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What is SSC Short Service Commission in Indian Army?

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SSC or Short Service commission in Indian Army is the tenure of officers. The SSC Short Service commission officer’s tenure is 10+4 years. After the completion of this tenure the male officers can either opt for a Permanent commission or can opt out of the Indian Army. Initially the officers are enrolled for a period of 10 years then they can further continue for a period of 4 years, after this completion of 10+4 years the women officers have to opt out and the men can continue and take up permanent commission or they can also opt out.

The training academy for SSC Short Service commission officers is OTA Chennai, or Officers Training Academy Chennai. There are various options through which you can join OTA. You can join OTA through a written exam conducted by UPSC twice a year and then passing the 5 day SSB interview and clearing the medicals. Law and Technical graduates can directly join by passing a SSB interview and medicals, without any written test. Similarly there is special entry for NCC cadets also. The duration of training is 49 weeks.  OTA training provides you with opportunities to broaden your perspective and widen your horizon.  Whether it’s skeet-shooting, golf, riding or angling at OTA you can do it all.

What is Short Service Commission in Indian Army?


Even if you opt out from army after 10 years, which is the least period for which you have to serve then too you have a lot to learn. You learn the discipline and the ways of tackling any problem. You learn to tackle different situations in a better planned and organized way. You learn the skills of planning and organizing, something which will help you in performing better than the others in any organization you join after army.

You can join any organization after leaving army.

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  1. can everyone (men) after completing his Short Service Comission go for permanent Commision ??? If they dont want out of the army ???

  2. Sir I have completed degree in B.Sc Electronics & Communication Systems(ECS) 3years and M.Sc ECS (2years) pass out in 2014.
    1. My qualification is eligible or not for SSC?
    2. In which category have to apply?
    3. what are the selection test have to pass for my qualification or category?
    I’m kindly requesting you to answer for my doubt sir….thank you

  3. Can a SSC Tech selected guy opt permanent commission directly after 10+4 yrs of service or is there any examination to be cleared for the same.

  4. can a doctor join short service commission while still working there as a doctor? what to do one wants to switch to permanent commission ?? what is the procedure of joining ssc?? how can a doctor directly join permanent commission??


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