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AFCAT 1 2014 Cut Off Marks

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AFCAT 1 2014 is conducted by Indian Air Force on 23 Feb 2014 at different centers across the country. In this post we will be taking about the AFCAT 1 2014 paper and the expected cut off marks. AFCAT 1 2014 question paper was more or less like the previous papers with minor changes.

AFCAT 1 2014 Result is Out Now

AFCAT 1 2014 Cut Off Marks [Expected]

As we have discussed about cut off marks of previous AFCAT exams, we are expecting cut off marks within the range of 125- 140. To check the cut off marks of previous AFCAT exams visit this link. To be on the safe side one can attempt 50 correct questions and secure 150 marks which are more than enough to clear the AFCAT exam. Candidates must not lose marks by attempting doubtful questions.

AFCAT 1 2014 Cut Off Marks

AFCAT 1 2014 Paper Structure

  • Total questions: 100
  • Maximum Marks: 300
  • Each Question: 3 Marks
  • Negative Marking: -1 for every wrong answer
AFCAT 1 2014 question paper consist of four different sections, i.e. English, Maths, GK and Military Aptitude. 

Difficulty Level of AFCAT 1 2014 Questions

  • General Awareness: GK questions were moderate and a mix of history, sports, defence, polity etc. Few questions were simple enough to score but overall most of the candidates might not expect much from GK section.
  • Verbal Ability in English: This section was not that easy this time, starting from the comprehension passage which was not asked directly and had some difficulty, synonyms and antonyms were strong and so on. Overall one can score more than enough marks from this section.
  • Numerical Ability: Maths section was an old story, a regular AFCAT candidate can judge that all questions were similar to previous papers and there was nothing new. With little practice of previous question papers, one can score almost 100% in this section. 
  • Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test: This section was easy this time, it was divided into many parts and candidates must have faced few questions with new pattern. Shockingly, few questions were repeated from last AFCAT papers. Overall this was the easiest part in the whole AFCAT 1 2014

AFCAT Exam Cut Off Marks Trend 

Exam Year
Cut Off Marks
AFCAT 1 2011
AFCAT 2 2011
AFCAT 1 2012
AFCAT 2 2012
AFCAT 1 2013
AFCAT 2 2013

We expect the cut off marks will go higher this time and one who has done 40-45 correct question will be on safe side. How was your exam, how many marks you are expecting? leave your comments below.
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  1. Hello everyone , i have gone through official site of Air force and found out the age limit to be 20 – 26 , and also i kept searching for information regarding the afcat previous year papers and coaching centers for afcat preparation and age limit for graduation entry for ground duty as per Air force official site is 20 – 26 , but what i have heard from the coaching center people is 20- 23 for graduates and 23 -26 is post graduates , so i am really confused can anyone tell me the correct age limit ……kindly someone guide me and help as soon as possible thank you so much.

  2. Hi
    I have applied for Technical Staff (Mechanical) and other posts preference wise. If I qualify AFCAT but can’t qualify EKT, then shall I be considered for other posts like ground duty or not?

  3. BREAKING NEWS: Results are out..127 cut off..still login not working..but results list can be downloaded from official site..

  4. attempted 89 questions expecting around 76-77 correct.afcat’s first timer so no idea what would be the cutoff but questions were easy

  5. Guys, while shading my AFCAT number, i made a small mark in a wrong circle before realising it. Then i marked the correct circle. I didnt shade the wrong circle fully but just a slight mark was made. The invigilator refused to give me a second sheet. So i shaded the correct boxes and did my exam very well and submitted. Am pretty sure i will qualify but will my paper be evaluated? Pls reply!

        • u did a blunder.the omr scanner machine might read both of the dark circle u made and as a result the paper will be rejected.however if the wrong mark is not that dark and oval shaped then the other one will be read by computer automatically.
          have you wrote your afcat number correctly in the box by pen?generally what happens is that if the scanner signal an error in answer sheet,the checker usually confirm the data with the manually written afcat no/booklet no etc.that is the reason why we have both boxes and oval columns to fill the details.

  6. I attempted 67 questions, out of which according to me 4 are worng.What are my chances?
    And is there any sectional cutoff in AFCAT 2014?

  7. IMP :-

    any body marked “cycle of exam” in the OMR sheet as in our centre it was mentioned not to fill it.. But i encircled it as i reached late and didnt heard the instructions..ANY PROBLEM IN THAT GUYS..????

  8. I attempted 81 questions of which i am expecting atmost 4 wrong,so i can discern that it was on the easier side thats why cut off should be in 160-170 range.

  9. i think ppr was bit difficult as compared to previous year question papers. que types were out of league…thr was no error detection part .. time nd work probs were also thr in maths which i thnk ws nt in syllabus
    .but i have attemped 73 ques of them 3-4 might be wrong…

        • the ssb dates shall be started from mid april to september…u can opt any date as per ur choice….as and when result declares , the option for ssb date and place will open..

          • Can u tell how to prepare for SSB… is there any coaching required? what books i should refer if without coaching ?

          • hi sanjiv,
            how is the ssb process conducted, and how will the ssb form group if people give different dates of preference from April to September….?

          • i got 139 marks qualified in written test can i kindly know what are the highest marks secured in afcat 2014

        • I am also a final year student. Looking at previous years result declarations, according to me it takes approximately two months to publish the result.
          Although I am also expecting my end semester examinations in May, but Airforce keeps into consideration the examination of various universities. In worst case you would likely be called for selection during your exam gaps (Holidays between your examinations).
          Best of luck.

    • with these many correct answers you can easily make it to SSB interview i must say but maths section had some questions which put enormous stress on the mind….do u think so?

      • i felt the maths part beginning questions were difficult and time consuming but overall i attempted 92 qns, found around 10 wrong answers from among discussed here… further expecting 10 to 15 more wrong answers… fearful bt the no. of wrong hits…. on worst case i may get around175…

    • U r absolutely ryt Swati..paper was a bit difficult…attempted around 85 questions…5 may be wrong….otherwise baki toh thk thak e hai…overall standard and passable paper…

  10. Hi,
    I have attended Only 53 questions. But I am sure that I will get more then 45 questions correct. What would be the expected cut off ? You mentioned it will be higher then last means higher than 2013 afcat2 right? thanks a lot


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