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SSB InterviewTipsPain of Failure, Joy of Success in SSB Interview

Pain of Failure, Joy of Success in SSB Interview

What is the fun in getting something easily? No one gets it easily there is extreme willpower and preparation behind that.

Failure is a fundamental part of life, we may be fortunate to get something very easy in life but not all of us, you must be trying very hard to get recommended in SSB even though you got screened out or conference out many times, you may decide not to attempt any more SSB interviews because you think you had enough but after some days you forget all your worries and seeking another chance for the SSB interview. Some of us are tired of failures and don’t want to attempt anymore, but promise not to stop and trying till we have eligibility because you never know when you will hear your chest number after the conference.

You may find someone who is attempting 10th SSB interview with an experience of 9 serial failures, take some inspiration from him and go for it. Nothing is easy unless you have a strong desire and nothing is hard if you have a strong and focused mind. Yes, it’s a desire, it’s something like heaven, one day you will be in UNIFORM. What is the fun in getting something easily? No one gets it easily there is extreme willpower and preparation behind that. We sometimes think that ” How can they recommended that guy, OMG he is so lousy ?” not your fault, this is a common human tendency to judge someone without having the knowledge of proper judgment.


Remember this SSB board gave us real heroes who scarified their lives for the motherland, SSB always wants to select you, they never call you for rejection it’s you who should be able to show your actual ability and quality.

Next time you will prepare for the SSB interview and not just go like trying for a lottery ticket prize, remember everything requires proper preparation, try to take the advice of everyone, and do what you think is the best for you. One day you will hear your Chest number after the board conference and that’s the moment you are living for so why not make it possible in this life. All the SSB aspirants having the same dream and they want to make it in reality. Stop crying if you don’t get recommended, stop yelling, stop cribbing, try to analyze your mistakes, try to find what others did and you did not, and finally, start performing and one day success will be yours.

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  1. Your comment has really inspired me. I had given the ssb interview of nda but i was screened out. Now again the nda written result is coming. This time i will try my best.

  2. my spirit just get doubled by reading your article sir.i can imagine how hard you work and prepare to serve our nation.sir i am going to face ssb the next month.it is ssc tech and it is my first attempt.i have so many questions to ask but i know it’ll be rediculus to ask those here.however i sort out them and selected the most important question for you sir.my question is that how many times can anyone face ssb within the age limit?
    waiting for your answer eagerly!!

  3. thank you sir,i have given 6 ssb-3 comference and 3 screenout. Last conference on 7.oct.12. No doubt i’s nervous after result but now i’ll face my afcat ssb in nov-dec with full josh and preparation.

  4. Sir im engineering student and im deeply intrested in being an flying officer…!!

    now days m preparing for AFCAT and furhter on i believe i would certainly clear it..

    After that im worried about SSB
    becos its my first time attempt…. I would do everything to crack ssb…!!! Please guide…

    Nd i little overweight also… Nd trying hard to reduce it… 🙁

  5. sir ,
    my name is in TGC-115 list of ssb but not get any ssb call letter for ssb so what i do will i go there and show the mobile message which i get from them.
    suggest me what i do?
    thanks regards shoaib

  6. sir this was really motivatinal & inspiratinal.I m 6 times repeator bt still i charge myself for the next times i keep on analysing my last mistakes & recttifying them soon.one day i will definetely write my medical chest no. on dis blog.

  7. I was conference out for TES 26 and now i have again applied for TES 27….can u tell me any gud coaching institute for SSB training especially for repeaters

  8. sir i loved this article …it;s really motivating and it gave me more confidence now…i was out at ma conference in tgc -114 of army entry and it was my 1st ssb..i was really upset with that sir…but after reading this article im really motivated…even my goal is to get into defence sector sir…and i will definitely make it 1 day…even i want ma chest no. to be called after conference 1 day.. i will keep on try and will work very hard to achieve m goal..thanx for dis article sir..guide us in this way always ..!!!!!!!!

  9. @Kiran

    First of all don’t say you don’t have any goal, IAF is one of your major goal to be achieved 🙂

    Afcat interviews will start from Nov mostly , yes its better to join a good coaching academy as you mentioned above. All the best

  10. sir, i’ve passed afcat 02-2011 exam. ssb dates have not yet been disclosed. shall i join for ssb coaching in cavalier institute? i’ve my engineering exams in dec2011. when may b d approximate date for ssb sir? becoz i desperately wanna join IAF. i don’ve any other goals in my life. waiting for u r guidance sir. thank you.

  11. @Admin : Sir i loved this post. Highly motivational. When i was reading the article i went in the flashback. I cleared my SSB in my 9th attempt. And trust me it feels out of this world when u hear ur chest no.
    @All: Friends u never know tat one more attempt, some more hard work can change ur luck at SSB. So don’t leave even a single stone unturned. Give ur best. And learn to give 100% at every stage of SSB. All the best to all future officers.

  12. Its been 5 years and 8 attempts of SSB and AFSB, but nothing has deter my determination of earning that Olive green uniform for my life..Every failure has encouraged me more to come back again with improved version of me..
    Just waiting for that lucky day when my chest no. will called out after conference..

  13. Sir, I have given the SSB three times, Once conference out and two times screen out.I am eagerly waiting for my next SSB.My next ssb is like i m giving it for the first time with full spirit, passion and preparation.
    Thank you sir keep us motivating.:) 🙂 🙂

  14. Rajat nice to hear that, keep on analyzing your past performances, work on your weak points, one they you will hear your chest number for sure. 🙂

  15. Sir,your this comment is a very big motivating factor for me.I have given 4 AFSB and 1 SSB,and no doubt i still have a strong will,a strong desire for Uniform.The only thing that i need to work is strong preparation to hear my chest number after conference.I am ready for it! Guide me.


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