5 Personality Traits Closely Observed By SSB And Ways To Develop It

SSB is a test to minutely observe a person’s qualities and based on their observations they decide whether a person has it in him/her or not. Here ‘It’ means personality characteristics. It’s very important to develop those characteristics if you feel that you do not have them, this is because everybody has qualities in them it’s just that some have them in abundance and thus are able to show easily and some are having a little of it and hence are shy. 

But the thing is my friends that you can do anything you want if you practice it well, the saying “Practice makes a man (woman) perfect” is not said in vain. Here are a few qualities that need to be present in a ‘future officer’.

  1. Good Physique: Well most of you will say that it is given by God but tell me sincerely are you not impressed by a person who has a good physique instantly? Well by physique I don’t mean you have been all tall, good-looking and all, it just means that you should have a proper body weight and must be fit, if you are taking healthy food and exercising or playing  a sport everyday you’ll be naturally fit. So you’ll be naturally confident!
  2. Voice: Your voice should be impressive; I mean not very shrill not very heavy but commanding. You should sound like an officer. It is definitely not possible to change your voice but you can moderate a little bit if you like. If you sound very shrill then make sure while putting point your pitch is maintained to an extent which sounds okay.
  3. Leadership: Being a leader is not often something you can choose to be or not be. Each officer becomes a leader in the performance of helping people to solve problems and work through difficult situations. Leadership is something you can get by developing confidence. You should have confidence on yourself. You must learn to take initiative to start with begin with small things like taking part in school & college activities.cadets passing out
  4. Body Language: Your body language matter a lot. Even if you have a good personality it won’t help until you have a good body language. It means you must learn to walk firmly, sit upright, stand erect etc. You should never slouch or drop your shoulder while walking or sitting. Practice it in your daily life, walk firmly watch yourself in mirror while walking or sitting. If become habitual to have a good body language you’ll definitely make a mark.
  5. Zeal for Defense: You must have a zeal for defense services. This means you must love adventure, must be lively and ready to take part in any event. You can become lively by taking part in many activities in your institution or in your vicinity. You must play some sport to improve your personality because sports definitely enhances personality and induces discipline in life. Thus you must have a passion for defense which I am sure you’ll be having otherwise you were not be reading this article and visiting this website.
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  1. Swapnil Bansal

    · Permalink

    “Thus you must have a passion for defense which I am sure you’ll be having otherwise you were not be reading this article and visiting this website.” LOL

  2. shubham bisht

    · Permalink

    Hello sir…!!!
    My name is shubham bisht….
    I hav a query….i am a defense aspirant….i am not that fit…i mean….i m a bit skinny….but i can perform all the physical tasks easily…i am a sportsperson….i study in 12th….is this going to affect my ssb….???

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