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How To Project Your Mind And Write Better TAT And PPDT Stories

Most of the SSB aspirants believe writing a story in PPDT and TAT is the most difficult part and for some the presentation of their story going to be an impossible job, obviously you are not supposed to be a professional story writer to clear this test. But most of the time this is experienced that after declaration of your results things and thoughts becomes opposites sometimes you blames the judges for not taking you because of unobvious reasons. But the reality is that selection jury don’t have any single reason for rejecting you without obvious reasons. Every time you encounter a failure is your fault not the others so make a habit of accepting your faults to learn from them instead of blaming the others.

–> We have already introduced lots of sample stories and introduction of this exams so i don’t want to put you again in the same thing by writing again about the TAT and PPDT– If you are not aware of these things search this blog with your related Queries.

TAT is not about writing a story from a movie like Singham, Ek tha Tiger or Bodyguard funny but true a big number of aspirants makes this mistake, TAT asks you to write a story where a moral or inspirational lesson should come out but your stories becomes a waste by putting poor and common ideas of writing stories where you have limited reach on positive and inspiring action words because of biased thinking and poor vocabulary.

So here we have 3 tasks today where you have to start projecting you mind-

  1. How to get ideas of writing Stories in such exams
  2. Some ways of Improving your Creative Thinking Skills
  3. How to improve Action Words power and the presentation skills
Here are some exceptional techniques to improve these skills in you instantly-

Tips for Getting Ideas of writing stories-

  1. The first reason behind your poor script is your biased thinking, You are enough intelligent when someone asks queries related to your skills and subject matters but when you writes a story you map it with a limited number of Ideas actually but dealing with this part is not a big deal- To do this-
  •  Make a habit of reading inspirational and moral stories, Reading novels is a good choice but they consumes your time so find some good source of short stories.  Short stories will develop your mind for wider horizons of thinking as well as they will teach you important lessons for life another advantage is once you read such stories they remains in your mind forever because they are inspiring stories.
  • Another way of improving your creative writing skills is- Leave fruitful comments of blogs and on Facebook, This will improve your creative writing and thinking skills actually.
  • Transport reality with what if? Technique- What if? Techniques allow your mind to think about real situation of life in different conditions. Make a habit of it- whenever you experience something new or in a problem think about what if factors. Doing such things helps you in improving decision making and creative thinking.
  •  Be a regular user of social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon and Pin interest. These sites help you in finding the best content on random sites related to your interests.
  • Read Quotes and Famous Sayings and Follow lessons from them.
  • Write sample stories and share on our blog, this will help you to motivate about your content and others as well by sharing new ideas of writing.
     2.  Our second task is to Improve your creative thinking –
  • Reading and writing can help you in spreading the horizons of your thinking but up to a limited level but what about your own creativity.
  • Thinking about creative Thinking? Yeas it’s the way of thinking outside of box. Your creativity depends upon the positive state of mind when you emotionally feel healthy the same moment you are able to think creatively. The above given tips are enough to increase your level of intelligence. So your connection with positive things matters in getting creative thinking.
  • Another way of improving your creative thinking is – Asking questions in various situations to yourself and tackles with them instead of adopting others ideas.
      3.  Presentation Skills and Improving Communication skills-
  • Presentation is a matter of your self confidence, you feel easy when you are confident about your stuff.
  • Do mirror practice whenever you writes a new story to practice.
  • Speak loudly “Don’t Shout Please! Your neighbors are sleeping”
  • If you practice with a group than conduct debates on various topics.
  • Prepare and Practice, Give few minutes to structure your presentation by closing your eyes before speaking, keep your calm and happy
  • Watch video on Ted.com to learn from the best speakers in the world 

Do you have any mantra which helps in writing effective stories in TAT and PPDT ? Just pass your creative thoughts in the comment box below.

The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.



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  1. friends hav one prob….wat to write in srt if the srt goes like…
    he saw a snake hanging out in his window at the midnight. he….
    is it crct to kill the snake or to let him go off using some stick or any other resource….
    wat olq is seen if he kill the snake….kindly hlp me out with this srt…

    • First thing first…Look if the Window is closed or not.. If not then quietly close the window. Snakes have poor eyesight and they are deaf..they notice the vibration. So just close the window and let the snake pass. Killing snake is not a smart choice.

  2. Aaditya Thanx friend for posting such a informative material. Well i am agree with you that creativity is must for writing a good story in TAT. Besides these i think positive attitude and good perception is also equally important. As we all know that TAT is the primary test of Pshych test to asses the personality traits of the candidate, it plays vital role in selection procedure. We should carefully observe the picture before writing or deciding any plot for the story, because must of the time these pictures have some hints or themes, we must follow those hints or themes to show our correct perception.

  3. ALL THE BEST FOR NDA EXAM ON 19 AUG, AFCAT EXAM ON 26 AUG and CDS EXAM ON 16 SEPT……. on this INDEPENDENCE DAY … strive hard to be warrior to save dignity , integrity , sovereignty and pride of India against all external and internal threats and problems… You are the savior when all in India are not able to give desired results…. BE THE ULTIMATE …. million wishes to one and all

    • Thanks for your wishes for our readers…

      I suggested to leave fruitful comments on blog means you should write your observation, summery, feedback or a what you learned from the article and what you can add to make the tips/research or any article by adding your own point of views.

      this is how your mind should react in the process of being creative 🙂


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