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Self Description Test in SSB and How to Tackle it

Every individual possesses certain good as well as bad personality traits of his personality. One’s behavior shows his mood. In the SSB tests, candidates try to conceal their bad qualities, but in some tests, their attempt shatters completely especially in the self description test. In this test ,every candidate is given a chance to give his self story or self appraisal which is known as self description.
One thing is to be noted that we will never like to condemn ourselves or talk about our negative aspects.Only a straight forward person with a matured personality will dare to do that. That is what expected by the Psychologist in Self Description.

Generally candidates are required to write their self analysis based on the given forms

  • What do you think of yourself?
  • What your parents think of you?
  • What your friends think of  you?
  • What your teachers think of you?
  • What sort of a person you want to become in life?

Importance of Self Description Test in SSB

SELF DESCRIPTION provides a valuable information for the psychologist to assess the character traits of candidate and also to confirm his previous findings. The self description shows the maturity of a candidate’s personality. It shows whether a candidate is able to assess himself. If a person can assess himself, then he can surely assess others which is one of the most important quality of an officer.

Self Description Test in SSB and How to Tackle it

Tips to Crack Self Description Test

  • Listen to the instructions given by the Psychologist carefully.
  • Be true and frank in giving your  self-description. Never try to bluff about any of your qualities as the psychologist will easily find it out. Remind that psychologist is an experienced person he will easily find out the character traits even if you try to conceal.
  • Your emphasis should be on such points that reveal some traits of your personality.
  • We all have good traits as well as bad ones. Please write your bad points  along with your good ones.
  • You should take care that your self- description should never contradict with any of the information given to the board.
  • Maintain a good writing speed.
  • Never try to memorize any self description from anywhere and produce it before the board. It will only reduce your chances of selection as the SD will have no connection with your personality traits.
  • Do not write strong negative things about you. There is much difference between weaknesses and negative qualities. Be positive.

Practice for Self Description Test

Observe the comments made about you by your parents, friends, teachers or you may directly ask them. Note these points on a paper and try to make a sample description. You have to practice it more and more times that you will be able to finish the description within allotted time. See that your friends, parent’s or teacher ‘s view should never contradict with your self- analysis and also among themselves. Practice will help you to eliminate unimportant points and give importance to important ones. Practice will improve  your speed and confidence.
You are once again warned that you should never copy a Self Description from a book or from the internet and re produce it in the SSB AS IT WILL HAVE NO CONNECTION WITH YOU and character traits differ from person to person.

In short , have truthfulness and honesty while writing a SD and try to give a balanced view of your personality.

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