrying about the future brings success.
  22. Sport: Playing sports keeps the body active.
  23. Hard work: Hard work always pays in life.
  24. Village: India is a country of villagers.
  25. Greed: Greed for success brings good results.
  26. Army: Army is the backbone of a nation’s security.
  27. Boredom: Meeting friends removes boredom.
  28. Cooperation: Cooperation between neighboring countries benefits them.
  29. War: War causes destruction.
  30. Quick: Quick decisions are risky.
  31. Lazy: Laziness is a danger for life.
  32. Insult: Insults give motivation.
  33. Victory: Sincere efforts take us to victory.
  34. Favorite: Cheerful persons are favorite of all.
  35. Death: Death is the last journey of life.
  36. Reward: Success is a reward for hard work.
  37. Uniform: Uniform provides unity and pride.
  38. Discipline: Discipline is the beauty of the Indian Armed Forces.
  39. Time: Time is money / Time is precious.
  40. Home: Initial learning starts at home.
  41. Medicine: Laughter is the best medicine.
  42. Fear: Practise removes fear.
  43. Speak: Speak less, convince more.
  44. Delay: Delay in work shows carelessness.
  45. Courage: Courageous people face challenges willingly.
  46. Overcome: Self-Confidence helps to overcome difficulties.
  47. Awards: Awards give motivation.
  48. Mature: Maturity brings calmness.
  49. Team: Team binds through understanding.
  50. Command: Command serves the nation.

The words shown in WAT might be positive, negative, and neutral, but the candidates are expected to write some meaningful and quantitative sentences. Though if you miss some of them, it does not cause that much effect, but the thing that matters is the quality of responses. Try to make your own sentences instead of just writing down mugged up sentences. Regular practice of this test can improve your performance and will surely help you during the real-time SSB test.

Basu Tiwari
Basu Tiwari
Intern at SSBCrack. Recommended from 4 AFSB Varanasi and 19 SSB Allahabad NDA AIR-49. Secured all india rank 26,137 in JEE Mains and 18,000 in JEE advance.
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