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15 Situations That May Confuse You In SRT

Situation reaction test SRT is an interesting test and one of the tests conducted during the psychological test in SSB interview second stage testing. Situations in SRT are designed to check the intellect and response of a candidate. What matters is your response to a particular situation, there is no right or wrong reaction, but there is always a good or bad response.

There are many situations that may confuse you for a second during the situation reaction test, but always respond with a free mind and stay calm. Answer as many as you can within 30 minutes, but keep your responses real and genuine. Do not overthink it and write something that is not possible or not common in real-life situations. 

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15 Situation in SRT which may confuse you

  1. He & his girlfriend has gone to see a movie,house is full.Tickets are available in black. His gf insists on watching the movie. He…
  2. You have to go to a city with cash for work but the way is dangerous as dacoits…… how will u manage to go?
  3. He was travelling by a train & suddenly a person snatches purse from lady & jumps out of train. . 
  4. There is a person who sells smuggled goods. You too, like many others, have purchased a wristwatch from him. But it doesn’t work. You……..
  5. Your mom is seriously ill and your boss doesn’t grant u leave. You………
  6. During a trekking trip, he was left alone in the jungle. He………………
  7. He was travelling to his SSB and just before reaching the station, he found that his suitcase is lost. He…..
  8. He was walking on a dark street with his girl friend then suddenly 10 armed people came & started harassing his girl friend the next police station was 10 km away……
  9. He see a snake moving near to the bed where his younger brother is sleeping, when he enters his room.He…
  10. You received an urgent order from your commander. But you feel that order passed on to you is wrong. You…..
  11. What if you and your friend fall in love with the same girl…
  12. You are in second year of comp. engineering. But now you find it hard to complete your degree. You…….
  13. You opposed strike in college and you are beaten up by strikers (your colleagues). You…….
  14. While hunting you and your brother lost way in dark (night) in jungle and you have no light. You……..
  15. You fall seriously ill just before final exam. You……

Write your responses in the comment box below, be genuine and show your real self and ability.

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  1. say no to that show nd wait for next
    will go along with some one…bcoz 1 and 1 are 11
    how can i intrupt a film shooting..its a film shooting stunt
    its my mistake to purchase a smuggled good so i have to pay for it
    try to convince the boss but if he does not allow i will go to my mother’s side nd kick off job
    will go back to the way from where i enter
    go to p.s. for fir nd also call at home to come with all my new goods
    fight with them …its about the honour of a girl…no matter what will happen
    throw a clowth on snake nd make a noice to wake him up
    will obey orders
    its now girl’s choice..wish him luck nd tell him to try hard…
    will try my best to complete it …no matter how harder it is…if i have started it then surly i will end it up with honour nd glory
    calmly tell them it is for wrong cause if it should be for write cause i will join them
    have fired up the wodds nd make some place clean to sit near fire nd wait untill morning ..
    go for exam

  2. 1. Take the ticket and watch the movie with

    2.Take the demand draft and cross the jungle.

    3. Recognize his face and inform to the police ,and concerned
    authority .

    4. Get the watch replaced .

    5. Inform borther and asked him look after mom and later after completion of work reach home quickly and look after mom. .

    6. Used the map and compass and cross the jungle
    and meet his team .

    7. searched it and asked co-passengers and found it under seat of other person and got it back .and continue his journey .

    8. Took a stone and throw ot towards the window of
    a home and take help off people gathered there .

    9. Took wiper from bath room and throw the snake
    out of the window

    10. Followed the given order .

    11. Will propose the girl and will ask him about her

    12. Take tuitions from teacher and developed
    interest and complete the degree with good marks as it is my decision to join
    engineering .

    13. Informed the concerned authority and register complained against them .

    14. Will burn firelight and with help of map reach
    to home , crossing jungle .

    15.Take medicine and complete the revision and take
    proper rest and gave exam and score good marks .

  3. 1. will take her to another theatre, where tickets are available.
    2.will take the money after reaching the city from a nearby atm.
    3.look out to notice the direction where he ran to, stop train, inform rpf as to where he ran to and follow the dacoit.
    4.will learn a lesson from that not to repeat the same.
    5.will ask my brother to attend to mom, will persuade boss.
    6. will find his way, with undettering belief in himself.
    7. will inform the police, rpf about his suitcase, inform centre, attend in absentee batch.
    8.will ask them what they want, will give them some money and jewels, will get girlfriend out safe from area, will send her home, inform police of the situation as to where they are and trash them out.
    9.diverts the snake and rushes his brother by making noises, will inform forest officials, and will keep the snake inside.
    10.follow the order.
    11.will ask girl to decide.
    12.will go to tuitions and study hard to receive the degree at any cost, since I have initiated it.
    13.will justify to my colleagues as to why I opposed, will ask them to re think if strike is absolutely necessary.
    14.and my brother will climb a tree and get to the top and spend rest of the night.
    15.will study as much as I can and attend the exam, as it is the final one.

  4. 14. Search near by a safe place to stay and lit fire with the help of stones and dry leaves, Remain alert till night, find the way to home in morning reached home safely,
    15. took medicine and gave exam and passed with good marks.

  5. 1.He would buy tickets and watch movie with her but next time he book tickets in time.
    2.He make Draft/ Cheque for the same and Be alert in journey.
    3.Make Her calm.lodge a complaint with her at next station.Give her some money for her journey.
    4.Warn him not to continue. And complaint if he not followed.
    5.Requested his close friend to look after my mom and assist my father till i reach and reached as soon as possible by convincing my boss.
    6.With the Help of map and compass reached the nearby road and then follow the road.reach safely to camp.
    7.Approach to the JCO in bus when reached station told him the situation and search meticulously in bus and found it at luggage wreck.
    8. By giving some money requested them to leave us then informed police by dialing 100 and inform about their weapons.
    9.with help of wiper or stick mislead the snake and when it clear of room killed it.
    10.Call him back and with apology confirm it again.
    11.If felt his friend is serious about her he left her.
    12. Restore myself,manage time for some xtra effort and passed it with good marks.
    13. complain against them. and convince other for against the strike.

  6. .
    1 buyetickets of next show
    2 be cam take money carefuly
    3 pull the chain and inform to rps
    4 change the watch
    5 request bos for leave and do the work in extratime
    6 wait for some time and then use compass
    to move back to camp

    7 inform to authorities and parentsfor the docs document in xerox
    8 teakle the situation and call the police

  7. 1. Make her understand that its wrong, and take her to near by theater.
    2. Submit to near by bank and withdraw from atm near destination.
    3. Inform near by station and area police as soon as possible.
    4. make other aware not to take smuggled goods.
    5. go for personal request, and make him to provide half day leave.
    6. remain wherever he was left, and wait for rescue.
    7. make a complain to police station and move to SSB and request to allow him to appear.
    8. make sound for help and inform police by cell phone, and take run to nearest public area.
    9. distract snake by throwing something away from bed and then rescue my brother.
    10. Inform commander about mistake immediately and wait for next order.
    11. leave it to girl, but friendship will not be spoil.
    12. push little for hard work and complete it any how.
    13. complain to college administration and request to punish them.
    14. Wait through out night on trees and proceed in day light.
    15. take antibiotics any appears for exam any how.

    Please comment if u want to add something else

  8. 1) convince to her to go that movie next time.
    2) first i will transfer that money to ATM.I will go that place.
    3) Call to railway police tell the matter tell the direction where he is running and i also follow back to him.
    4)I can’t do any thing shut up my mouth and go to home.I done a bad work how can i argue to him.
    5)There is nothing important than mom to me.
    6)I found the direction of the city with the help of sun light and go to city side.
    7) Compliant to police and ask to the SSB directors for permission to the SSB another date.
    8) I call to police for help and moving towards police station.
    9) Pull him to away and kill the snake.
    10) There is nothing is wrong by commander i feel wrong means problem in my side.
    11) I sacrifice my love my friend is important to me.
    12) Then i will work hard for engineering and complete education.
    13) In duty i behave like a commander in war i will do the same what my colleague done.
    13) I behave like a leader stop the nonsense and tell how to make conclusion.
    14)Climb on a tree wait for morning.
    15) Take medicine and prepare for exam.

  9. 1. Book tickets for next show using mobile internet , watch show, enjoy movie
    2. Travel in morning and afternoon, reached destination in time
    3. Inform Railway Police, help them in drawing his sketch, continued journey
    4. Informed Police, helped them in finding his location, file complaint against him
    5. Call nearest hospital, take timings, inform brother to take mother to hospital, finish work, reached hospital in time
    6. Find location using checkpoints, found others, completed trekking trip
    7. Inform nearest Police, tell them suitcase details, get a copy of FIR, reached station, showed copy of FIR, attended SSB, cleared it, got documents from Police , thanked them, submitted to authority
    8. Call nearby friends and Police, get hold of 10 armed people , hand over them to police, file a complaint against them , help girl friend to reach her home
    9. Throw blanket, kill snake
    10. Follow the order, keep doing job
    11. Propose her for love and marriage , spend time with both friends
    12. Pursue loan from bank using mark sheet , work hard , attain good marks, got scholarship, paid loan installments
    13. Informed Dean of student affairs, help student committee in resolving strike issue, attend college with others
    14. Wait for moonlight, find checkpoints, start finding brother, found him, continued hunting in the morning
    15. Took medicine in the night , revised in the morning, gave exam

  10. 1- simply buy ticket in black.
    2-just go with dd and with not expensive items
    3- pulls the chain and run after the person
    4-tell people not 2 buy frm him also warn the seller
    5- be with mom, take him to a doctor after that report to boss and make him convinced your problem
    6- he dsnt loose hope and b courageous try to search his troop.
    7- report to station master then the police then the ssb
    8- dnot get frightened just dial 100 secretly in pocket and try to tympass or if he is healdy enof den f8 and counter attack.
    9-throw his shirt on the snake and quickly run to brother and save him.
    10-if tym and scope is dare clarify the order may be it is perceptional error then follow it
    11-just survival of the fittest. den win hert of both girl and frend
    12-be strong in mind and attitude attend xtra class and do well in xam
    13- 1st take fast-aid then report to the authority concerned
    14-burn a fire and if the place is not safe den climb the near by biggest tree.
    15- keep the un necessry tenson” what will happen in xam” out of yur mind take madicine and study as posible as u can. dnt take xtra pressr.

  11. 1.will plan another show,,and take her for good lunch or to mall etc
    2.be precautious and pretend,not have any serious thing.
    3.pull the chain,,inform the RPF.
    4.will exchange from other one,,or get some other thing
    5.will promise the boss for extra time next day,,and convince him for leave.
    6.will get back to camp,after traking,(get idea of direction from sun,if lost)
    7.will inform to RPF as well as ssb authority,,and home,for fax the documents xerox.
    8.give them ‘lalach’ of cash and other thing to leave them,,,and complain to police station
    9.will awake the brother silently and precautiously,,and call snake charmer.
    10.will followthe order
    11.leave the decision to gal,and its not a big deal.
    12.will give extra time to tough subject on regular basis,and get extra time from teacher for preparation
    13.will inform higher authority.
    14.will follow the direction,,from 7 stars and moon.
    15.will take medical leave from exam.

  12. 1) He buys ticket of another movie. they enjoyed that movie very much and went home.
    2) take check for that amount, city will have at least one bank, encash the check there and get the work done.
    3) he pulls the chain and runs after the thief and gets it caught, returns the purse to the lady and thief to the police.
    4) sugget others not to buy products from him, and warn him not to smuggle goods again.
    5) will convince the boss to give leave by promising him overtime after returning from home.
    6) he enjoyes the beauty of the jungle for some time and then followes the same path backwords to get out of the jungle.
    7) He asks the station master of last 3 stops to check for the suitcase and with the help of other aspirents in the SSB he sharing the resources gets selected.
    8) He calls the police station and asks for help, and then try to handle the situation by talking to the persons and deviating them.
    9) silently distracts the snke and pick his younger brother, and using some stick throws the snake out of the room.
    10) clarify the doubt with your commander and then take relivent action as desiered.
    11) then its upto the girl whome she likes or loves.
    12) fill the form for tech entry in army navy or AF or fill NDA forms and practice hard and get selected.
    14) climb a nerby high tree and sleep there till the morning and find the way home then.
    call using your cell phone and get help.
    15) consult a doctor take medicines as he priscribed, get well. prepare for exam and score good marks.


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