Recommended In My 5th Attempt for IAF Flying Branch

Hi everyone, Well you all must have read numerous experiences of candidates, sharing their success stories or some of them their not so very successful attempts, what all happened in those five life changing days of their life. Well, for a change I’ll not be irritating you guys with what all I did in my SSB attempt(s), I won’t be telling you, what to do and what not to do in the SSB, SSBCRACK team is doing an excellent job in that context, keep up the good work. Now to begin with my introduction, I am just like you people, a keen defense aspirant, with immense passion to join forces and who looks nothing beyond that.

Recommended  for IAF Flying Branch


Well, I gave my first SSB way back in March, 2010.Only preparation I did was with the help of my college mates(I was in the first year of my degree), they guided me about what all I will face over there, THAT’s IT. Frankly saying, I followed as they suggested but I acted as per what I am, totally, no half measures, no stepping back. I presented myself in my most natural manner. I got recommended as well. Got medically fit at first go, comfortably merit in, for 10+2 entry, the place was Bhopal. Now, let me tell you, this passion was not something I was born with or it wasn’t some sort of a dream as well till I was 18.I used to hear a lot of stories about INDIAN ARMED FORCES and that passion and desire to serve this organization was an iterative process since then, which kept on spreading inside me as the time passed. All said, I joined IMA as a GC, underwent training over there and that’s when things toppled. I suffered a bad back injury over there , which hampered not just my daily routine but my physical strength ceased too to carry me forward,  eventually I was medically boarded out as it wasn’t certain that I will get any better. I ain’t no asset, If I am not fit.
Now comes the part, to which I want to draw the attention of you’ll. I got back to my college, to that usual boring, monotonous casual routine and with a regret that will I be able to see myself in that shining uniform ever again. I might have did fairly well in my degree by being present over their physically but mentally I used to be @IMA all the time. I used to wake up every day recalling all that hectic run-outs, reporting, fall-ins…what not. Well, that passion was just burning with much more flare, all I used to quiz myself was, HOW can I be there again? Not to forget,  I kept on working on my body ever since that day till now and doing my best to keep myself in the best possible shape,  giving my body up to rigorous routine so that I shall never fall down to any sort of pain ever in my life. I subsequently went to three SSB’s, starting from my pre final year till march 2013 and let’s be honest and blunt with the results,  I failed. Friends , I want to tell you that, merely a dream and desire will not lead you to an excelling path and all those OLQ’s that they demand cannot be inculcated within a day or two OR by taking any sort of coaching/guidance whatever you may call it. It comes from within you. You eat, sleep, play that’s all about SSB, what you do naturally. That zeal must be within you to grasp things,  to be spontaneous,  to be pro-active,  to be self-aware and utmost important factor,  COMMON SENSE. You have got to realize that if armed forces is where you want to be in,  you have to live by that thought everyday,  every moment and not to forget gearing yourself with all the essentials which are necessary to perform well and what tops that list is Self belief. Keep introspecting yourself,  not just before SSB’s,  but otherwise as well,  as I said,  it’s an iterative approach,  the more you strive for it,  further you will you see yourself progressing towards your dream. To sum up, every action of yours will be the reflection of your dedication and sufferance you have hailed to realize this dream of yours to wear stars or wings. So stop questioning others, on how you should act at the SSB, you know it very well because if you really want to, just take a leap of faith and success is awaiting you.
Just for the sake of making you all realize what all I gained from all these above experiences of mine,  I got recommended again in my 5th attempt,  for CDS F(P), Flying Fit and will be at AFA soon.
Just remember one thing “What you aspire, shall you achieve”. Persistence and consistence will assist you in your journey to the job that commands highest respect in the world-An Officer in the Indian Armed forces. (An excerpt taken from the book-My appointment with a Psychologist)

Note: Author of this article wants to conceal his identity.

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