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Group Planning Exercise 2 GPE SSB Interview

Let's practice Group Planning Exercise Part 2 with the map and situation given below.

GPE is one of the very important parts of the GTO series. It is conducted next after GD, so being an initial test, GTO selects particular candidates who show their good planning abilities and a good sense of decision-making in GPE. Those candidates are tested by GTO with more interest in the latter part of the test.Β Here at SSBCRACK, we present one more GPE for you. We got very fewer responses in the last GPE, so we hope we will come out with more and more ways to solve the exercise, this GPE is very interesting hope you will like it.

Group Planning Exercise 2 Details

You are a group of students (as many as in the group) of Shyamgarh college returning from Dinapur after winning the Dinapur District Volley Ball Championship. The victory celebrations in your college are to start at 7.30 PM. As you mini -bus stopped at the petrol pump – cum – garage to get the headlights of the minibus repaired, you saw the attendant lying in a pool of blood. He told you that some anti – social elements had beaten him up and left him dead before looting all the cash and cutting off the telephone wires. He had managed to overhear their conversation. They planned to exchange large consignment of drugs in return for Arms from a foreigner near the Rock at 6.45 PM. They had also removed the fish plates of both railway tracks on the bridge. You know that an express train crosses the bridge at 6.30 PM. Also two of their men were hiding near the ferry to kill Tota Ram of Badli Village who was a police informer. The ferry has a motor boat with a speed of 20 Kmph which the two men have planned to use for their escape later. After telling this the pump attendant falls unconscious. Just then one of your friends comes running from the mini- bus and tells you that he has to take the mini – bus back to the office of Dinapur College where your Silver Trophy and the medals have been left behind. The time now is 5.30 PM. What will you do?


Group Planning Exercise 2 Map


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  1. Dear sir,
    The perimeter outside the picture is not shown how are people scaling the distance. I mean in the perimeter of the board on which GPE is shown to aspirants. I am not able to scale the distance

  2. Issues :
    1. Provide medical aid to attendant
    2. Stop the train by alerting railway authority
    3. Save totaram by alerting him and catch two mens
    4. Alert CoastGuard about drug consignment
    5. Get the medals back from Dinpur college
    1. 2 people will go on minivan by road to shyampur hospital.
    They will get the mediacla aid to attendant and drop him back to petrol pump.
    Time taken: 1 hr 20 min
    2. 2 people will go on ferry via creek to Coast guard hut.
    They will allert the coast guard about fish plate removal and drug consignment.With his help they will alert railway authority to stop the train.
    Time taken: 40 min
    3. 2 people will go on foot via kachha rasta and swim across river to betia village.
    They will alert totaram and ci-operate with police to catch the 2 people near ferry.
    Time taken: 1 hr 10 min
    4. 2 people will go on attendant’s bike via road to dinpur college.
    They will take the medals and come back at petrol pump.
    Time taken: 1 hr
    At 7:00pm, all of them will meet at petrol pump and go ahead on minibus to reach the college and attend the victory function.

  3. Tasks to be done:
    1. Inform the railway about the fish plates to avoid the accident before 6:30 pm
    2. provide the attendant first aid as soon as possible
    3. Save totaram’s life
    4. Inform coast guard about the drug consignment exchange plan of antisocial elements
    5. Get the trophies back from Dinpur.
    6. Be at the celebrations till 7:30 (2hrs)
    Resources we have: We have a bus, driver, 10 players of volleyball team, coach (in all resource of 12 humans)
    The plan: As we have enough no. of men to work, we can divide the team in some definite groups.
    One group of 6 players will give him first aid and take the attendant to the ferry. There 3 of them will take him to badli village where the village doctor will get him treated. They will inform the villagers about the plan to kill totaram and his life will be secured and the villagers will inform the case to police.
    The other three will take the motor boat to reach the coast guard and inform him about the drug consignment exchange plan. Considering the dist. it’ll take about 1/4 hour to reach the ferry and ½ hr to reach the coast guard. It is 6:15 nw and coast guard has about ½ hr to check the drug peddlers.
    The telephone connections are intact with the coast guard. Using this connection the railway authority will be informed about the fish plate’s removal from railway tracks.
    The other group will take the bus and go to dinpur through road. They will take the trophies and be back on time.
    The bus will pick up the others at the ferry and reach the celebrations about 25 minutes before time…

  4. I wil divide my group in 3 sub grp.

    1. 1grp with 3members will drop another two grp at ferry and drop others two grps there and go back to dinapur and will reach there around 6:15 PM. and contact railway authority and infrom them about fish plate. they will stop train before reaching bridge and will go to office and recieve their trophy and medal and left for college.
    2. 2nd grp with 4members will take injured person to badli there should b hospital. and also inform police about incident and tota.. and go wid police and catch those two victims.
    3.3rd grp wil go to coast gaurd by takin boat and will there around 6:15 PM and inform coast gaurd about smuggling at rock.. and get back ferry and there frnds from badli and reach at petrol pump.

    at petrol pump they all 3grps at petrol pump and go to college and reach there 7 :20 and attend their celebration.

  5. Priorities :-
    1. To give first aid to attendant and send to nearest hospital.
    2. Inform the matter (fish plates removed at bridge) to Railway authorities .
    3. Send the information to TOTA RAM at Badli to save himself.
    4. Send the information of Culprits are planning at Rock and two culprits are hiding at Ferry as they are planning to kill thota ram at Police station.
    4. Attend victory celebration at college.

    Divide the group in 4 sub groups 2 each in 2 groups 4 each in 2 groups. Send 1 group with attendant to shyamgarh with the help of auto rikshaw for the treatment of attendant and inform the matter at police station.
    With the help of mini bus a 4 men group reach at badli to inform the matter to Thota ram and at police station. With the help of police, take the motor boat reach at fish plates removed place and leave two member at that place to keep two red cloths both sides.
    Two members with motor boat will go at coast guard and inform the matter of rock for their necessary action.
    Four members with minibus they return back to dinpur for inform the matter at dinpur as the fish plates removed to the railway authorities as well as they collect the trophies will return back to college in timely.
    All the groups will return back in timely and participate in the games celebration.

  6. Aim-: To attend victory function in Shyamgarh College at 7:30 pm
    Time Now-: 5:30 pm

    Order of priority of doing the task and divide the group.

    Task 1 -Save the life of attendent.
    Sol – Group 1 provide first aid,take him by a lift from running transport service and admitted to Shyamgarh hospital which is 11 km and will reach in 20 min.

    Task 2- Inform police station about his informer murder planning.
    Sol – Group 2 will reach to Badli village which is 0.5km in 8min through track ahead and swimming to cross the river and inform police about planning of murder of Toataram at ferry point and cooperate them.

    Task 3 – Inform Railway Station master about defective railway track.
    Sol – Group 3 will reach to Coast Gaurd which is 2km in 6min by ferry and inform the station master of Dinapur and Ramgarh by telephone or put a red flag in defect railway track point with help of Coast Gaurds.

    Task 4- Inform Coast Gaurd about smuggling location.
    Sol- Group 3 also inform about smuggling of drugs and arms at 6:45pm rock point which is 1km from CoastGaurd in 3min by patrolling boat and make a plan to seize all the drugs,arms and smugglers.

    Task 5- To collect medals and trophies from Dinpur.
    Sol – Group 2 catch the main road and hire a transport that will reach Dinpur College which is 11 km in 10 min and return back

    And the group 2 ,3,4 recompiled at Petrol Pump and go by mini bus to Shyamgarh College with group 1 attend the function

  7. give the first aid to the injusred person by using the first aid box that is there in the car

    3 of the student will take that unconscious person to the nearest hospital in way to shyam garh which is 10 km away in the mini bus it will take around 15 min to cover 10 if bus runs at 50 t0 60 km/hr

    two of them will take him to the nearest hospital and be with him.(assuming the will find hospital with in 15 min) and 3rd will take the mini bus to goto the nearest police station to inform them about the removal of fist plates and consignment of drugs. so that police can call railways and stops the train on that route this thing can be finished of by 6:15

    Meanwhile remaining student at Petrol pump will divinde themselves in to two group. 1 gruop will go to badli village to inform totaram about the plan to stab him. and with the help of villagers to stops the xchane of consignment.(they can take help by other motor vehicalist as they are atanding on petrol pump car automobiles are common ) while other group will go near ferry and catch the two person beat them and hand over to the police on their arrival.

    then the friend who informed the police can comeback with them and takes their friend back to college by 7:30

  8. give the first aid to the injusred person by using the first aid box that is there in the car

    3 of the student will take that unconscious person to the nearest hospital in way to shyam garh which is 10 km away in the mini bus it will take around 15 min to cover 10 if bus runs at 50 t0 60 km/hr

    two of them will take him to the nearest hospital and be with him.(assuming the will find hospital with in 15 min) and 3rd will take the mini bus to goto the nearest police station to inform them about the removal of fist plates and consignment of drugs. so that police can call railways and stops the train on that route this thing can be finished of by 6:15

    Meanwhile remaining student at Petrol pump will divinde themselves in to two group. 1 gruop will go to badli village to inform totaram about the plan to stab him. and with the help of villagers to stops the xchane of consignment.(they can take help by other motor vehicalist as they are atanding on petrol pump car automobiles are common ) while other group will go near ferry and catch the two person beat them and hand over to the police on their arrival.

    then the friend who informed the police can comeback with them and takes their friend back to college by 7:30

  9. sir i took the minimum number i.e 7 in ssb group and try to solve the problem.
    they will divide then slef in two group of 2 an 5
    1. first they will all help to stop blood by putting some cloths
    then someone will arrange the cab and the two member group will put the man in cab and take him to shyamgard
    time taken = 5:30 to 5:45
    2. other five will take some spare vehicle from petrol pump and reach to near river and take other ferry to cross then they will reach to badi badi village police station and explain the situation
    time taken = 5:30 to 6:00
    3. one of them call at the dinapur nad ramgard railway station
    to explain situation. and ask them to please fix it and some survey team to cheak other problem .
    time taken = 6:00 to 6:01
    4. from there they will divide themslef in grou of two and three
    and both the group will have police support of two person
    a] now a group with four people will go to place where killer are hiding find them and capture them
    time taken = 6:00 to 6:30
    b] group with five people will take the ferry and reach to coast guard to explane the situation
    time taken = 6:00 to 6:30
    5. then they will reach to rock place with in 15 min and catch them bare handed
    time taken = 6:45 to 7:00
    6. after that all with help of coast guard fastest boat will reach to near petrol site at 7:10 there they all five will catch there bus and attend there celeberate.(two of them are already there)

    please sir give suggestion to improve myslef

  10. full action:-

    when we are at petrol pump suddenly faces certain problems:-
    1->save life of injured person.
    2->save life of persons in train.
    3->save life of totaram.
    4->bring the medals and attend function

    resources available:
    ferry,bus,manpower of petrol pump

    plan of action:-

    quickly divide my team into smaller group

    1->quicly give 1st aid to bleeding person,stops its bleeding & send 2 person to dinapur district to bring out medals and also they admit injured person to hospital and inform to police
    dist->15km time taken by bus->20 min,tot time->5:30

    2->we all with the help of petrol pump manpower go to ferry site 1km away,attack those 2 person tie them with rope and take them away to petrol pump+our 2 man also go with them and take care of situation,and hande over to police lateron.
    time taken->20min.now time is 5:20

    3->all 6 boys with feery move towards cost guard
    & inform the costguard about smuggling & also about railway track.
    dist->5 km time taken->6min by fery now time 5:40

    4->cost guard will catch all those miscreants and also inform to railway authorities by satellite fn
    and save life of all persons in train

    5->2 person will return back till 6:30 to petrol pump with police handed over those 2 persons to police and wait for ther person to come all gather till 7:00

    6->and head back to coll dist is 10km time taken 15 min get ready and attend party and enjoy with friends.

  11. The group will be divided into 2 sub groups:
    1. Group 1 will take the wounded man to the hospital in Shyamgarh in Taxi. It would take them 20 minutes to reach the hospital.
    2. The second group will leave towards Dinapur college in mini bus. They will inform the Police immediately about the planned murder of Tota Ram and the exchange of arms. They will also inform the railway department about the plates. It will take them 45 minutes to reach Dinapur college.
    3. After collecting medals and trophies they will head back towards Shyamgarh college and will be in Shyamgarh at 7:15. Then they will pick up group 1 from the hospital and proceed towards college celebrations.

  12. we have to save the train, save tota ram, the petrol pump man and stop the drug deal as well as recover the cash.
    fill the petrol for need. 2 men will go to before the bridge with a red cloth,,(if some railway signal man is there near the bridge, inform him otherwise) hurl red cloth there n stop the train giving them the information.
    other men take the injured petrol pump man in bus, close the pump, give him 1st aid in the bus.
    go to coast gurad , get headlights if any arrangement there or move otherwise , send the man in bus to hospital with 2 men n 2 men in the bus to dinapur.. inform coast gurad 1. stop the deal, recover the money, 2. save tota ram from the ferry site..
    nab the culprits.
    on return bus picks up men form hospital, cosst guard and bridge site
    all assemble back at petrol pump. shyamgarh is just 10 km, we can easily return.

  13. #Manpower : 5+1extra =6 players, 1 bus driver

    1)firstly divide my volleyball group into 2 teams each consisting 3 members.
    2) 1st grp runs to ferry ghat.Reaches within 3 min(avg running speed 15km/hr, distance to ferry ghat approx 500m)
    3)1st friend crosses the river go to Badli, find tota ram ,tell him to flee towards Dinapur and take the villagers to the ferry, but as it is not certain that he will find tota ram,
    So 2nd friend will remain at the ferry to look for tota ram silently, without rousing suspicion.
    3rd 1 would take a ferry, go directly to coast guards(CG) (this’ll take approx 10 min) , inform the facts and to tell them to sent a patrol to ferry ghat and another 1 to the rock.
    CG would inform both dinapur and ramgarh railway station about the fish plate so to stop the express train of 6:45pm.(it said ‘both the tracks’ and we don’t know which way the train would come)
    3rd friend would come with CG at ferry within 5:50pm where he’ll meet the other 2.
    The culprits will get surrounded and eventually get caught.
    The operation would be over before 6:30pm.

    2)2nd group including me would give first aid to the attendent.
    We 3 would take him to dinapur hospital by mini bus ,
    The bus would drop 2 of us at the 3 way junction, (5:40pm)
    1 would stay to look after the attendant and return back taking the trophy and medal from
    Dinapur college after admitting the attendant to the district hospital.
    The bus will return to the junction around 6:25pm (max) and wait for us there.
    We will both walk towards the railway tracks.it will take 5 min ie 5:45pm.
    My friend will wait at the railway tracks to try to stop the train if the driver don’t get informed.
    He would do this by waving hist t shirt and pant.
    I’ll go to the rock and find the foreigner and wait there till the CG reaches.
    The CG will arrive around 6pm.(15 min max)
    I will wait till the culprits are nabbed and the train is stopped.
    Then atlast we 2 would return to the junction, board the bus, go to the petrol pump pick up the 1st group and reach shyampur well before 7:30pm.

  14. # PROBLEMS:
    1. Unconscious man at petrol pump.
    2. Tampered Fish plates at the rail track, 6:30 PM
    3. Smuggling of Drugs and arms at 6:45 PM near rock.
    4. Save Tota ram.
    5. Get trophies from Dinapur.

    # Materials and help Available:
    1. Given
    a. Vehicle in which players travelling.
    b. Boat at ferry.
    2. Assumed Material and help
    a. Man Power at petrol Pump.

    # Time Now: 5:30 PM.

    # As The leader of the group, I will diveide the group into 2 Sub-groups: Team A with 2 members and Team B with 8 members.

    # Solutions:
    1. Team A will take the unconscious man in their vehicle to Dinapur Hospital and get him admitted there and then inform the police about all the happenings. Distance 12 kms and time taken half hour.

    2. Team B with the help of Man power available at petrol pump will nab the 2 men waiting for tota ram and take the boat to the coast guard where they will inform them about the tampering of rail tracks and the smuggling near the rock. Distance 6 kms and time taken 3-4 mins.

    3. Group B will take the ferry and inform the coast guard.

    4. Team A after getting the trophies from Dinapur will meet rest of team members at petrol pump and move to shyamgarh to their college. Time taken 30-40 mins to reach back.

  15. Reaction to the situation:-

    1)divide the group(ratio: 4:4:2(if in case of 10 students))
    2)Now its 5:30. the first thing is to leave two behind to make arrangement’s for the medical help to the injured person.
    3)Now the group of 8 boys ,through the route of bridge(with the help of bus) will try to reach the nearest railway station in 20min(by 5:50pm) to report the railway authority about that railway line bcoz we can reach their through bridge.
    4)(before rushing for tota ram)the rest 4 who were there till the station will b asked to meet again on petrol pump(they will also take 20mints that means they will be their around 6:50pm)Now after this with 4 boys and we will rush immediately to save the tota ram(it may also take time of 20 min a the distance is same as of petrol pump to raiway station.) as he is the informer and can prove to b of great help in interrupting illegal work of criminals and
    5)Lets assume that episode till the securing of tota ram took half an hour and its 6:10pm , even then we are still left with more than one hour and 20 mints in hand.It must to be noted that the boat is very useful bcoz of it speed and now can help us in bringing the trophy back..as the distance given in the map is 10km and boat runs at 20kmph..
    it means that 10 kilometer in half hour.
    4)From there we will send 2 boys to bring back the trophy and the with the rest of the 2 boys we will plan to meet on the same petrol pump(it will also take 20min to return that means they will reach petrol pump by 7:10).with the hi-speed boat trophy will come back in one hour..as the boat is of hi-speed and the that boat route leads near to the petrol pump.
    5)Now going back to the petrol pump will also take half an hour , it means that we all r back to petrol pump by 7:15pm and from there we will take our rest of the frnds as will go back to our destination…

  16. Priorities:
    1)Save the life of the attendant
    2)Prevent the train from derailment
    3)take tota ram to a safe place
    4)get the culprits arrested
    5)reach shyamgarh college by 7.30 with the trophy’s n medals.
    1)Give 1st aid to the attendant available with the team in their bus n rush him 2 a hospital in shyamgarh. The 10 km journey wil take 15 min.
    2)After hospitalizing the attendant rush to the shyamgarh railway station by taking a lift from a bike n inform the station master of the proceedings n situation. this activity will take 20 min.Rush the bus simultaneously to the police station n give them the information of the meeting of the culprits as well as gansters near the ferry.this wil take 10 mins.Thn move towards college n reach thr in nxt 10 min.
    3)2 grp members go to tota ram on foot n bring him back to the metalled road after making the ferry inoperable so that the culprits can not flee.Hire an auto n take tota ram along to shyamgarh.they wil reach shyamgarh college in 20 mins.
    4)4 people hire an auto from petrol pump and
    1get downs at the bridge with a red cloth so that he can try his bit in case of no communication between shyamgarh station master n the driver and 1 member at the coast guards office to inform them abt the deal n men near the ferry.The police in co-ordination with the coast guards wil take care of the culprits then
    5)take the auto back to dinapur village,collect the medals n trophy’s n also the members dropped at coast guards office,railway bridge and reach college.the total distance is approximately 50 km from petrolpump to dinapur n thn to shyamgarh which can be covered in 130hrs.
    The entire team will be at the fumction by 7.

  17. we will divide the group into 3 subgroups where one subgroup contains only two members and the remaining two contains 4 each.

    1.the group with 2 members will ask for the lift of any vehicle and they will take him to shyamgarh hospital doing first aid in the journey with the kit available in the minivan.they will reach there by 10 min.They will admit in hospital.
    2.4 members will go to the ferry and they will reach the opposite side and inform the villagers about the criminals and try to catch them.Those four members again will catch tje ferry along with the villagers and they will go through the creek.It will take 30 minutes for them to reach the rail bridge.Two of them will gwt down and will try to prevent the train from coming by placing a red flag on the track which they will bring from the village.

    the other two will move through the ferry to the sea and will inform the coastguard about the smugglers.this will take about 15 more minutes from the overhead railway track.

    3.The other batch will move in the minibus to ramgarh and will inform the railway authorities about the derailment.this will take approximately 20 min as the distance is nearly 15-20 km assuning they move at a speed of 60 kmph.

    4.It will take another 20 minutes for the third batch to come to the flyover and will collect the remaining 4 who will return back in a ferry to that place.
    5.the remaining two will catch a cab to come to that junction which may take 20 min for them.

    They will be having one hour time to reach their place

  18. Roban there are many solution, just you need to find most accurate solution. Yes you can use bus if you think that its difficult to find any transport then use bus. Its all depends on our imagination.

    You are in a garage you must use and other vehicle from garage also to save mechanic’s life..

  19. @ admin – thanx fr d suggestions n guiding me
    bt i believe bus will be better 2 take d injured as it will take time 2 find other transport n bus z already going 2 dinapur
    plz correct me if em wrong

  20. Nishant, very well planned, you have mentioned the timing in you planning which is very important..also the distance factor according to the speed of vehicle is very commendable . Keep it up…

  21. 1-all students except one + attendant board bus.That one student to take the track path towards Badli village and inform Tota Ram of the threat and make him slip out of the village through the tracks ahead(they would not hurt the boy crossing the river so as not to raise an alarm..moreover they dont know of his intentions..)
    2-all students except one to get off at TRACK-ROAD JUNCTION..this is about 2kms as per the given scale.
    3-students to go to coast guards..about 1kms away on foot and inform them of the evil plans..
    4-coast guard calls up the railway stns on both side of the bridge to stop the incoming trains before they reach the bridge..(stns will wireless the train drivers if train has left)
    5-coast guard TEAM1(on motorboat) raids the rock and captures both-the foreigner and drug dealers
    6-coast guard TEAM2(on motorboat) moves and captures the goons at the ferry..
    7-the bus returning from Dinpur with the trophy picks up rest of the team at TRACK-ROAD junction after about 30mins it dropped them there..bcz 10km up travel+10km down travel from Dinpur..assuming bus traveld at min 40kmph(which usually buses travel at)
    8-even if students board the bus latest at 6:45(after ensuring their plans had reached a successful conclusion)..the distance to travel to college wud b 2KMS(to petrol stn) + 10kms(to college)=12 kms in all…
    7-students reach college well before 7:30 and at the celebrations narrate how they worked as a group to a very good cause..

  22. Vaishnav good effort but you need to improve a lot.. your planning is depends on various factors,like you have used following lines:

    “move to the ferry if the police and authorities permits to”

    in last line you have used

    ” meet at ferry before 7 15 if the culprits are caught and everything else is safe”

    It shows weak planning, you have to catch them there is no ‘If’ and ‘But’…

    another thing…

    Also try to provide first aid to the mechanic like try to stop his blood flow, else there is no use of going till hospital, use First Aid Kit in your mini bus…

    you are seeking permission from authority for no reason…if you inform coast guard then they will catch the ROCK Smugglers at the same time they will go to ferry and catch those 2 men hiding there to kill Tota Ram…coast guard is for handling such situations, Also make sure you inform concerned railway authority so that no train runs until fish plates get repaired.

    But you have utilized Villagers and that is the very good point..you still need to make a plan accordingly ..Hope you will do well in GPE 3 . πŸ™‚

  23. 1. a sub group (they must be informed to get back to the ferry if their missions are successful) of the students take the minibus and find a cab. one of them must get into the cab and take the injured guy to the nearest hospital and make arrangements to inform the proper authorities and move to the ferry if the police and authorities permits to .
    2.the other guys on the minibus in the mean time must go back to dinapur and inform the railway office about the fish plate and in the mean time the other guy must inform coast guard abt th esmuggling befor 6 15 pm. get back the trophies and if time permits repair the headlight and make a move back to ferry.
    3. the other group which stayed back at the petrol pump must gather some local people and tell about the smugglers plan to escape through the motor boat . with the help of the local make the boat unavailable for their escape.
    4. the subgroups meet at ferry before 7 15
    if the culprits are caught and everything else is safe then try to get back to shyamgarh colg as soon as possble .

  24. Vinm nice attempt, but utilize 10 mins during GPE in SSB and try to elborate more how will you do the stuffs by explaining small things also like, time management , indicating directions , resource utilization… also own safety should be considered..

  25. Divide the group into 2 sub groups.
    proposed plan:
    1)1 sub group will shift the injured person to the Badli village which will be having the facility of hospital.And will inform the police station of badli village about the tota ram killing plan.

    2)other sub group via mini bus will head towards dinpur(a district) railway station to inform regarding removal of fish plates of railway tracks of the bridge.And inform coast guard via telephone regarding smuggling of drugs near the rock for further steps.Will inform the police station also to take necessary.

    3)After collecting the trophy and medals which were left behind at dinpur college will move to shyamgarh college (will pick up the other sub group on the way).

  26. Roban, also mention the approximate time required for the activities, like taking injured attendant two the nearest hospital by bus will take some time, also you can find other mode of transport(Taxi, Auto) because bus may not be comfortable for a injured person and Bus is a public transport not for private purpose.

    you have divided the group but did not concluded it well, also make sure all the group members should meet up at a same point after dividing group…if possible you should attend victory celebration on time .

  27. 1. Take d injured attendant 2 d nearest hospital by d bus going 2 dinapur leaving 5-6 students on d pump only
    2. 1 of d students can go 2 inform d nearest railway dept 2 repair fish plates
    3. 2 students should go 2 ferry so dat criminals can’t escape
    4.2 students can go 2 badi village 2 inform tota ram dat he was being threatened


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