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Tips For Building Self Confidence Instantly

Feeling Scared?  During an Exam or Interview, so how could you think of becoming a part of Indian Army where brave warriors “Those who don’t think of anything before sacrificing with their life whenever country needs” Oops! But our warriors are not afraid of losing or sacrificing with their life but an Interview makes them. So you are a warrior with lot of potential who is scared of being failed or not getting selected but always dream of a career in Defence/Army but don’t worry we are here with some tips.

So what is the Self Confidence?

Self confidence is the difference between feeling scared and feeling unstoppable out of your wits. In other words self confidence is the perception of yours towards you that always makes an enormous impact on your performance whenever you take any task.
I’ve seen many candidates try to show a personality that not belongs to them in any point of view and this attitude ruins everything,

Some common mistake you do when you feel unconfident- 

  1. You try to copy some candidates who have impressed you with their performance
  2. Looses your originality and massed up yourself with confusing thoughts
  3. Forgets the things you already knows and capable to do
  4. Become impotence and short tempered
  5. Feel headache and anxiety with a fear of being failed
  6. Finally you are out of the exam because of your the scared feeling
I am not a magician but have some ideas to build Self-Confidence instantly that can be noticed by anyone around you so the tips are as follow-
1. Dress Sharp– Your cloths help you to get a certain feel for you, none of your friend or any colleague is conscious about your dressing sense but you are. When you feel your physical appearance is not impressive, it affects the way you carry and present yourself.
Mostly your daily schedule of frequent shaving, bathing, wearing style and your consciousness about the latest trend makes an important change in your personality.
Ha Ha! It doesn’t mean you should buy expensive cloths you just have to change your personal appearance the way you feel comfortable.
2. Walking Style– Your walking style can change the perception of others towards you, so just walk to next door please….. Was it slow? Or tired? Or purposeful and energetic?
When you walk fast people around you believe that you are not free and have lot of work to do. So when you walk faster it makes you feel confident so from now add some pep in your step.  Don’t run but a bit faster than before and feel the change in you.
3. Impressive Posture– The way you present and carry- you leave a story behind.  Your posture represents how confident you are. Try some impressive postures learn about good postures on Google they are many more the moment you will be able to present yourself in a good posture the same time you will feel empowered and comfortable about you.
4. Gratitude feeling– You wants everything… isn’t you? Your mind always divert you from things you want to focus because everything you focused on something you think about what next can be? And then you feel impotence and finally you believes you can have it… but why. These thunder rumbling questions in your mind puts you in dwell of your negative points. Your mind believes everything you want to think when you think something is possible you body gets a boost and when you believe you can’t you body rejects.
So why don’t you try feeling of gratitude, be in a habit of making a list of what you have achieved and what you have to gain to become grateful do this by remembering you past success stories or something that makes you feel happy when you think of like your Special skills, your Love(If you are not broken heart), dreams and faith of your parents, sacrifices that your guardians are doing to see a man of success in you and optimistic momentum, Here you are self motivated with a concentrated mind and for the next step of your success story.
5. Do you compliment others?–  When we waste our time in gossiping, backstabbing or in backbiting we shows inner negativity of us, so make a habit a of complimenting people around you it will increase you likeability between people around you, When you search for the best things in others, you indirectly build the best things in you.
6. Personal Commercial– I am not asking you for watching any motivational speech or movie but make a habit of making your own commercials…. yeas it sounds funny but try this by writing a small script on the success and failures of your life “Highlight success” and go in front of mirror and tell the story loudly to the person who is watching you from mirror. Do this whenever you feel you are nervous or unconfident.
7. Are you a back bencher? 
Whenever you are in a public speech, group discussion or in class try to sit in front row…. most of the time you avoid to sit in front of people because you have a fear being noticed to answer some queries on the other hand your interviewers would be able to see you clearly be confident and feel free 🙂

Some Other Tips:-

  • Try to speak as much as you can whenever you are in any interview/group discussion or where your talk matters 
  • Do you work out? If not then bee in a habit of daily work out to keep you body and mind healthy because you personal appearance makes you happy and confident
  • Become a contributor by helping others 
Author: Aditya Soni
The only name behind Apply Sarkari Naukri, working as an HR in Automobile sector and have completed MBA in Human Resource/International Business and Rural Management from Greater Noida Institute of Technology.
The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.



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