Why General Knowledge is Important

Wouldn’t you make a fool of yourself if you don’t know a little about a lot of things going around you or in general things that happened? Or wouldn’t you feel awkward if your friends or people around you, are having some healthy discussion and you’re not part of it because you are neither able to contribute your comments nor even able to understand what others speak.

You’ll definitely feel inarticulate because without proper general knowledge your socialization factor becomes a little constrained. If you don’t have a little knowledge about a lot of things you won’t be able to figure out what it is that you want to be, decision making very difficult without proper knowledge and you have to rely on advice of the other people. That is why general knowledge is a very basic need of human life. We need to experience the world at least through books, magazines, discussions or other sources before we tie ourselves to one anchor.
General knowledge is extremely important part of intelligence which is associated with your knowledge and awareness. General knowledge is supported by long term memory. It is a very good indicator of crystallized intelligence i.e. mental skills acquired through education and experience. It is something that opens gateways of your thinking and also helps to grow your confidence level. The more you know about specific things, the more you can connect the individual, separate facts to other facts. Generally, speaking people with a good knowledge base exhibit greater retention of facts and figures and are regarded more intelligent.
And if we talk about CDS exam, GK section is known to be the toughest section and it is seen that most of the candidates fail to qualify this exam because they undeniably do well in English and mathematics but lack in GK. So, here are some basic tips by implementing which, you can improve your general knowledge:
  • Newspapers– Try to read newspapers daily. Try to go through headlines at least.
  • Magazines– Go for a good magazine. It can help to go through important event over a period of time, say a week, a fortnight or a month.
  • TV News & Discussions– Follow on good TV News & Discussion shows. It helps a lot to know what’s going around.
  • News Sites and News Feeds– Follow news sites and news feeds. It can be helpful with instant news contents.
  • Newsletters & GK Books– To improve on popular peoples and doings, significant peoples and places, you must go through a GK book. There are many good GK books are available in market.
  • Year Book– To know current affairs of the year go through it. It has significant details of current happenings.
  • Radio– Listen to radio news, it can be the easiest way to be connected to the world.
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