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How to be a Worthy Group Member at SSB Interview

Active member of your Group at SSB Interview

An armed forces officer has to work along with his seniors and juniors. It an officer lacks the quality of association with group members, and then he can never effectively lead his men. He may prove to be an unfit commander. This same quality is assessed by the GTO in various Group tasks. A candidate who is a man of great talents when worked individually may cease to be so when he is working with a group. An armed forces officer essentially requires a spirit of co-operation, team spirit and self-assertiveness. This traits are tested by the GTO in group tasks.

Anyone who lacks the above qualities will have no say in the activities of the group and ceases to be an active member. Here I have enumerated certain qualities which every candidate should essentially cultivate before appearing SSB.
ssb group task

  • Adaptability:  Every group member has to adapt himself in such a way that he becomes an active participant in the activities of the group and strives only for the achievement of his group above his personal achievements.
  • Constructive Approach:  Every group member should cultivate the habit of constructive thinking and co-operation.
  • Ability to convince:  A person should possess the ability to convince and persuade the group with his power of voice. If you lack this quality, then it is better to be a worthy follower in the group than trying to become a leader.
  • Physical fitness and will power:  You should possess physical fitness and stamina to bear the stress of the activities of the group. A weak person will cease to be an active member of the group. Also, a group member should never lack will power and self – control.
  • Faith and hard work:  A group member should realize dignity of labor. He must be dashing and daring to undertake any sort of job entrusted to him by the group. He should improve his practical intelligence, professional efficiency and ability to do his job effectively.
  • Leadership: In a need, every group member should be able to provide a leadership to his group. In a military operation, if the commander is injured, the next senior officer takes over the command .In the same way, you should be able to provide a right direction to the group if they are caught in a difficulty and must put forward constructive suggestions.
  • Spirit of Appreciation: You should appreciate valuable, constructive suggestions put forth by others and must have the courage to admit your mistakes. This quality helps you to be a faithful, dependable member of your group.
  • In short, show maximum spirit of “Espirit-de-Corps” and co-operation and have a logical way of thinking and reasoning.
If you are able to possess or cultivate these qualities in yourself, then you will be able to be worthy member of your group……Best of Luck
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