TGC 119 SSB Interview Dates

Indian army official website has updated the TGC 119 SSB interview dates and allotment centres list. TGC 119 is a technical graduate course entry for engineering male graduates. TGC 119 ssb interviews are being conducted at SSB Allahabad, Bhopal and Bangalore. Selected candidates can check their name for their respective allotment centre.

TGC 119 Allotment Centre Details

  • SSB Allahabad: 16826
  • SSB Bhopal: 11087
  • SSB Bangalore: 7745
    TGC 119 SSB Interview Dates

TGC 119 Eligible Branches

  •  Civil
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical/Electrical and Electronics
  • Automobile/Workshop Technology
  • Aeronautical/Aviation/Aerospace/Ballistics/Avionics
  • Computer Sc and Engineering/Computer Technology/Info Tech / M.Sc Computer Sc
  • Electronics and Telecom/Telecommunication/Electronics and Communication /Satellite Communication
  • Electronics/Opto Electronics/Fiber Optics/Micro Electronics and Microwave
  • Electronics and Instrumentation/Instrumentation
  • Architecture/Building Construction Technology
  • Food Tech/Bio Tech/Bio Medical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Metallurgy and Explosives/Metallurgical Engineering
  • Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering/Industrial Engineering and Management/Production

TGC 119 SSB Interview Dates

TGC 119 Interview dates will be published in couple of days.

TGC 119 Cut Off Marks

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  1. Rahul Singh

    · Permalink

    Sir, My name is in the shortlisted candidate name but date is not given…. Can you please tell me the tentative dates for TGC-119.

  2. Suraj Kumar

    · Permalink

    anyone can pls tell me..if u have ever given any ssb…n how was ur xperiance ? n onemore thing what is the expected month for tgc-119 ssb?

  3. sahadev kaipa

    · Permalink

    I forgot user id and Password. Is there any way to retrive. If so from where

  4. sourabh gumber

    · Permalink

    Sir tgc 119 ssb mein select ho gya but meri english etni atchi nhi aur main abi tyari kr ra hun ghr p SSBCRACK.COM sewid my Friend pankaj. Coaching necessary to nhi? Agr zarurt hai to le leta hun pls guide me in right direction.aur expected date kya hogi tgc119

  5. Gate Aspirant

    · Permalink

    heyy guys, Im confused about corrected vision thing. I have -2.75 and -1.5 eyesight, I’ve applied for TGC-119.I hope its ok?? becoz in the notification they used the word correctable to 6/6.

  6. sourabh gumber

    · Permalink

    Sir ji please tell me what are the duties or job profile of mechanical engineer thru TGC entry.?? as mechanical engineer must know this.

  7. Umesh Kumar

    · Permalink

    What about AEC ssb allotment list?

    • Jitender Jangra

      · Permalink

      brother aec k list k bare mein pata lage to batana

      • Umesh Kumar

        · Permalink

        Had you attend the AEC ssb in previous entries.

  8. Jitender Jangra

    · Permalink


  9. Achu Eapen Alex

    · Permalink

    dates for bangalore ssb likely to be??

    • selvin danish

      · Permalink

      anyone knows d dates for ssb tgc 119 banglore?

  10. Rajeev Yadav

    · Permalink

    TGC 119 Bhopal interview date ?

  11. Shubhendu Shekhar

    · Permalink

    WHen wll be the dates of allahbad ssb for TGC 119 published ? wil we be getting mail for the same /???


    · Permalink

    Allahabad tgc 119 interview date

  13. Ashutosh Kumar

    · Permalink

    Please sir, provide me TGC-119 Allahabad SSB Date Of shortlist students…

  14. nitish sharma

    · Permalink

    My name is in the centre allotment list but haven’t get any mail for ssb dates. do anybody have any info regarding ssb dates. Centre is Bhopal.

  15. AKI

    · Permalink

    I got a backlog can i still give tgc interview???

  16. vimal raj

    · Permalink

    Hi Pals am happy that ssb dates for bhopal selection centre has been published in ssb crack, but there is no notification in the Official Website ? And I have not received any mail so far for the selection center list as well as for ssb interview dates, but my name is there in both. Is there any problem If we didn’t receive the mail ?

  17. rahul

    · Permalink

    i did not find my name in list of TGC 119 which i have applied with elligiblity. pls give any solution/

  18. Omkant Tyagi

    · Permalink

    I hv got ssb date but d.o.b is mentioned wrong. there this will make any problem or ok.

  19. BLY

    · Permalink

    How can we ensure that the SSB dates are changed. Can you tell me whom to contact with the procedure .Thanks

  20. · Permalink


  21. arpit pahariya

    · Permalink

    What is the password for the call letter sent through mail?

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