Merit List SSC-10th Tech Women published the Merit list of 167 candidates who have cleared the SSB interview for 10th SSC-Tech Women, but this list is not the final list, medically unfit or awaited candidates are also included in this list. Date of joining officers training academy OTA is 03 Oct 2012. This time also the intake is less, all candidates those who have got recommended, cleared medical examination and made in merit list, will get joining instruction soon.

Branch wise intake details:
BE/B Tech Civil : Vacancies Notified-04, Revised-06 : Candidates:06
BE/B Tech Mechanical : Vacancies Notified-07, Revised-06 : Candidates: 06
BE/B Tech Electrical : Vacancies Notified-04, Revised-04 : Candidates: 04
BE/B Tech Electronics : Vacancies Notified-08, Revised-01 : Candidates: 01
BE/B Tech Computer : Vacancies Notified-02, Revised-02: Candidates: 45
BE/B Tech IT : Vacancies Notified-01, Revised-01: Candidates: 22
BE/B Tech Electronics & Comn/Telecom/Electronics & Telecomn : Vacancies Notified-07, Revised-11 candidates: 79
B Architecture : Vacancies Notified-01, Revised-04 : Candidates: 04
The intake is way more than as mentioned in the advertisment for few branches, few branches are isolated from this course though it was mentioned in the advertiment.  

Click to open official merit list. 

1. SSCW(Tech) course ser-10 is commencing on 08 Oct 2012 at OTA, Chennai. Reporting date is 03 Oct 2012.
2. Joining Instruction will be issued on the basis of merit position subject to medical fitness and availability of vacancies.
3. Though all precautions have been taken for preparation of Merit list, this Directorate does not guarantee against any distortion/ tampering of information. Authenticity of the merit list may be checked with the Merit List displayed in the Recruiting Directorate.
4. Candidates who have not submitted their semester mark sheets and Prov/Deg Certificate as indicated against their names in the above remarks column are advised to submit photo copies of the same duly attested by Class I Gazetted Officers to this Directorate latest by 20 Sep 2012 by speed post/Fax-011-26108028.

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    Hello. I’m a computer science student n in the merit list my rank is 17th out of 45 people in the list and the number of vacancies are just 2. In d above notice, it says all candidates who clear medical n hav their names in d merit list will get instructions soon. All? Even when the vacancies are only 2?
    Also, when will the revised list come out, after the 42 days of TR are over?
    Please help and guide!!

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      if your name is within the number of vacancies then you will get a JI even due to delay of medical procedure, army will wait for you till you clear your medicals. . . don’t worry, you can also clarify it by calling army headquarters TGC section, if your name is not within the vacancy then you will not get a call. . .

      In women entry they generally don’t call the girls who are not able to make their place within the number of vacancies. . .

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    is there any chance of vacancies to get revised in computer science?

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      there are nil chances of vacancies to get revised but if selected candidates do not join the academy then according to ranking, wait-listed candidate will get call even after the start of the course till a specific time limit.

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    will al d gals in d merit list got the ji as dey increased the vacancies of men entry. wil they do d same for women entry?????????

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      no, they will not do the same for women entry. . .

  4. · Permalink

    if they only wanted TWO then why did they give out a list of 45 candidates ?

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      coz it is merit list. . . In a merit list, name of both merit in and merit out candidates is displayed. . . 😛

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    sir what about ECE dptt…last time they took all d grls……..

    • · Permalink

      depends on the availability of vacancy. . . They can increase the vacancy of tech if very few girls are selected for non tech entry. . . But from past few years it has never happened. . . So hope for the best. . . Kindly call the army headquarters ministry of defence, New Delhi to get confirmation. . . They will tell you very frankly and in detail.

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    sir my name is 24th in d list from ece there any chance for gettng the ji…????

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    for the next batch…there are no vacancies for CS & IT people…so, may be they’ll keep surplus from this batch only… after all, we all are guessing things here at best…

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    as joining instructions are issued to those candidates who r fit….. bt dere z no detail of awaitd candidates…… so does ny oder list wil cme or not…. n wat about dose who r waiting by 1 vacancy n dere r sme medical awaitd candidates in d revised vacancies?/

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    sir my name is 24th in the list including the awaited there any chance for getting the ji?

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    i have appeared for the appeal medical board and they have declared me fit, but still medical status is awaiting why is it so! and is there any chance of increasing the CS branch vacancy ,awaiting for your reply

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