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      Boss, i have cracked AFCAT 2012 which was held on 26th Feb. But i have lost my Admit card and i forgot my rollno. too. If you have the PDF of the AFCAT 2012 Result then please Do Upload it. I remember that my SSB for AFCAT will be on 23rd July Dehradun. I have not received my SSB Call letter.

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    1Q.Alexander was a great warrior
    5Q. (nothing striked my mind)

    please tell me if my answers are correct or not and also do let me know how to solve 5th question)

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    Aircrazy…. all correct…for 5th answer check the first comment by Roban .

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    i jst noticed sir..roban’s answer is also correct but theres an alternative answer whch i gave…
    goes as – half of nbr..thn 4 times..half of nbr thn 3 times..thn half of nbr n two times…so we get 90 and 45 this way….

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    @ Nishant 5th answer is 120 ,60…it cant be 90,45…

    adding 30 to the number in odd place and adding 15 to the number in even place…

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    but sir the pattern i mentioned..that too well as the othr one(whr u get 120,60) hw can one of thm b correct?:)

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    1. Alexander was a great warrior.
    2. Jasmine.
    3. Fork.
    4. 113
    5. 120 60.

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    but the spelling of warrior in the 1st question is wrong.. so how can the poet is the unnecessary one???????

  8. Sangeeta Rawat

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    you will not receive you admit card by post,instead you have to download it from net only

  9. Guest

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    How did u do 4th question?? wat is the approach..I didnt evn understand the question…

  10. Kashyap

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    Can any one please tell me
    1) whether the MAT consists of only aptitude or both aptitude and General awareness?
    2)If both would be present, how much would the GA(general Awareness) would weigh? and
    3)what could be the expected or estimated cutoff for MAT?
    4) Would there be any negative marking?

    So many questions, and so less time..! Please help me ( I m new to these PSB and SSB) never gave one yet!

  11. Saurabh Suman

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    for indian coast guard preliminary selection i have provisnal certificate of my BE do it create any problem


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