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Golden Tips for Screening Day in SSB

Screening day is the most prominent day in the Phase – I testing, as candidates are selected here for the rest of the 5 days for further examination. Screening test was started in 2003 and erstwhile all the candidates who were able to clear the exam were called for Phase – II testing straight ahead.

As you all might know that Phase – I test consist OIR and PPDT

Officer Intelligence Rating Test (OIR)

OIR consist two fifteen minutes tests each; where each test contain 50 questions. The first test is a non verbal test while the second one is a verbal one. Generally the tests are easy and if you are average in intelligence you can score well in the first go. Preparation of OIR should be your 3rd priority after Picture Perception and Group Discussion. But never take the OIR for granted as it can make or break your chances in the selection process. I will suggest that go through some verbal and non verbal questions from any book as it will help you during the test and don’t waste time to go through difficult questions as the level of both the tests are easy.
Golden Tips for Screening Day in SSB

Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT)

PPDT consist of picture perception and description test.
In picture perception test, you will be shown a hazy picture for 30 second and you will be asked to describe the image in your words based on your interpretation of the image. For this you will get a 1 minute’s time to process and write about the number of characters and the mood of the characters which could be positive, negative or neutral. And also the age of the characters. After that you’ll be given a time frame of 4 minutes to write a story on it.
Tips for writing the story
  • The story should be always positive.
  • It should be realistic and which is why I would suggest you that put yourself in that situation before you look for a solution.
  • Use names of your friends as it will be easy for you to remember.
  • Now coming to the narration of the story, the tip you can follow in this case is, by the time you finish your story, without wasting anytime you retell your story to yourself or read it loud enough to yourself without interrupting anyone in order to become confident at the time of narration in front of GTO IO and psychologist.

Group Discussion (GD)

Now this is the crucial and one of the difficult part, especially for the screened out and the conference out candidates. The other candidates also know about the procedure and the group discussion so the generally the discussion is always heated and tensed. Everyone wants to stand out in the group so that he can have the attention of the assessors. So it is common to have a fish market in the discussion.
 Tips to deal with a heated argument/discussion
  • If given a chance then initiate the discussion, because it may standout all the candidates are experienced ones and would fairly know about the nature of a discussion. In which case it will be very chaotic and annoying for you to speak your mind or tell your opinion. Therefore to avoid such a situation, speak when the argumentation is less. If more than 4 people try to initiate the discussion, then it would be so difficult for the assessors to understand the points the candidates want to make. So, I would suggest you to restrain yourself in the beginning (only if there is too much noise, If you get the opportunity please initiate) because after one minute they all will lose their strength and their point and then you can find the opportunity to speak out your point.
  • The second important thing is that if in your GD, if candidates begin screaming to put some weight to their point then you should also raise your voice in order to make your point, but beware that your points should be valid and your tone should be normal. Also remember that the language you use should match the tenor and decorum of the room.
  • The other important point which you can follow is, during discussion when everyone will be quiet and will listen to others then you have to make sure that you will find that moment to speak out your point as it will help you to stand out in the group.
  • Give good and valid point to lead the story to a conclusion.
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