Piles/Hemorrhoids SSB Medical Rejection and Cure

After a candidate is recommended from one of the selection boards, he/she has to undergo medical check-up. One of the check-up is surgical checkup in which cases like carrying angle, flat foot, knock knees, etc is checked. One of such tests are the Piles or Hemorrhoids test.

How do officers at SSB medical check for piles in a candidate?

  1. On surgical days, the doctor will be checking medical candidates for piles and fissures.
  2. Candidate will be naked in front of the medical officer during the surgical examination.
  3. The candidate is asked to bend forward and to pull his ‘ butt cheeks’.
  4. The surgical doctor will ask a candidate to bend down and using a torch, will physically check-up the anus region for piles.
  5. If the problem is deducted, the candidates get the TR (Temporary Rejection). This is one of the reasons candidates get medically rejected in the SSBs.

What are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids occur when veins in the anus swell and expand. As a result, it can be very painful when sitting or passing a stool. It is common among people who suffer from long-term constipation or diarrhea.

Clearing the confusion

Some people who have anal bleeding think they have piles while it could just be fissures caused by hard stools. The vice versa also stands true – while a person has piles, initially, it is common to think that he/she might be having fissures.

In some rare cases among women, the bleeding is sometimes confused to be from the menstrual cycle during the periods, though the pain persists throughout the month.Piles ssb medical

Stages of piles

Piles are of two types – internal and external. Internal piles occur inside the anus and external piles on the outer area of the anus. Most commonly, both types of piles occur simultaneously.

There are 4 stages of piles – 1st stage piles develop inside the anus; 2nd stage piles project outside the anus during bowel movement but return inwards afterwards; 3rd stage is similar to 2nd stage, only that they return inside only when physically pushed in; 4th stage is a more serious permanent condition where it hangs permanently outside the anus.

Reason for rejection

  • For obvious reasons, candidates having piles will not be able to undergo training as effectively as a cadet should be, affecting his/her daily routine.
  • In worst cases, the bleeding could actually be a sign of bowel cancer, so, the forces do not take a chance on the candidate and reject him/her in the first place.

Prevention & Cure

  • Piles can be prevented by eating fibre-rich food and plenty of fruits and liquids.
  • Having proper bowel routines is necessary to keep piles in check. You should be going to the restroom at-least once daily. Exercise regularly and try to avoid too much sitting in one place.
  • Laser surgery or infra-red surgery is one of the cures to piles. It takes about 1 month for recovery. Rubber-band technique is also a useful technique where a rubber band is tightened on the projected vessels, cutting off the blood supply and it falls off in about a week.
  • Kindly consult a doctor if you are facing this problem.

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