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All About Progressive Group Task PGT

Progressive group task PGT is continued after the group planning exercise. This is a outdoor task and is one of the interesting task of the GTO series. This task is about set of obstacles in ground in that you and your team members need to cross each obstacle by set of rules. The time allotted for the task is 30-45 minutes and to cross the obstacles the group will have some helping materials which are given by the GTO.

The helping material will be

  • Wooden log (Balli)
  • Wooden plank (Phatta)
  • Rope
  • A fragile load to carry

As the name suggest the task will include number of levels and the consecutive level will be difficult that the last level. The whole group participates in the task.

Progressive Group Task PGT

Rules of the Task

  1. Rule of color– The structure are painted in different colors viz Red, Yellow and White.
  2. White– Both the person and helping material can use this structure.
  3. Yellow-The person can stand on this structure but he cannot place the helping material on the structure colored yellow.
  4. Red– Both the candidate and helping material should not touch the obstacle.
  5. Out of bond area– The areas in the PGT which should not be touched are called as out of bound areas. These areas include the mud surfaces and the color mentioned above.
  6. Rule of rigidity-This rule states that no two rigid helping material can be tied together. Instead the helping material can be tied with the structure.
  7. Rule of infinity– This states that the start and the end line of the obstacle extend till infinity. The group cannot pass these lines.
  8. Rule of Group and load– The entire group along with the last person, helping material and load must move ahead in unison at any point of time through the entire course of the obstacle.
  9. Rule of distance-It sates that no distance greater than four feet can be jumped. The gap more than four feet has to bridge using the helping materials to shorten the distance.

Important points to be followed

  1. Never look at the GTO while doing the tasks.
  2. Pay attention to the briefing given by the GTO before the start of any obstacle.
  3. Look into the details, the GTO shows in his explanation. Many a times, he indirectly gives clues and hints while briefing.
  4. Give a logical solution of the problem.
  5. Talk to your group in a friendly tone.
  6. Support the subordinate and motivate them to complete the task.
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