AFCAT 2 2017 Questions Answers [ORIGINAL]

AFCAT 2 2017 was conducted by Indian Air Force today and many candidates attempted this exam to make their dream of join Indian air force possible. Indian air force is going to conduct the SSB interview for the candidates who will clear the AFCAT 2 2017 cut off. The result of AFCAT 2 2017 will be coming near last week of Sep 2017 and 1st week of Oct 2017. Once the result of AFCAT 2 2017 is out, candidates can check their marks and select the SSB date and venue from the IAF career portal. 

Now the exam is finished, we are discussing the AFCAT 2 2017 question paper, we would like to thank our readers who have submitted the questions from AFCAT 2 2017. This will surely be going to help the future aspirants and the defence aspirant community. Below are the original questions from AFCAT 2 2017 papers.

Note: These questions are memory based which may or may not be similar to the actual question paper, there could be few duplicate questions as these are submitted by our proud readers. If you know more questions please help others by sharing them in the comment section. 

AFCAT 2 2017 Questions Answers

  1. Idioms: Meet one’s Waterloo, Sitting on a Fence
  2. Correct Spellings: Satellite, Embarrassment, Unanimity
  3. Vocabulary: Voracious, Precarious, Candid, unconscionable, Obstinate
  4. Synonym- Haggle, unconscionable, deceitful, morose
  5. Anto- Profane, audacious, obstinate,
  6. Phrase- gift of gab, from head to mouth, to meet one’s Waterloo, at the fence. 
  7. Spelling check-satellite, embarrassment, lackadaisical, equanimity.
  8. Synonyms – morose, candid, precarious,
  9. Antonyms- obstinate, audacious
  10. Idioms – gift of the gaffe, from mouth to hand.
  11. Satyagraha began from which plac
  12. First Congress Session was held where
  13. Satpura Ranges are in
  14. Tashkent is capital of
  15. Vijay Hazare trophy 2016 winner
  16. PV Sindhu defeated whom in April 2017
  17. Noble: Juan Manuel Santos won for what
  18. Upanishads meaning
  19. WHO Head Quater?
  20. Mohiyinattam Dance belongs to
  21. Air Chief as in December 2016
  22. Who among the following did not get Bharat Ratna after death 
  23. Boogie and Caddie are related to which sport

cds exam book

1. Where from Gandhi started satyagraha?
2. Who presented preamble before drafting committee?
3. Antonym of precarious
4. Where is Keoladeo national park situated 
5. Most abundant element of universe

1 capital of Syria
2 which navy  ship was decommissioned in 2017
3 where is Lothal located?
4 Who is ambassador of 2017 women’s world cup

1. Who prepared the preamble of constitution?- JLN
2. Asian games 2018?-Indonesia
3. Thomas Cup-Badminton
4. Upnishabd related to- Hindu philosophy.
5. To whom Sindhudhu defeated in April  2017?
6. Boggie and caddie term is related to which game?
7. Most abundant element?
8. In bihar from where gandhiji started as satyagrah?

  1. Upanishad is about – Philosophy
  2. Iltutmish is from – Slave dynasty
  3. Gandhi started Styaghrah from- Champaran
  4. Defence minister in 1962 war- V.k Menon
  5. Who proposed Preamble- J. L Nehru
  6. Thomas cup from game of- Badminton
  7. Caddie term related to- Golf
  8. P.V. Sindhu defeated — to win Indian Open- Carolina Marin
  9. The Old Man and the Sea’ book noble laureate – Ernest Hemingway
  10. The international date line passes through- Bering Strait 
  11. Prairies grassland- North America
  12. Noble peace prize 2016 – J. M. Santos
  13. Didn’t Got noble prize posthumously – Gulzari Lal Nanda
  14. Satpura range- Maharashtra
  15. Baglihar Dam- Chenab
  16. Keoladeo national park- Rajasthan
  17. Mohiniyattam Dance- Kerala
  18. Most abundant gas of universe- Hydrogen

1) Uzbekistan Capital
2)Pv Sindhu defeated which player in 2016? 
3) International Date line passes through 
4) Satpura Range Extends towards
5) Defence Minister in 1962 Indo-China War
6)Juan Manuel Santos won Nobel prize in which field?
7) Illtutmish is from which Dynasty?
8) First India National Congress meeting held in?
9) Bagalihar Project on which River?
10) WHO ( World Health Organisation) Headquarter?
11) Most Abundant Element in Universe
12) Mohiniyatam is dance of 
13) Ghana National Park is in
14) Vijay Hazare Trophy 2016-2017 winner 
15) Upanishands is a book of ?
A) Atheism B)Philosophy C)Law 
16) Thomas Cup is of which sport
17) Asian Games 2018 held in?
18) Winner of Kabbadi World Cup
19) Air Force Chief on 31 Dec 2016
20) Who Propose Idea of Preamble to before Drafting Committee ?
21)Gandhiji started first satyagrah moment from which place? A)Patna B)gaya C)Champaran

  1. Capital of Uzbekistan?
  2. Satpura extends upto which state?
  3. 2018 Asian games venue?
  4. Airforce chief?
  5. PV sindu defeated whom in final open title…
  6. First section of Congress held in?
  1. What does cryogenics relate to?
  2. Antonym of precarious?
  3. Synonym of audacious?
  4. Synonym of candid?
  5. What are concurrent forces?

EKT (Mechanical):

  1. Most accurate device for voltage measurement: Voltmeter, Multimeter, CRO, VEVT
  2. Upper Casting moulding box: Cope, Cheek, drag
  3. Product of 2 orthogonal matrices will be
Quantitative : Easy questions from Age, Average (one student is replaced by other), Train(platform and a man standing), Ratio(Distribution of Money), Interest (Find the amount on the basis of interests given for an interval)
  • Time and work 2Q
  • Ratio and proportion-3Q
  • %- 2Q
  • Profit and loss 2Q
  • Speed and Distance-2Q
  • Boats and stream 2Q

Venn Diagrams:
1) Thief, criminal, police
2) parents,uncle,friends
3)people, doctor,engineer

  1. Where in bihar Mahatma gandhi started satyagrah movement…? 
  2. Who head quarter? 
  3. International date line pass ? 
  4. Satpura mountain range ranges from? 
  5. Uzbekistan capital? 
  6. Who got bharat ratna first? 
  7. Got nobel for peace in 2016?
  8. Bagliar project on which river?
  • Physics, chemistry, geography, botany…. Find odd? 
  • Lamb, cot, bitch,…… Find odd
  • A&b complete one work in 12days,b&c complete same in 15days,a&c complete same in many day all together will complete the work? 
  • 3:5 boy and girl ratio in a class among them 20% from boys & 25% from girls. Have scholarship… So total percentage of students have scholarship? 
  • Upanishad is a book on? 
  • Who was defence minister in 1962 indo-chin war?

1. Uzbekistan capital
2. Prairie grassland is located in
3. Where was the first Indian National Congress at time of WC Banerjee
4. PV Sindhu won in Indian Super series series against whom
5. Who was defence minister in 1963
6. Kheoldev National park is located in
7. Mohiniattyam is from which state
8. Itutmish was from which dynasty
9. Asian Games , XVIII asiad location
10. Air chief Marshall now
11. Bogey is associated with which game
12. Who won Vijay hazard trophy
13. Juan Manuel Santos won Nobel prize in which field
14. “The old man and the sea” book is written by which Nobel prize winner
15. International line of date passes through
16. WHO headquarters
17. Satpura hills located in
18. Who proposed the Preamble before the Drafting Committee of the Constitution
A) Jawaharlal Nehru
B) B.R. Ambedkar
C) B.N.Rau
D) Mahatma Gandhi
19. Which one is not Bharat Ratna awardee posthumously
A. BN Rai
B. BR Ambedkar
C. Jaya Prakash Narayan
20. One question on Dam

  • Thomas trophy related to which sport?- badminton
  • MG starts Satyagrah from which place of bihar?- champaran
  • Who was not awarded bharat ratna posthumously?- gulzar
  • Iltutamish belongs to which dynasty? -Slave
  • In Olympic 2016, PV Sindhu was defeated by- Carolina 
  • Upnishads were based on – philosophy
  1. Iltutmish belonged to which dynasty?
  2. Idioms: i) to meet one’s Waterloo ii) sitting on the fence
  3. who won the Vijay hazard trophy?
  4. Prairie grasslands are in ______
  5. First session of INC headed by WC Banerjee was held at
  6. capital of Uzbekistan
  7. winner of kabaddi world cup
  8. Mohini yatta is a classical dance of which state
  9. Juan Manuel Santos was awarded noble prize in which category
  10. Oil: Seed – Butter:??
  11. Horse: foal – dog:??
  12. odd man out: Physics chemistry geography botany

Note: These questions are memory based which may or may not be similar to the actual question paper, there could be few duplicate question as these are submitted by our proud readers. If you know more questions please help others by sharing them in the comment section. 

AFCAT 2 2017 Answers Key[ALL QUESTIONS] 

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