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10 Conference Questions In SSB Interview

In conference all three assessors viz psychologist, interviewing officer and GTO discuss the performance of a particular candidate and whether to recommend him/her or not.

Conference in SSB  interview happens on the 5th day of SSB testing, in conference, all the assessors of a particular board including the president and deputy president, meet each other to discuss and prepare the results of candidates on 5 days testing. There are few rumors and doubts among candidates regarding the conference, lets discuss them one by one.  

Procedure of SSB Conference:

Candidates will be called one by one according to increasing or decreasing order of their Chest No. there will be a bell and a display board indicating a chest number just to inform the candidates about their turn to go inside conference hall. Generally Conference lasts for 30 Seconds to 60 Seconds for most of the candidates, few candidates may take more time up to 5 -10 mins or  30 mins sometimes, such cases are rare and they are generally a doubt case.

SSB Conference

Instruction for SSB Conference:

  • Dress well and wearing your chest no. neatly.
  • Control your fear or nervousness, sometimes candidates get nervous when they see men in uniform. Control your mind and stay calm, however one day you will be same like them.
  • Wish the person in front of you as soon as you enters the room. Mostly your interviewing officers handle you during conference but sometime some else  from the board may take up the charge.
  • Stay focus and listen to the questions carefully, be loud and audible to others while answering.
  • Stand up gently and leave the room without much disturbance as soon as you get the instructions from IO/President.
  • Prepare your self for questions haven’t answered during interview, you may face the same questions again in the conference.

What happens in SSB Conference:

In conference all three assessors viz psychologist, interviewing officer and GTO discuss the performance of a particular candidate and whether to recommend him/her or not. Your results have been decided during conference but sometimes, some of you might have a doubt case so the assessors will again assess you during conference by asking some questions. So, always try to put your best impression during conference.  

General Question in SSB Conference:

  1. What did you learn from SSB this time?
  2. Where did you go?
  3. How do you rate your performance?
  4. Rate your performance out of 10?
  5. How did you improve this time?
  6. Who is the best candidate in your group?
  7. How was the stay?
  8. How was the food?
  9. Any suggestion for improvement of SSB.
  10. Some SRTs or other questions if you are boarder line case.

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  1. hii admin
    i have been selected for ssb navy for GS-X . myy interview date is on march 19th at coimbatore but due o my sem xams i cant attend the interview. i have already mailed to d id mentioned in d call up letter which i recieved thru telegram. but i havent recieved any reply from the concerned call up officer. Will there b a seperate batch again for absenties if so then when wud it be …
    plz reply soon

  2. admin bro cud u plz tell me the postal address for allahabad ssb i.e selection centre east as i am from allahabad ,so i cant attend the ssb at the same place.so i have to post a letter regarding the very same for cdse ima 135 ssb.plz buddy just tell me my scheduled ssb is on 9 the march so plz reply as soon as possible.thanku

  3. Hello,this is anirudh.I want to know the difference between direct entry and TGC entry to IMA.I am an engineering graduate.Which entry between the above two is preferable for a graduate from an engineering background?What are advantages of TGC over direct entry?I also wrote cds 2013,expecting good result too.I am confused between cds and TGC.Please throw some light on the two schemes of entry.Also can you please provide me the dates for TGC notification for 2013?

    • Dear Rames,
      Life gives you a chance to experience a lot at each and every moment….for example,while answering this question,i experienced that this question can also be asked in Conference….so be confident and tell them what ever you have learned new during the 5 day procedure….
      All The Best

  4. in my last ssb at Varanasi i was kept outside near 25 minutes and after that i was asked how i managed to reach varanasi,why i came via dehli when i am from jodhpur,how i managed to stay before reporting,how much money you gave for room,and now what are your plans to going back as it was 11 nov and 13 nov was dwwpawali..


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