India’s Contribution to UN Peacekeeping Missions

India’s Contribution to UN Peacekeeping Missions

Since 1948, UN Peacekeepers have undertaken 64 Field missions. As on today there are approximately 93,368 personnel serving on 14 peace operations led by UNDPKO, in four continents. This represents a nine fold increase since 1999. A total of 114 countries have contributed military and police personnel to UN peacekeeping. Currently more than 80,879 of those serving are troops and military observers and about 12,489 are police personnel.

India’s Contribution to UN Peacekeeping Missions

India has been the largest troop contributor to UN missions since inception. So far India has taken part in 43 Peacekeeping missions with a total contribution exceeding 1,60,000 troops and a significant number of police personnel having been deployed.

India has so far, provided one Military Advisor (Lt Gen R K Mehta), one Police Adviser (Ms Kiran Bedi), one Deputy Military Adviser (Lt Gen Abhijit Guha), 14 Force Commanders and numerous Police Commissioners in various UN Missions. Indian Army has also contributed lady officers as Military Observers and Staff Officers apart from them forming part of Medical Units being deployed in UN Missions. The first all women contingent in peacekeeping mission, a Formed Police Unit from India, was deployed in 2007 to the UN Operation in Liberia(UNMIL). 
Many gallant Indian soldiers have laid their life to bring peace and harmony to the world. While serving under the blue flag, 154 Indian soldiers have, so far made the supreme sacrifice. 

Past UN Peacekeeping Missions

  1. Korea(1950-54): Paramedical Unit
  2. Indo-China(1954-70)
  3. Middle East (1956-67)
  4. Congo(1960-64)(ONUC)
  5. Cambodia(1992-1993) (UNTAC)
  6. Mozambique(1992-94) (ONUMOZ)
  7. Somalia(1993-94) (UNITAF & UNOSOM II)
  8. Rwanda(1994-96) (UNAMIR) 
  9. Angola(1989-1999) (UNAVEM) Deputy Force
  10. Sierra Leone(1999-2001) (UNAMSIL)
  11. Ethiopia-Eritrea (2006-08) (UNMEE)

Current Missions- Indian Contribution

  1. Lebanon (UNIFIL) (Since Dec 1998)
  2. Congo(MONUC/MONUSCO) (Since January 2005)
  3. Sudan(UNMIS/UNMISS) (Since April 2005)
  4. Golan Heights (UNDOF) (Since February 2006)
  5. Ivory Coast(UNOCI) (Since April 2004)
  6. Haiti (MINUSTAH) (Since December 1997)
  7. Liberia (UNMIL) (Since April 2007)

Roll of Honour- Indian Army in UN Missions

So far the following gallantry awards have been won by our gallant soldiers in UN Missions: 
Roll of Honour- Indian Army in UN Missions
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