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Golden Tips for SSB Interview Screening Test

Okay let me pen down some things which I observed and learned from my experiences in SSB interview, at different centers. Dear aspirants I want to suggest few things to candidates getting regular screen outs. I got screened out thrice, and each time I observed why it happened.  As many of us are familiar with screening process but in short I would like to break it in 4 parts. In between I will keep telling where we make fault generally according to my experience.

Officer Intelligence Rating Test OIR test

Friends from my experience I want to say do not ever, ever take it lightly, as in screening competition is already high and number of aspirants increasing  day by day in SSB. So if we make a little fault it will cause a big damage to us. So be cautious from the very beginning first of all always target more than 80% correct questions, as I observed I had earlier test booklet no. 52, 53, 54, 55(all have classification questions in majority) and most dangerous 34 and 35(cube and dice questions in majority), so master kind of questions you faced earlier and keep consulting your friends going for SSB. I often heard candidates saying it doesn’t matter or they don’t evaluate your answer sheets, friends these are myths, don’t ever  believe them if you are serious to join defense, have a peep into your past whenever you got screened in you had done above average in the OIR part. You can ask any of your friends getting screen in.

PPDT Story writing

Friends this is also an important factor, before you write story you are given instructions, it depends to the board what they want you to follow, some time they say write + for positive mood, but at one SSB I was said write H for happy, S for sad and N for neutral mood, so this is also important for you to pay attention as what you have noted down will be checked by one of the assessors during your narration, keep this in mind. And always write a positive story don’t force your story on picture but try to arrange that picture in story. I mean to say” it is also tested that what you observed was relevant or not as if you were shown a cow in picture, then accept it as a cow and don’t try to convert cow in a dog.”  Means use all things what you seen in the picture in your story because it is a test of our perception and observation, and you have to show you are good at that.

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PPDT Narration of story

Many of us get screen out just because of bad narration. By bad narration I mean these few things you must not do:
  1. Being shaky in your voice.
  2. Unclear pronunciation and not audible voice.
  3. Looking up and down or towards assessors while speaking.
  4. Doing ohhh  hummm, ahhh  aaa aaa sound in between.
  5. Getting stuck in between and being blank.
  6. Using incorrect words, grammatical mistake shows you are nervous and afraid.
What is being checked and how:
  1. Your perception (what you wrote),
  2. Confidence (how you speak must be clear and loud enough),
  3. Presentation skills (your body language while narrating),

Suggestions: If someone lacks here practice enough. Record your voice using your phone and listen how it sounds to others and if possible ask your friends about it, surely you will improve and it will boost your confidence also.

PPDT Group Discussion

Friends this is most discussed part of screening and everybody will suggest you different things. Friend I will suggest to be an active participant in discussion. Give good point and try to lead group towards common story. Most of the candidates speak when everyone is speaking and that is why not even assessors can hear your point and until they can’t hear you, how they will pass you. So have a good point and keep trying to put that point until it is audible in discussion because you will get fractions of second to speak when others are listening, be fast. Pick the opportunity and speak your best point. I got screened in even when I spoke only once in discussion. But that point was listened by group and assessors too. So keep this in mind. Keep cool and calm don’t be aggressive to others. Be active it really helps. Also add values to other’s point it shows you also listen to others.

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