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What To Do In Progressive Group Task PGT

PGT Progressive Group Tasks in SSB Interview is one of the very important task in GTO series, in which group has to cross some obstacles set one by one, GTO will ask you the time you need to cross all the obstacles, now don’t be a hero and say you will do it in 10 mins, be practical and calculate the difficulty of an obstacle when GTO showing you all the obstacles one by one, also do not start thinking about the obstacle, first listen to the GTOs instructions carefully he may give you many hints while showing an obstacle so be care full and stop dreaming of something else.


Progressive Group Task
Progressive Group Task

GTO tells you rules and regulation which has to be followed during task, listen to it carefully because in Armed forces rules are regulation has more importance and if you break the rule you will loose your chances.

Now you might have seen some of the candidates started jumping and flying over the platform and started shouting and alone going to make a route to cross without any fool proof plan, they not only confuse others but also waste the time of the group.Also you may find some of the candidates giving a very good and workable solution to solve an obstacle but hardly you will follow that because all of you want to solve it from your own way.

Remember there are more than one method to solve an obstacle, that is why it is called Group Task, task is something which can be performed in different ways. You may find out a good and easy way to solve an obstacle or you may not. Also, you should apply whatever is the ideas are coming to group members because you will get a correct idea after attempting something with plank, balli and rope.

Try to use as many as ideas you can apply, working in group only solve the difficult problem.
Sometimes all of you get stuck in between and no one getting a good idea, this is the time you can show your quality, this is the where you can think fast and can be a real hero. Use all the material provided to you, sometimes we use only rigid material and do not think about rope, rope is a very useful material given to you so try to use it.

Sometime all of you get stuck in the middle of an obstacle and you are not able to get the method to cross it, never choose to go back and start again find the way from there it self, there is always a way to cross.

PGT shows how you work in a group and how you face the difficulty along with the group, you will be a winner if you help the group with your mental power not the physical power and you will be a looser if you confuse the group and waste their time. Follow the rules, give an idea it will help the group to cross the obstacles in time.
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