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Tips for CDS Exam Paper

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Tips for CDS Exam Paper
CDSE is an exam conducted by the UPSC for inducting officers into the three wings of Military i.e. Army, Navy and Airforce. Since the conducting body is UPSC hence the level of the paper is quiet high, however if you are preparing for civil services or even if you have studied systematically for the 4-6 months you will find this paper like a cakewalk. Time management is utmost important for succeeding in any field/exam. Hence you should know the trick to divide the time between each question.

In this exam each paper consists of 120 questions and the time given is two hours i.e. 120 minutes which gives you around 1 minute for each question. Fair enough!
Tips for CDS Exam Paper
I would like to stick with one thing i.e. practicing the mock papers before in well advance; this will give you a clue of time management. Here are a few tips which will certainly help you in solving the CDS Paper.
  • Be calm and relax yourself as soon as you enter the exam, reach before time find your seat and room number.
  • Read the instructions given on your question paper thoroughly and carefully.
  • Don’t waste time in reading the whole question paper first, there is no extra time awarded for reading the paper, hence it is logical enough to read and solve the questions simultaneously.
  • Do not spend more than 2-2 ½ minutes on any single question which you don’t understand, move ahead and attempt the next question. This is especially for Mathematics paper.
  • There is no need to panic when you find that you are not able to do a lot of questions in a single line.
  • Making wild guesses will definitely make you pay, however if you have a slight confusion then you may give it a benefit of doubt try. Remember correctness matters since there is negative marking for wrong answers.
  • Keep marking the answers on the OMR sheet provided.
  • Be very careful in marking answers and cross check twice before marking the answer, you may fill wrong bubble against a different question number in hurry, so a lot of care is required.
  • Remember that only BLACK BALL POINT pen is allowed to fill up the OMR sheet, if you fill the OMR sheet with anything else then your sheet is liable to rejection.
  • I have seen candidates correcting the wrong answers using whitener; this is allowed but try not to make any mistake in the OMR sheet anyhow.
  • In English it is advisable to solve the short questions like vocab, synonyms, and antonyms first, since they will take less time, then you can give enough time to passage based questions.
  •  Math’s requires a lot of practice and is the most scoring paper, practice math’s thoroughly before.
  • General Knowledge paper is lengthy because the questions are generally very long, hence you should be habitual with reading so that you may read it and understand/grasp it fast.
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