Medical Examination Procedure at Services Selection Board [SSB]

Recommended candidates appear before the medical board for carrying out their medical board after the SSB results.  It takes 4 to 5 days time for the concerned Military Hospital to complete the medical board and after that the candidates are dispersed.  NDA candidates are examined both for Army and Navy unless otherwise instructed and endorsement of fitness status will be made accordingly.  

President of the medical board will guide the candidates for Appeal/Review Medical Board procedures.  Candidates may seek the advice of President Special Medical Board for review/appeal in case they have been declared unfit.

Procedure of Appeal Medical Board

The Appeal Medical Board will be held at one of the following hospitals
  1. Base Hospital, Delhi Cantt.
  2. Command Hospital, Southern Command, Pune.
  3. Command Hospital, Eastern Command, Kolkata.
  4. Command Hospital, Central Command, Lucknow.
  5. Command Hospital, Western Command, Chandimandir.
  6. Command Hospital, Air Force, Bangalore.
  7. Command Hospital, Northern Command, C/o 56 APO.
  8. INHS, Ashvini, Mumbai.
The candidates will report for medical examination within the stipulated period i.e., 42 days from the date last examined by the Special Medical Board for re-examination along with the receipted copy of the MRO/TR as directed by the President Medical Board.  The Endeavour will be to complete the Medical Board in one day.

Review Medical Board

In case of candidate being declared unfit by the Appeal Medical Board, he/she may challenge the proceedings and may be granted review of medical proceedings based on the merit of the case.  Any candidate desiring for a review should address the request to Recruiting Directorate (Personnel & Coord), Army Headquarters, West Block III, RK Puram, New Delhi with a copy to the President of Appeal Medical Board within one day of the holding of Appeal Medical Board. The application for RMB are routed through DG AFMS. The decision for grant of RMB is with DG AFMS, and is not a matter of right. RMBs are conducted at R&R Hospital  Delhi Cantt and AFMC, Pune.

Stay During the Medical Examination

The recommended candidates after the declaration of SSB results will stay in the Selection Centres in the lines earmarked for the recommended candidates for their medical examination by the Military Hospital.  The candidates will be allotted fresh medical chest numbers for the purpose.
Candidates who go for Appeal Medical Board or have to get their medical examination done at a later date due to some unavoidable reasons will do so under their own arrangements.

Discipline during Medical Examination

It is utmost important that recommended candidates maintain proper discipline during their stay in Selection Centres during their conduct of medical examination.  The candidates are required to put on their medical Chest Number (with Red Cross) whenever they are present in the campus of Selection Centres.
  • Running : 2.4 KM in 15 minutes
  • Push ups: 13 Nos
  • Sit ups: 25 Nos
  • Chin ups:  6 Nos
  • Rope climbing: 3-4 metres
Candidates are advised to build themselves up by physical training, sports, running, swimming etc, so that they meet the training goals successfully.
Ideal Age, Height and Weight for Male:   It should be within permissible limits (+ or – 10%) of the ideal weight as per correlation table between age, height and average weight given below in recording fraction  lower than 0.5 kg will be noted and 0.5 kg above will be recorded as 1 kg:

Height and Weight Standards for Men:-

 Height in Cm
           Weight in KG (Age Range in Years)
Age 15-17
152 – 158
46 – 49
47 – 50
50 – 54
54 – 58
159 – 165
50 – 53
51 – 55
55 – 59
59 – 63
166 – 171
54 – 56
56 – 59
60 – 64
 63 – 66 
172 – 178
57 – 60
59 – 63
64 – 69
67 – 71
179 – 183
 61 – 63 
64 – 66
 69 – 72 
72 – 74
184 – 185
67 – 68
73 – 74

Height and Weight Standards for Women

Height in Cm
Weight in KG (Age Range in Years)
Age 20-25
148 – 151
43 – 45
46 – 48
152 – 155
46 – 48
49 – 51
156 – 160
49 – 51
52 – 55
161 – 165
52 – 54
55 – 58
166 – 171
55 – 58
59 – 62
172 – 176
59 – 61
63 – 66
177 – 178
62 – 63
Note : A 10% variation on either side of average is acceptable

Medical Standards

  • The candidate should be free from wax (EARS), DNS, Hyrocele/Phimosis. Defective Colour Vision, LASIK Surgery, Over/Under Weight, Under Chest, Piles, Gynecomastia, Tonsillitis, Veri-Cocele And Aids.
  • You should be able to read 6/6 in a Distant Vision Chart
  • Colour Vision Standard should be CP-III
  • Minimum 14 Dental Points With Sound Teeth
Physical standards
Minimum Height
Minimum Weight
152 CM
42 KG
NDA & 10+2 TES
(Under Graduate
Entry Men)
(Graduate Entry Men)
152 CM
157 CM
43 KG
45 KG

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  1. · Permalink

    hey admin, unfortunately I lost my medical forms for TR (CDS Entry Army). 🙁 What to do now?

    • · Permalink

      Gross mistake Bhavesh, anyways please contact the board from where you go recommended and ask for the possible way out.

    • · Permalink

      not a big problem dude, i hope you had submitted the fees in state bank of india. . . go to your board from where you were recommended and they will hand over you a copy of the medical forms. . . Chillax

  2. · Permalink

    need your help a li’l bit. How is knock knees examined in Medical. When i join both my ankles, my knees touch and so the thighs. Is that s sure shot cause of rejection coz going by the definition of knock knees, knees touch but ankles do not. Please suggest. Thanks

    • · Permalink

      When you say knock Knees, then knees shouldn’t touch each other when you stand with your feet closer .

    • · Permalink

      in knock knees, knees touches when you join your heels in such a fashion that your feet makes a V shape. . .

      Generally it is tolerable in medicals for say four centimeter. So don’t worry about that, appear for SSB and go through the medicals. I hope your knock knees is not severe.

  3. · Permalink

    Sir, today i went for my Dental check up n found tat one tooth needs an RCT(Root Canal Treatment)… n i hav done one more RCT b4… so wil it b a matter of rejection… can u plz xplain Sir…

    • · Permalink

      for army and navy you need thirteen dental points, consult your doctor that how many dental points you have in your mouth. .

      Best of luck

  4. · Permalink

    i have formarm carrying angle 16 degree any one will suggest me way how to cure it …anyway to come out…………

    • · Permalink

      start building biceps and triceps by dumbels. . . eat lot of proetien rich food. . . If you are appearing for flying branch then sixteen is a problem, otherwise you will easily clear it for army and navy. . . you may get temporary rejection in medicals but if you appeal then they will clear you. . . Also do lot of push ups. . .

      Plz don’t give appeal medical board center as command hospital air force, Bangalore. . . If you want to get it cleared then give command hospital pune. . .

  5. · Permalink

    hello sir,I have myopia and wear specs of -5.0D ..however with specs my vision is even better than 6/6 (i.e. 6/5)…am I eligible for the technical branch post through AFCAT..there is nothing especially mentioned about it in the notification .
    Plz reply ASAP…so I could decide whether to appear for AFCAT or not.

    • · Permalink

      If you read the official advertisement then you can find the worst eye sight considered. Just go by that .

    • · Permalink

      Yes, you can easily lose it. . . Workout hard, eat less but take gulucose. . . If you are doing this for the medicals then it is fine, but if you are doing it to just appear in SSB then it is not recommended. . . Clear the SSB, appear for medicals, you will get temporary rejection and forty two days time period to reduce the wait, you can lose it at that point of time.

      Best of luck

  6. · Permalink

    Sir, i have myopia -6.25. i wish to apply for the technical branch in IAF. i plan to undergo LASIK surgery. Would it be permissible because my myopia is quite high… please help me

    • · Permalink

      After the surgery you need to wait for one year, as candidates with LASIK surgery done within one year of period from the day of medical examination are rejected. . . Also, after one year do carry the LASIK surgery documents with you as it will be a proof that you get it done a year before. . .

      Best of luck

    • · Permalink

      hello sir, I have same problem as shreya,,,,
      as in the Indian Airforce, they said in the advertisement in the tech branch that all the medical criteria is evaluated at the time of medical lasik surgery is applicable in the defence forces.

      in the advertisement of the indian army(TGC-117),they said clearly that the person who did lasik surgery for improvement of refractive errors are rejected.
      so means lasik surgery is nt applicable in the Army.

      Please sir reply for my this problems.

  7. · Permalink

    sir i hv gynecomastia…..but very low order…if i get it surgically removed will i b declared medically fit ?

  8. · Permalink

    but sir gynecomastia surgery is a liposuction surgery not a lasik one….even then will i b rejected??

    • · Permalink

      shivendra, that reply wasn’t for you, it was for shreya.

      and gynecosmastia is not a problem which will create issue in your training. . . you will not get rejected and if you join academy then within one month you will get rid of the excessive fat stored in your chest. . . If you go for surgery then you may get rejected, so appear for medicals confidently.

  9. · Permalink

    i am a girl and my height is 149 cm only. will i be rejected in ssb medical test examination in ssb?please reply its urgent. i am a girl and had applied under TES Scheme.(electrical engineer) age 22 years

    • · Permalink

      sorry sweetie, you are not medically eligible for any of the defence forces. Why don’t you prepare for IAS? Both defence and IAS jobs are equivalent.

  10. · Permalink

    How many times we can attend for the ssb exams,
    Am asking because currently am working as software engineer. Till 4 years I cant leave the company. Till that time I want to appear for all the exams for the healthy preparartion. Is this possible????

  11. · Permalink

    i w anted to know
    if dust allergy could be a reason of rejection during the medicals or is it negligable..??

  12. · Permalink

    dear sir
    i do smoking since last five years,may i know it creates any problem during ssb & medicals or not??
    now a days i controlled myself…..

  13. · Permalink

    Will Tattoos be a cause of rejection in Medicals..?? I have a tattoo on both the wrists.. Should I get it removed or let it be the way it is..

  14. · Permalink

    sir , i have varicocel , and evidence of DVT is found in lower part of my both limbs doctor suggested me surgery for both problems …… my doubt is if i will go for surgery in that case after surgery i will become unfit for joining defense or if after surgery i am fine then i will be declared fit i want to join in iaf as a technical officer i am doing b.tec … so suggest me i should go for surgery or not ?? dose surgery a man unfit or after surgery also we can join defense

  15. · Permalink

    does surgery makes a man unfit for defense or after surgery also we can join defense services

  16. · Permalink

    i have few breathing problems i.e. sometimes i feel short of breath..but my chest expands 5cms easily..can i be declared medically unfit?

  17. · Permalink

    sir, when i straighten my finhers tightly there are gaps in middle part, but no problem in doing any kind of vigrous or soft excercises with them, normally no problem. will it cause problem in medicals?

  18. · Permalink

    Hi I had operated piles about 4 years ago.
    I still have the symptoms of it.
    Should i undergo another operation or any other go?
    Please let me know the possible ways to get out of it.

    • · Permalink

      You must consult a doctor for such things, go for proper treatment friend.

  19. · Permalink

    Sir,what is refractory eror of eye? I use specs wid
    -.75 power,,will i b rejcted in army techncal(w)

  20. · Permalink

    sir, i am a real aspirant for the ssb interview but i am suffering from HYPERHIDROSIS i.e sweating of palms and feets. so i want to ask will be i able to crack the medical procedure…………suggest me the solutions to this problem

    • · Permalink

      yes frnd it might be a cause for rejection…my bro got permanent rejection due to this…the only way to clear this is “be patient make urself calm and cool during HYPERHYDROSIS checkup”….this prob arises due to unnecessary confusion in mind & unstable mind….DONT BE NERVOUS…go ahead soldier

  21. · Permalink

    sir ,i hve hyperopia in my both eyes with power is -4.5D. i am applying in the Indian Army officer(Technical).bt due 2 such i want 2 go fr lasik surgry in eyes. so i wnt 2 know that lasik surgery is permissable in both Army(technical) and Airforce technical branch.
    please help me because i only want 2 survive fr my country…
    please help me i go fr lasik surgry or nt.

    Deepak Rathore

    • · Permalink

      minimum one year of recovery time is needed to clear medical after Lasik surgery. . . so after Lasik surgery you have to wait for 12 months.

      Minimum power in both the eyes is -3.5D. . .

  22. · Permalink

    please Admin Reply fr my queries so it will be very helpful fr me.
    i only wnt 2 go in defence. so please help me.

  23. · Permalink

    my height is 6’6″ and weight is 110 kg
    as per army standards it should be 80kg.
    My ssb is on 30th dec n today it is 3rd i have a good body this weight is because of my heavy bones i guess.
    Also my knees join with each other while i stand straight with feets making a V angle.
    Please suggest me that should i go for SSB or not?
    As my classes in Canada wl start from 11 jan and they wont allow me late.
    If i got rejected over here i will be in a big trouble

    • · Permalink

      Hi, if your bone density is more then they will clear you for weight. Your knees joins when you stand then it is ok, they have some tolerance level plus girls do have that knock knee. Tolerance level is more in case of girls.

      Confidently appear in the SSB and clear it 🙂 best of luck

  24. · Permalink

    I need help with a certain concern. I have chronic tonsillitis and if I have it removed, would it be a medical problem? Would I be rejected if I remove it or again would I be rejected if I do not have it removed? Please advice.

  25. · Permalink

    Sir, I suffered injury in my L1 Spine 8 months back i.e it got depressed due to trauma, which is completely fine now. could this be reason for rejection in medicals ?

  26. · Permalink

    admin can u plz tel me what is the permissible eye power(myopia) for administration nd
    logstics branch in iaf ??i have my medical nd i really need to knw..plz rply as soon as possible..

  27. · Permalink

    admin can u plz tel me what is the permissible eye power(myopia) for administration nd
    logstics branch in iaf ??i have my medical nd i really need to knw..plz rply as soon as possible..

  28. · Permalink


  29. · Permalink

    Sir, what should be the minimum distance between the knees?? cause i have knock knees. when i stand straight they wont touch.. but when i make an angle of V the knees will touch just a bit.. i play almost all sports including skating at national level, I’ve done rappelling and rock climbing as well n the knees never created a problem to me.. will i be rejected in the medical exam?? i am asking this cause i wanna get into the flying branch of Indian air force through NDA.

  30. · Permalink

    sir its been four year i got a rod in my left leg below my knee but there is no problem i can run , do push ups, all other excersises and even if u see the bone in x-ray it appears to b clearly fine as its properly joined as same as it was earlier so please do tell me will the accept or will i clear the medical by having rod in my leg i mean is rod a issue sir, or shall i get it removed please reply asap

  31. · Permalink

    i got a TR for my eye with condition Cataract(operated) with pseudophakia. I had a cataract operation 2 years back and now my eye is fit with healthy retina and cornea an 6/6 vision. My appeal is in 15 days. How are my chances

  32. · Permalink

    my height is 171cm and weight is 75 kg.
    Does it create any problem in army entry?
    please reply

  33. · Permalink

    I have a myopia (-3.5D and -4.5D).I have applied for TGC 117 Entry going to held at Bhopal from 8thMay 13.
    Could you please tell what are my chances in medical test being having this nearsightedness problem?

  34. · Permalink

    I am not sure where I read about this, but is it true that if you are having a great score at the SSB, then maybe you will have relaxations in matters of being over-weight and won’t be given a TR if that’s your only medical defect?
    I am 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighing around 75kgs. Never had that urgency to reduce weight but am sure, can reduce my weight to around 68. Kindly clarify on the above if anyone has the info.

  35. · Permalink

    hello ,i jus wanna knw dat ,,,im having flat feet on my left leg ,nd another is fine ,so it could be the reason for rejection ,,,,????????????????

  36. · Permalink

    Sir, even i have the same problem with glasses.
    I have myopia -2.25 for both the eyes and i have 6/6 vision with specs. Can I put on glasses during afsb or can I opt for lens? and Can I have a laser for retina (which is not lasik) to remove weak spots in retina?

  37. Dhananjay Upadhyay

    · Permalink

    i guess for pilot specs is not allowed.

  38. abhishek anand

    · Permalink

    i have a tooth cavity will i be rejected??

  39. psingh

    · Permalink

    Gynecomastia – what abt that i have that in my left side of chest what should i do

  40. meghneil kashyap

    · Permalink

    sir I have DNS (deviated nasal septum ) but there is no problem I have faced due to it so far . sir should I undergo surgery for this problem . please reply soon .thankyou

  41. pearl

    · Permalink

    I got a permanent tattoo on my wrist will i be selected in medical fitness.

  42. Indhu M

    · Permalink

    Hi sir..!I have applied for Indian Army through NCC special entry.I am girl cadet.My height is 168 cms and weight is 64 kgs. According to the standards it should be 58 kgs.Is this a problem in SSB medical test? Kindly do reply

  43. sandipan chakraborty

    · Permalink

    I have a tattoo on my right hand.i want to join c.i.s.f.
    Could i rejected in the time of physical standard & efficiency test.
    Pls suggest me..

  44. rajpal

    · Permalink

    plz tell me what was the outcome and steps you took, i have same problem..

  45. krissh

    · Permalink

    hi i want to know that whether knock knees would be a cause for rejection in army education corps

  46. Lawesh

    · Permalink

    Buddy reduced upto the acceptable weight they only consider 2to3 kg extra depending on the doctors mood so keep on trying…m

  47. Akash Singh

    · Permalink

    Sir is there any problem in medicals if i have gap between my teeth?

  48. Lekshmi mohan

    · Permalink

    how is our heart checkup done during ssb medicals they cary out ECG OR ECHOCARIOGRAPH OR Simply test the murmuring

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