Six Must Follow Tips For Personal Interview In SSB

Candidates, personal interview which is also called as PI, is the key factor and a game changer as well. Most of us take it as normally and do not put efforts to get more marks in PI, though it is not necessary to do something extra ordinary and additional efforts, but still there are do’s which every candidate must follow in personal interview.

Why Personal Interview is Crucial

  1. IO [Interviewing Officer], is the only person in whole SSB who talks with you for more than 40- 50 mins continuously, related to your personal life, goals, attachments, success, failures and what not. In other words, he has more information about you compare to any other accessor  in the board.
  2. He will come to know, what you are, from what you speak in front of him.
  3. He knows your failures and hardships you have faced in your life, in short he can decide whether you have potential to become an officer in Indian armed forces or no.
  4. He can convince GTO if your GTO marks are less, only if he finds you mentally stronger.
We can not fool a person who talks with us continuously for 40 -50 mins that too with back to back questions. IOs are experienced like anything, they might know your answer before you open your mouth. In short, if you go without preparation, you will cut short your chances of getting in.
SSB Personal Interview

Tips for Personal Interview in SSB

  1. Look smart, cheerful and enthusiastic.
  2. Be audible but not too loud and appear a keen to speak and respond to the questions.
  3. Sit straight and comfortable, do not fidget, do not keep moving your hands and legs as it may distract the interviewer from your responses.
  4. If you have not understand anything politely ask for a clarification or to repeat the question.
  5. Be clear about facts and figures regarding your bio data, marks obtained. ranking in competitive exams, dates, name of school/institute, teachers, friends etc.
  6. I do not remember” on aspects pertaining to your life, shows you in poor light.
  7. You are expected to be aware so as to touch upon current events if asked.
What do you do during personal interview, what is your funda to keep yourself cool and calm during PI ?? Please post your responses in the comment box below.

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    sir..what will be excepted cuttoff of cdse-2?????
    sir…and cuttoff will be combined for all subject or it will different for all subject??

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    sir according to me i think before going to SSB i have planned to write as many question as poosible starting from my life till now in a separate note bok and asnswer those question to my self and then access if it was right or wrong
    in that way i will be confidence and i can face interview in well manner
    i can take deep breath befre entring room and sit down calm and start interacting but the key again is the questions they i wrote already in note book and introspection that i did of my past life
    what do you think admin am i going in a right way ???

    amit sharma

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      That is fine, but you must be able to speak there, sometimes when we speak in nervousness, though we are speaking truth, it gets projected as a lie. So more practice can helps a lot. Also no need of going deep inside in your life, but be aware of your basic information, your past and things related to your parents, friends and relatives. 🙂

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      Bro it is very good way to be cconfident ……but this is good only to the oint if u r using this writing thing to introspection ur self….. if u start cramming these answer then it will creat a problem for u, it will not increas ur confidence but make u more nervous

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      Bro it is very good way to be cconfident ……but this is good only to the oint if u r using this writing thing to introspection ur self….. if u start cramming these answer then it will creat a problem for u, it will not increas ur confidence but make u more nervous

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    I basically try to take it as its not important and I am in front of my school principal,who knows me very well for years so no point lying to him or brag about my achievements.I just answer him and carefully notice the hint that he give me about my responses and adjust accordingly 🙂

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      Yes, to remove nervousness one can project his/her mind before going for PI. What you do is perfectly fine and helps to remove nervousness 🙂

  4. · Permalink

    Just give a nice true smile 🙂 while entering the room and listen to him carefully and then give the answer with confidence not over confidence woh bhi genuine even if he is showing that he is not interested in listening to you. You need not not distract ur self by his this gesture OK.

    Good Luck Gentlemen
    Give your best in everything you choose to do not just for the sake of a good job but for paritcular passion in life.

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    hii sir,

    I wanted to know that is there any diffrence when u attempt in 1st tym or other tym, i mean freshers and repeaters, in repeaters batch will i have to labour hard comparing freshers

  6. · Permalink

    Sir, I have this confusion that if I have taken SSB coaching , and the IO asks me about it, should I boldly say yes?

  7. · Permalink

    Sir, what i do is daily from my schedule i take out 15 mins infront of mirror speaking about myself…
    when done so i myself gets updated of what i am doing, what i have done and what i will be doing. It also builds confidence in me
    Admin sir if my method is not upto the mark then plz suggest some alternative method

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    I think one should be prepared with basic general knowledge about national and international news and meaning of his and his family members’ names ..All other questions if asked about goals and personal life need no preparation and can be answered easily but should be done with confidence and truthness with eye to eye contact with interviewee..

    What do you think admin,vandematram and other guys?????????????

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    Does short hair ,good percent. of 93.4 in 12th board and sitting style on chair distinguish candidates

    • · Permalink

      no, these all activities have no such significant role. but your confidence,loyalty, enthusiasm etc
      have great role.

    • · Permalink

      no, these all activities have no such significant role. but your confidence,loyalty, enthusiasm etc
      have great role.

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    During my past interviews I faced issues in Rapid fires. I was unable to remember and answer all the Rapid fire questions and it affected my entire interview.Please suggest any method to improve rapid fire skills.

  11. · Permalink

    My Intermediate marks are 74%.So will my TES SSB come or not.And there is first list has been published but I cold no find my name in first list.
    Please give me solution.

    • · Permalink

      English international language hai….and hum pehli hindi bole then english k peeche pade. Agar apko english ni aati toh apke confidence ki dhajjiyya ud jaati hai…toh kyu na hum hindi bhasha mei baat kare jisme hum hum hai balki english mei kaafi log khudko xpress ni kar pate hai.

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    i have cleared campus interview of UES indian navy.when will i get SSB my date.

  13. · Permalink

    wat if the IO asks a question to us nd we r nt able to answer it or we dnt kw d answer of dat questions??????????like asking any g.k that time wat we have to do?????

    • · Permalink

      give a bold smile and say sorry sir idont know………… bcoz noone is perfect and he ask some difficult qn to see ur confidence and he doen not aspect answer of every qn……………..

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    According to me you just need to be positive and approachable without appearing fake . Secondly you should have the required knowledge about the organization and job profile for which you are going to get interviewed. Thirdly you must show your passion openly to the interviewer .And lastly except browsing you should talk to people who work for the company and just find out from them that what they actually look for in a candidate. These all are the key points that a candidate must learn before going for any personal interview . Read more interview tips here :

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    when we talk to our juniors we always speak confidently…and more logically bt when we r sitting before io we dont even to speak properly…if we can think the person is our junior then we can gain confidence must try….

  16. · Permalink

    sir,i got subscribed but i didnot receive that e-book.please help me sir since i thought to prepare with that ebook

  17. · Permalink

    thanks for this awesome blog..I attended the AFSB..some question in the PI round became more personal like u watch po*n?
    2.have any physical relation with ur gf?
    On this kinda personal question my reply was “i can’t disclose my personal info 2 u”

  18. · Permalink

    was my reply was or should have shared some info kindly guide me

  19. · Permalink

    Sir I am not interested in sports from my childhood. Even I don’t know the reason why I am not interested in sports. What genuine reason can be given to IO in PI ?

  20. · Permalink

    To remove my nervousness before interiew I remind d best bart of m life n m achievements n strengths…n ince d interview started things gets nrml within 5-10 mins…n sumply enjoy d intrw by nt lying un intrw…

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    i tell u guyz what i came to know after My first SSB that plz be original .
    NAd the only thing u have to do is to impress the IO the rest is with him .
    i failed in it .
    he will try to confuse you as he did to me but dont be. for any futher help u can mail me on
    Thank you

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  23. Ravi Sharma

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    this is not the appropriate way to answer the interviewer . You could have lied”Sir as my family has taught me some values I don’t participate in such activities.

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