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Life at Sea: Apply for Indian Navy UES entry

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Life at Sea: Apply for Indian Navy UES entry

Life at sea is full of challenges and of immense satisfaction to the sea warriors. Whether it’s a ship, a submarine, an airplane or anything life is not less than an adventure here. You always have an important responsibility to do jobs that you will be uniquely trained in. Duty at Navy does not mean always in sea. People misinterpret this job and think they will be seeing salty water throughout, but they forget that this also has immense opportunities of visiting far flung places. While you will also be at home port near to the shore. Life is an adventure here as you live life at variety of places and live it happily surrounded with similar minded people.

Do you think ships are areas where you have to be alert? Yes you have to be because that’s part of your responsibility but you too have recreational facilities there of watching television and playing games.

India is a large country and has integration of various religion, culture, tradition and values. The same will be reflected in Navy where you will find people from everywhere. There is never a dull moment actually here and everyone works with equality here. Adventure is just a speck of particle that you have at Indian navy, it’s full of opportunities and facilities. The following will be provided to you:
  • Leave and Travel Concessions
  • Health care
  • Group insurance
  • Explore the world
  • Recreational facilities
  • Accommodation
  • Clothing
  • Ration
  • Housing schemes
  • Training
    Indian Navy Job
Wait, this is just the beginning of few basic amenities you get if you plan to serve the Indian Navy. There is lot more in the list. Physical fitness and team spirit is something everyone is full of. Navy strongly believes in this and that’s why you are provided with high quality sports facilities, gymnasium on board. Team sports are encourages and such activities are organised wherever you are.
Work life balance is also maintained here. Whenever you are off shore there is someone to take care of your loved ones so that you are not worried about them and could concentrate in your job. You will always be taught with new things for fitness, new technology. There are also physical efficiency tests which take care and check the maintenance of your body. There are facilities to participate in physical strength and weight trainings. You could also be the part of following adventure activities which are just a few of what you get:
  • Mountaineering
  • River rafting
  • Gliding
  • Parachuting
So you can clearly see that there is a perfect mix of social life and professional life and UES entry is the best opportunity to join the force immediately you complete your graduation. After filling the forms the college teams visit various colleges and selects candidates which are then called for SSB. Get ready for the best career option at this stage and for any help you can connect to me on facebook. It would be my pleasure to help the aspiring officers.

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 Jayendra Singh, Editorial Team

Jayendra is pursuing MBA from IIM Ranchi and is a die heart counsellor for defence aspirants. He was recommended in the first attempt for Indian navy UES entry and is willing to help aspirants to make use of his experience in this field.
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Jayendra Singh
Jayendra Pratap Singh is an Alumnus of IIM Ranchi, specialized in Human Resource and is a die heart counsellor, advisor and mentor for defense aspirants. He was recommended in the first attempt for Indian navy UES entry and is willing to help aspirants to make use of his experience in this field.
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  1. i am in chemical engineering in last year can i apply and if yes than for which branch can you tell me.please


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